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Monday, September 10, 2012

Ratings for the Week of September 3 - 7

*denotes special programming one or more nights

Rating calculations are weekly averages based on nightly ratings provided by TVNewser with data by Nielsen Media Research. Numbers reflect Live and same day (DVR) data.

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Anonymous said...

Chicago's teachers have taken to the street and have virtually shut the city down...and who do we see on 360,
Ari Fleischer.
Is there not one day of rest that we don't get to hear Ari's nonsense
and pro Bush rhetoric, shaking his head like a tormented brainless twit, that he is.
Why doesn't Anderson, just call the shots for once and say, "Ari if you and your Party were so proud of W., why did we NOT see him at the Convention??
Why was HE not invited to attend?
Why was HE Hidden from the public?
Where was his VP, dragon man Dick Cheney? Why??
And speaking of lead-ins, why weren't we speaking about the strike in Chicago on 360
Good, the teachers in Chicago are doing what the teachers in Wisconsin should have done...shut the city down.
Shut all the inner cities down and bring in all the anti-union people and ask THEM TO TEACH AND CONTROL.

The ATC Team said...

@anonymous 9:54, Please watch 360 before commenting on what was or wasn't covered. Or if it's just too much news for you then at least check out the rundown of the program on our sister blog, All Things Anderson. The Chicago teachers strike was covered on 360, both Monday and Tuesday nights, by Ted Rowlands.

If you have a beef with the Republicans I would suggest finding a Republican blog to submit your rants too. This post is about CNN ratings and as far as we can tell they did pretty spectacular with their numbers last week.

Anonymous said...

I find it interesting how Soledad O'Brien is off yet AGAIN this week. This must be her 9th or 10th week off this year since beginning Starting Point and it's been happening a lot lately the past few months. It's obvious in some sort that CNN is trying out Brooke Baldwin and John Berman to perhaps be the new morning team. I would guess CNN might be interested in returning to a double anchor format for all their day news blocks. Just my guess. I can see Ali & Zoraida from 5-7am and John & Brooke 7-9am.

Anonymous said...

OK. I'm keeping with the theme.
Anderson came in third according to TVN with a 610 and a 570 while everyone else hit a million or more.
O'Reilly hit 3 million, but we've stopped counting because it is after all, Fox News and Rachel Maddow had over a million as did ED, but than ED made the extra effort to actually be with the teachers in Wisconsin last year.
Just keeping with the ratings theme.
So what can we conclude??
Anderson Live and 360 need a little more tweaking, or eyeballs or viewers.

Anonymous said...

In keeping with the theme, ratings,
according to the tv listing guide in the NYPost, Anderson Live is on at 12 noon on channel 5 Fox, NYC.
His lead in is none other than Dr Oz, who is considered the best of the best when it comes to talkers.
He has been on numerous magazine covers and is one of the most watched talkers, second only to Dr.Phil, both of Oprah fame.
Though noon time, is not the best, as far as lead-ins Anderson couldn't have it better.
If his show doesn't fly this year, he can't complain about the personality before least in the NY market.