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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

CNN Debuts New Washington Studio

Thanks to an anonymous tipster here's a sneak peak at CNN's new DC studio, courtesy of We've paraphrased a bit of the article below but please follow the link for the entire read.
CNN’s D.C. Bureau is about to debut its new, 2,200-square-foot HD studio, featuring three large video walls and two “magic walls,” plus a glass divider to create two smaller studios, the new digs were constructed to accommodate various configurations and programming. It holds 109 monitors and 2,000 feet of cabling— upon entrance from the left side is the first “magic wall,” which is one of CNN’s two 82- inch touch screens from Perceptive Pixel.

It also has a Christie Digital Systems Video Wall that will be used for glamour shots of D.C. landmarks, various video images and moving graphics accents.

The studio includes a 32-monitor video wall that can be divided in halves via the retractable glass wall (with a built-in shade) at the studio’s midsection, thus creating separate 1,100-square-foot production areas.

On the right side of Studio A/B is the other magic wall, plus an 18-monitor video wall that will be used to display the electoral vote on election night, among other news items. Two moveable monitors round out the assemblage of screens in A/B and give CNN options for an “infinite” number of configurations.

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Anonymous said...

This is very exciting, looking forward to the new studio and how it is used on election night. It never really made any sense of why the Election Center was broadcast from New York or Atlanta. Washington DC is the ultimate election headquarters. It just feels right. I wonder though if The Situation Room will broadcast in the new studio this Friday after the Democratic convention, or if they will wait until Monday. I can't really see State Of The Union being broadcast from the new studio. It's not a very upbeat show. I know Wolf Blitzer will do a great job!

Anonymous said...

Does anyone else notice how during the convention commercial breaks on CNN, the CNN logo and graphics on the bottom are huge? I wish they would stick to that! I can see and read it better. Hopefully new graphics like what I just mentioned will debut once this new studio goes into effect after the convention. I don't like MSNBC or FOX. I prefer CNN.

Anonymous said...

@4.30pm Election Center was in New York and Atlanta because they had to dismantle the old DC studio and build a new one! And it's still not done. They have to polish a few things, set and calibrate all of the equipment, probably test it more than a couple of times and it should be ready for election day. Don't expect any show before election week to air from the new studio. It may seem to you like it's done, but they still have some work to do before it's ready for primetime.

Anonymous said...

@9:06PM --- Where did you read that it's still not done and that they need to "polish a few things", etc. If you clicked on the link, it says "CNN launches its new Washington studio this week" underneath the first photo. I even remember when all this was announced in January with articles saying it would be ready in September "immediately following the democratic convention". I read this blog often and in comments past I've read by commenters that The Situation Room and other DC based programming will broadcast from the new set right after the conventions in September, not by the Election.

New York studio was used for the 2006, 2008, and 2010 elections. The only reason why Atlanta was used for the 2012 primaries was because it was CNN's latest new set which had better HD technology. All this according to the Situation Room wikipedia page, but who knows.

@4:30PM --- I never really trust wikipedia, but the Situation Room wikipedia page says Monday September 10, 2012.

Anonymous said...

The set is lookin' good - I can't wait for the debut!

Anonymous said...

Nice but doesn't look any different from Atlanta headquarters studio? We will see...

Anonymous said...

The January article from FishbowlDC, and I quote:

"The entire studio renovation project will take eight months. Here is a brief timeline:
For the next month, studios A and B will be completely cleared.
From February through May, construction of the new studios’ “black box” will occur.
From May through July, the new sets, electronics and lighting will be installed.
August will allow for fine tuning and rehearsals, before the official launch of the studios immediately following the Democratic Convention at the beginning of September.
The big pay off comes on November 6, when CNN Election Night coverage will broadcast from the new CNN Election Center in the combined studios A and B."

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:06PM - yes, the studio will go into effect this week right after the convention beginning with The Situation Room.