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Monday, August 20, 2012

Ratings for the Week of 8/13 - 8/17

Rating calculations are weekly averages based on nightly ratings provided by TVNewser with data by Nielsen Media Research. Numbers reflect Live and same day (DVR) data.

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The ATC Team said...

There was special programming on MSNBC one night during the week. Sorry we forgot to note that on our graphic.

Anonymous said...

How do we know that Campbell Brown is looking for another job in TV?
When she keeps appearing on TVN.
This time with her geeky looking hubby Dan Senor, foreign advisor for Mitt Romney.
Campbell then compares Andrea Mitchell's hubby, the one and only Alan Greenspan, who more than likely passed on the Great Recession, to her husband.
Your husband knows less than Greenspan about most things and you're NO Andrea Mitchell.
I for one don't miss you and Charter Schools have no place in education.
They are using public funding when they are private and show no more advancement educationally than public schools.
But than you're a Mommy and know nothing about education except to criticize it. So instead of applying for a nice cushy anchor position, thru your hubby, let's put you in the classroom.... a nice third grade..just to 'learn' you something.

Anonymous said...

I truly feel that the best way for CNN to succeed would be to cut down on the glitz and glam and become more simplified. No opinion, just straight news. No real show titles, especially with host names in the titles, and no cheesy segments. 5AM to 9AM should be called "Morning News" on CNN, 9AM to 6PM should be called "The News" on CNN, 6PM to Midnight should be "CNN Primetime", and Midnight to 5AM should also be "The News". It's already all in the name. Cable News Network. Simply solid news will do great. Get rid of all the boring anchors, keep the exciting ones as well as perhaps get some new ones. Simplify the graphics and use label banners appropriately, not over doing Breaking News. Documentaries and interviews and other small informal shows are great mixed in on weekends as well. I know this would never happen, but it's just what my mind thinks is a good idea.

Anonymous said...

CNN needs to stop playing that Starting Point commercial where Soledad O'Brien proclaims "Big picture! An injustice WAS done!" It's very annoying.

Anonymous said...

I don't know who was dying to hear Campbell Brown's opinions on anything, I think we were all doing fine without her. It sure doesn't help matters that she's a Romney supporter either.

I now consider Soledad an "exciting anchor" ever since she started ignoring the BS and doling out the truth and facts.

Anonymous said...

It is being reported in the Post that Michael Strahan is the new co-host with Kelly Ripa.
While he has appeared on TDS a few times and seemed quite humorous along side Jon Stewart, I'm not sure seeing him every morning babbling with Ripa, is his cup of tea.
While he may grow into the position and only time will tell, perhaps Disney needs to rethink this one, again.
I give him maybe a couple of months...tops.
Filling in for someone as likeable as Regis is a very delicate spot to just fall into.

Anonymous said...

The NYPost reported today that President Obama backed out of "getting Bid Laden" twice before
and it was Hillary and Michelle who pushed for it the third and final time.
This does not fare well with his supporters and somehow, this article seems factual.
The "man" is spineless.
Obama was amazed that Bin Laden was actually killed under his watch.
Why does this not surprise us?

Anonymous said...

The New York Post is run by Rupert Murdoch and has a right wing slant. Nothing they say about President Obama can be trusted because they are a TOOL for conservatives and most people are aware of this by now. President Obama made a tough, brave call and right wingers are trying to diminish it and swift boat him because THEY FAILED at getting Osama and the man they want to characterize as "spineless" succeeded. The NY Post is all about promoting Romney, even Cindy Adams is completely disrespectful of POTUS and FLOTUS and always makes disparaging remarks about both of them. I wouldn't believe a single thing the Post says about the President, ever.

Anonymous said...

President Obama is a MAN, thank you, no quotes needed.

Anonymous said...

Let's be clear. The NYPost never called the President spineless.
I called him spineless and he is.
When he didn't invoke the 14th Amendment during the budget crisis just last summer, and he could have, as former President Bill Clinton suggested, Obama proved to be spineless.
When he used twitter to convey his side of the labor dispute in Wisconsin, instead of going there to back public servants, HE, THE MAN, WAS SPINELESS.
Yes, President Obama has proven NOT to be a man of his words, but unfortunately, I will vote for him, but not because I believe in his rhetorical compromises or even in him.
He is the better of two "evils."
And just for the record, whatever happened to "hope and change?"
Be sure not to use either of those two catch phrases to those who remain unemployed and they are in the millions.

Anonymous said...

So when is President Obama, who is not deemed "spineless" by some, going to address the violence in the streets?
This time at the Empire State Building on 34th street this past Friday morning in NYC?
No he is not the Mayor and I'm quite certain that Mayor Bloomberg will denounce the shootings as he has in the past, and will try to put forth more pressure on the two Presidential candidates, especially the incumbent, to do "something about the random shooting," that is engulfing our society once again.
But neither Obama or Romney will touch this toxic topic, for fear that it will alienate those in favor of the NRA and its powerful gun lobby.
So now, these are two candidates that deserve one another.
They are both spineless whimps from different parties but with exactly the same fear....fear of not being liked by the right wing.