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Saturday, August 4, 2012

Your Views on the News 8/4/12

A few interesting articles about CNN came across our desk this week. According to LimeLife Cooper's ratings are up 27% since coming out in June. Anyone want to give us their opinions?

And yet another article (HuffPo) quoting a CNN exec (this time Bewkes) saying that top management is dissatisfied with CNN's ratings. Seems that the changes are slow to come to CNN but the statements of discontent by management are a dime a dozen. Less talk, more action maybe should be their new mantra?

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Anonymous said...

I'm not convinced there is a big "out of closet" ratings bump going on. Lot's of other factors at play - Aurora shooting being one of them. Maybe a little bump due to the buzz but I really don't think it is the kind of event that changes his ratings trajectory. If that's why he came out, shame on him.

As for the big talk by CNN execs - its deja vu all over again. They always talk but when they are pressed, they never give specifics, always say they are number one in cable news, and say what a great brand they have. They are in complete denial. Primetime is not their only problem - dayside is also bad and losing to its competitors. Yeah, they got a bump from the Aurora shootings but they still didn't beat Fox. MSNBC bills itself as THE PLACE FOR POLITICS, beating them in breaking news is a gimme at this point. Burnett and Morgan are not showing much traction at all. Cooper has been sinking and everyone but CNN execs know its because he looks like he'd rather be chatting it up with Kelly Ripa than doing the news. Given how depressing this election is, what does CNN have to lose by making dramatic changes now and try to grab people's attention as they are tuning in for the election. Be the scrappy upstart like CNN used to be instead of the vacuous, over-stylized, condescending, slick, New York glam channel they are trying to be now.

Anonymous said...

When one sinks to the lowest level in more than 20 years, there's no way but to go up from there. 28 percent bump from a record low is not much of a success, I'd say.

Alex Santana said...

Just back in country and was clicking around CNN...what the hell happened? What a bunch of dolts at all times during the day!

Starting Point with that self serving Diva Soledad O’Brien? Come on!! Her panel was like a clown circus with someone called Margaret Hoover, sounding like a high school cheerleader. She was on when I clicked on CNN, and thought she was doing a “parody” of some high school girl..but then realized this is her real voice and mannerism! OMG!

And then Piers Morgan???What an irritating hack!

Carol Costello with her annoying “just saying” chant and “awesome” every other word...again I thought it was Ridgemont High Follies!! Costello cannot utter a sentence without sounding like a haughty know it all....yuck!

And Kyra Phillips...can she not speak with that silly giggle?

My question is this...WHAT HAPPENED TO CNN? I left the country and it was a full operational news organization and come to see it has become a joke, like a teen age slumber party with cameras!!

SHAME ON CNN. Ted Turner must be mortified!!!

Anonymous said...

I agree with 9:33AM but I don't think CNN "executives know" Cooper's ratings are sinking because he'd rather be chatting it up with Kelly Ripa.
The sad fact is WE know he'd rather be chatting it up with Kelly so WE'VE collectively stopped watching him and stopped believing in anything that he says.
No one can be two personalities at once. NO ONE. And Anderson Cooper will soon learn the hard way that he is no different.
As for the Limelite article, CNN has always presented conflicting views of why they are failing, and it's never right.

Anonymous said...

Honestly I can't bare to watch CNN Primetime anymore. I don't like Erin Burnett's show, Anderson Cooper 360º has become such a boring show, Piers Morgan Tonight is awful. They should just get rid of him or at least move him to CNN International. What's more annoying is that there is a 10PM replay of AC360º. I hate how the show has become. It was great during the days of Katrina in 2005 and during the days of the Lebanese-Israeli War in 2006. This is all why I don't care for CNN prime time anymore.

I am enjoying Early Start with John and Zoraida, Newsroom International with Suzanne Malveaux, and of course my favorite, The Situation Room.

Anonymous said...

The truth that has become obvious is that Anderson Cooper is not a great anchor but is a great reporter on the field. I honestly feel, depending on how season 2 of his daytime talk show does, we will soon see the headline "Anderson Cooper leaving CNN". I think after doing CNN for more than a decade, he might be ready for a change. He still has 60 Minutes if he wants a news reporting fix, but I just don't see him at CNN for long.

Anonymous said...

I am REALLY enjoying the 6PM hour of the Situation Room with Kate Bolduan. I think she has potential as a rising star. She hosted the show on her own this week without Wolf Blitzer at that hour. I see a spinoff for her once the Election season comes to an end, which would revert The Situation Room back to two solid hours.

I wonder why CNN gets Candy Crowley or the boring Joe Johns to host the Situation Room when he is off. I think Lisa Sylvester should do it. She did it for Lou Dobbs when he was off, why can't she do it for Wolf?

Anonymous said...

Anderson Cooper is not a great anchor most of are agreed upon.
He is also not a great host, and until he finds this out for himself, he will rationalize this dilema.
I do agree that he was a good reporter, but like the rest of us, he is getting older, and is perhaps less interested in the hectic reporting of years gone by, which is understandable.
What isn't understandable is why he would subject himself and his
daytime audience, to something he does poorly, just because he has the opportunity.
His answer has always been, because he wants to use all of his muscles. Mr.Cooper must be reminded that all of our muscles are not equally as strong or as pliable as we would hope and it is unrealistic for us to think that they are.
Perhaps, this is why Gabby Douglas, as great as she is in the Olympics, is only 16.

Anonymous said...

I agree that Anderson Cooper is much better as a field reporter. His ratings go up when he is reporting out of studio. Not a fan of him anchoring. I would also say that I think Soledad O'Brien is way better at making documentaries. I don't enjoy her morning show. I really enjoyed her documentary tonight about the Atlanta Murders. I also have enjoyed her In America series.

Anonymous said...

Why on EARTH is Rob Marciano (The weatherman) covering CNN's Breaking News of the temple shooting? He is TERRIBLE! Too repetitive, not knowing what to say. It reminds me of Eliot Spitzer when he was coving the Chilean miners rescue. Changing the channel.

Anonymous said...

I, too was surprised to see Rob on, but now I see Don Lemon and Debra are there too.

Alex S, how long have you been away? Just wondering because the slide has been going on for quite awhile. Personally it looks like nothing is fully thought out, it's as if they pulled things out of a hat and what ever comes out they try it. They need a new Programming Dept and someone with half a brain to run it.

Anonymous said...

Rob wasn't bad, considering he's not a full time anchor. He pulled full eight hours on air and handled it quite well, keeping his cool all the time. Don Lemon on the other hand is HLN material. Boy he can be annoying with constant interruptions, quasi-intelligent comments and forced dramatic overreactions. Kudos to Rob for keeping up with him!

Anonymous said...

Oh home on the range, and the Midwest continues to erupt in violence. This time in Wisconsin.
Isn't that the state where the mighty Scott Walker retained his Governship and stopped the uprising of the once mighty middleclass.
But it was HE who stopped them just as they were about to reinstate collective bargaining.
What a guy!
Maybe he should have looked a bit harder at Wisconsin's gun control laws.
But Walker is a Republican and if anything holds true it is the right of all Republicans to uphold that Second Amendment.
Here, Here. Justice has once again been served.
Let those who have guns use them freely, and those who don't?
Well this was not your lucky day to be in the Midwest.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Rob didn't do good on his own. This is a lesson for CNN to not just use anyone to anchor. God forbid, if anything happened to the president, can you imagine him being on air? Wake up call to CNN. It's a good thing Don Lemon came in to join him at 2PM, hours before his Newsroom block was to begin. Rob Marciano majored in meteorology, not journalism.

Anonymous said...

A clean sweep is needed. Get rid of all the senior management - Jautz, Whitaker, Maddox, Khosravi, Lee, Green.

Get rid of all of them. Have the network run by real journalists with real experience.

It's not that difficult.

Anonymous said...

Actually after watching Don Lemon and Rob Marciano this afternoon, it really makes me appreciate Anderson. Those two are just plain awful.

Anonymous said...

Hate to disagree with some of my ATC friends, but Lemon does a decent job during the breaking news events. I am not really a big fan of Don Lemon - he's too arrogant many times but he does think quickly on his feet. Poor Rob Marciano is just terrible without a script. He's not all that great even with a script. Rob just needs to stand there and look pretty. I agree with @10:52pm, it does make you appreciate the skills Anderson offers.

Anonymous said...

I think Brianna and Kate Bolduin (sp) have been doing a very good job anchoring. A promotion I think is in order. Whatever happened to Jessica Yellin? I never see her anymore.

Anonymous said...

Don is a good anchor when he is able to keep his oversized ego in check.
Poor Rob Marciano should stick to the weather.

And that article about Anderson is a joke. Where is there to go but up? He went from 5 viewers to 8, big deal.

Anonymous said...

What was up with CNN today? Brianna was in for Zoraida on Early Start, Zoraida AND Ali Velshi were in for Soledad, Ashleigh Banfield is on week 4 of vacation. Thought she would be on the 11AM hour but instead saw Kate Boldaun, Michael Holms hosted Newsroom International, John Berman hosted 1PM, and Alina Cho was in for Brooke Baldwin. I think CNN Newsroom should just be rotating anchors without permanent positions, rather than saying "I'm X, filling in for Y, who is filling in for Z".

Anonymous said...

@9:15PM: I agree, why the massive mix up? Brooke Baldwin even tweeted she is flying to New York to anchor Starting Point for the remainder of the week. Why can't Alino Cho do that? She already is in New York but she filled in for Brooke instead.

Anonymous said...

I find Don Lemon's anchoring style a little odd, he can be kind of abrasive or sometimes he just puts things in a way that is not professional, but then there are times when he's fine - he's not someone that I would watch on a regular basis though.

Anderson did a fine job covering the Sikh temple shootings - I don't watch Erin Burnett but I read that she was also in Wisconsin, so CNN seems to be going more in depth than a lot of networks on this story, to their credit.