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Monday, August 13, 2012

Ratings For The Week of 8/6-8/10

1 - Special programming was aired on one night during the week.

Rating calculations are weekly averages based on nightly ratings provided by TVNewser with data by Nielsen Media Research. Numbers reflect Live and same day (DVR) data.

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Anonymous said...

Oh, I smell another 20 year low ratings winner this week!! Maybe they are shooting for worst week in cable news ever. Way to go CNN, woo hoo!!

Anonymous said...

Not sure why after EVERY commercial on Early Start, John and Zoraida have to introduce themselves. I also wonder why the second hour of Starting Point begins with the phrase "Starting Point begins now". Didn't it begin an hour ago? And isn't that misleading of the title?

Anonymous said...

Not liking the new 80's CNN Newsroom logo.

Anonymous said...

Thrilled for Candy Crowley! During the Republican debates, it was always either Wolf or John or Anderson moderating them, and I always felt Candy should have done one. She now gets the high honor of doing one of the biggest debates.

Anonymous said...

It is too late to save CNN. Management failed to
pull the plug on Early Start, Starting Point, Out Front
& PMT. Now viewers can't stand CNN.

Just the other day a survey came out that said the
public is sick of politicized news. So why can't CNN
do something really revolutionary and drop the toe
pundits . They should not have shows on CNN. There
is no reporting. CNN is suppose to offer us news not
mindless chatter that is so annoying.

If CNN wants alate night talk show talk to the
CBC about George Stroumboulopoulos. Can't
stand the View.. The Talk is okay and CNN should
go with a news show geared towards women
at 7 PM with female journalists of all ethnicities.
Betty Ngyen, Erica Hill and Isha Sesay could work.

If CNN does shows like Shark Week on weekends
I don't have a problem with that.

CNN has to realize that Pundit TV is a failure.
Who cares what any of these people think. They
are not even interesting. The average TV viewers
do not talk, breathe and live politics like cable
news think we do. Majority of Americans go all
day long without talking about politics,

CNN is right to diversify programming but it
all should translate into news, information and
interesting topics. I enjoy Discovery, Science,
Nat Geo, Travel and Nat Geo Wild, History,
Ovation and others.

I have no problem with CNN carrying a concert
from someone like Esperanza Spalding or the
weekend as ways of showcasing the arts or a
version of Austin City LImits.

The world is filled with so much wonderful and
interesting people and things. Shouldn't we hear
about them on CNN. Give viewers something to
walk away with rather than making them turn
the channel.

Remember CNN once CNN had sports shows,
music, arts and culture shows. Do you know how
many people are sick of ESPN morons. CNN has
to make the switch to being a news content
provider. Not offering opinion that is useless.

Anonymous said...

CNN never gets it. The bad hires with Elliot Spitzer,
Piers Morgan and Erin Burnett. Now why in the heck
is Jon Avalon anchoring on CNN. Instead of coming
up with a decent morning show they give us pundits
first thing in the morning. CNN is in trouble right
from the start. Television is a visual medium. CNN
set up it's own downfall. Click. CNN is unwatchable.

Anonymous said...

And here we go again with another round of crap about Strombo, show for women and CNN picking the right music. The worst thing is suits in Atlanta seem to be picking their ideas from this crap.

Anonymous said...

Campbell Brown, who was fired last year from, or who resigned to put it more politely, from CNN because of low ratings, has now infused herself in an educational debate.
Most of this debate has been on twitter but recently it has hit the NYT.
Ah September, and the children that we love so dearly will be heading back to school and Ms Brown has taken the side of those who would rather discipline the teacher and its unions, rather than the child.
It is interesting to note that she has two youngsters still at home, and not of school age.
It is of further interest that her hubby Dan Senor works for Mitt Romney as his foreign advisor.
Ms Brown has repeatedly said her husband's job has not influenced her feelings in the matter of education and their powerful unions or associations.
But one has to wonder if Campbell was or wasn't unionized when she lost her rather high salaried position as an anchor on CNN.
I think not.
Had she been unionized perhaps she'd still be there even though her ratings were bleak, they were no bleaker than Anderson Cooper's are right now.
I can't help but feel Ms Brown has some sort of "union envy."
Perhaps it would be put to better use if she actually had a job.
Being a "stay at home mom," doesn't seem suitable for someone who was once so visable and now not.

Anonymous said...

I like Campbell Brown and I think its great that she is getting out there is speaking about issues that are important to her. She is open about who her husband is (yes, it is Dan Senor) and when she says his role isn't an influence on these issues, I believe her. After all, these domestic and local politic issues are not exactly his forte - he is more foreign policy. If we are to make accusations about personal influences on her public opinions, you should know, her father was a prominant DEMOCRAT politician in her native Louisiana. The accusations of partisanship towards her are unfair - she is taking a position on an issue regardless of party. As a democrat myself, I appreciate her "sister souljah" op-eds that really challenge Democratic complacency at a local level. Campbell Brown is no neo-con, right wing Conservative. She is pro-choice and supports gay marriage. I would doubt that Brown has problems with unions per se, rather she is just pointing out a legitimate issue where the teacher's union should be held accountable. Good for her. I am glad to see her back and I think CNN made a big mistake letting her go.

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:31, everyone has a right to their own opinion, but I totally agree with your post.

TAnd also the get Toure, get Toure well MSNBC got Toure and it's not working out very well from what I can see.

CNN needs real journalist with integrity and abilities that will bring some type of credibility back.

Anonymous said...

"I doubt if Cambell Brown has trouble with unions per se."
You know this for a fact?
It's only the "teacher's unions that she has a problem with...and why is that?
The teacher's unions have NO CONTROL over the staff once it is hired, and that includes their sexual conduct or lack there of.
If you had anything to do with education you would know this.
The administrations of each and every school and the district and its BOARD have that control. Not the unions.
Let's just say that those who were smart enough to have pensions did the right thing.
And those that wanted the "glamour jobs," and were unsuccessful, like Ms Brown, who is now dependent on hubby, did it wrong.
Gee I wonder why Campbell is still unemployed. I guess she just needs more time with those little ones, and no other network has realized her great potential.

Anonymous said...

Good to see Kyra Philips and Candy Crowley taking the lead in the Presidential debates.
CNN is beginning to use their women anchors effectively, which is a start.
Enough of Anderson Cooper, and Wolf Blitzer.
BOTH and old and stale.

Anonymous said...

Looks like Soledad is getting higher ratings than Anderson or it simply doesn't matter who sits in for him, which is equally as bad, at least for him.
I'm just the messenger interpreting the ratings score card from TVN.