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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Larry King & Betty White Sell Lemonade

If you miss Larry King here's a look at what he's currently doing to make a dollar.
(Actually his new show is on Ora TV and can also been seen on HULU.)

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Gary Larsen said...

Actually I watch CNN all day in the background but I do not miss Larry King at all. Management knew this and cut him loose. Enjoy retirement Larry.

Anonymous said...

I definitely miss Larry King on CNN. His online show doesn't seem so popular. CNN should rehire him to do a weekend show. New episode every Sunday with a repeat on Saturday, just like the upcoming Anthony Bourdain program. He can also be involved with major events like Election Night. I'm sure he would love this.

Anonymous said...

Betty White appeared to be the more popular of the two.
She looks great for ninety and continues to do a wonderful job wiht her animal charity work.
She is probably one of the few celebrities dedicated to wildlife and the humane society.
She has often acknowledged that she likes animals better than people because they make better friends.