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Thursday, September 6, 2012

DNC RATINGS DAY 2 (Wednesday, September 5)

DNC RATINGS DAY 2 (Wednesday, September 5)

• CNN #1 in cable news in key P25-54 demo topping MSNBC and FNC during former President Bill Clinton/keynote block (10-11:30 pm)

• CNN tops FNC in primetime in both total viewers and P25-54

Keynote Speech Block (10-11:30 pm)

P25-54 Total Viewers

CNN 1.612M 4.273M
MSNBC 1.486M 4.511M
FNC 831k 3.047M

Primetime (8-11 pm)

MSNBC 1.003M 3.308M
CNN 962k 2.919M
FNC 629k 2.699M

• data based on Nielsen fast nationals
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Anonymous said...

President Obama's speech hit all the right notes and his tone was Presidential as it should be.
He has not lost his ability as a great orator.
He pounced on Romeny's ignorance of foreign affairs and highlighted
the reversal of fortune for GM factory workers in both Michigan and Ohio.
But his speech did lack a clear precise vision of how new jobs would be created.
There has been an uptick in the creation of low wag service industry jobs, but manufacturing is still in crisis mode, and we are still outsourcing...something that is continuing during his watch.
For all the talk about Wall Street, we are still seeing large bonus rewards handed out freely with little or no bank regulation.
The best line of the nite had to be the POTUS' "I'm no longer a candidate. I'm the President."
Yes, he is and he'd better start acting like it in his second term, if given the opportunity.
At best President Obama finally rallied his base.

vpose said...

Kate Bolduan should work at Fox News. If she gets anymore partison she'll give Hannity a run for his money.And then on Friday night in the situation room Paul Wolfowitz should be the last guy giving his opinion on foreign policy and has the audacity to criticize the Obama Administration? This coming from a guy who was partly responsible for getting 5,000 of our kids killed not to mention the thousands more maimed for life by invading a country that had absolutely nothing to do with 9-11.
And a chickhawk to boot.