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Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Photographer: David S. Holloway © 2012 Cable News Network. A Time Warner Company. All Rights Reserved. 


Tuesday, October 16/Nilesen Fast National Ratings Data

  • CNN tops MSNBC by double digits among total viewers and key demos (25-54 and 18-34) throughout the night.
  • CNN had its strongest performance yet among adults 25-54 during this years presidential debate cycle.
  • CNN also tops Fox News in younger viewers (18-34); more than doubles MSNBC.
  • While CNN, Fox News and MSNBC were up versus their prior four "non-event" Tuesday averages, CNN's growth of +758% among total viewers and +1117% among adults 25-54 was the most substantial.
  • Compared to 2004 second presidential debate (most similar), CNN was up +70% among total viewers and up +56% among adults 25-54.
9:00-10:45 PM (Actual Debate)

CNN:                5.754 million total viewers/2.581m adults 25-54/1.424m adults 18-34
MSNBC:           4.910 million total vewers/1.920m adults 25-54/658k adults 18-34
FNC:                 11.086 million total viewers/3.460m adults 25-54/900k adults 18-34

8:00-11:00 PM (Prime Time)

CNN:                4.343 million total viewers/1.896m adults 25-54/1.028m adults 18-34
MSNBC:           3.884 million total viewers/1.490m adults 25-54/487k adults 18-34
FNC:                 9.001 million total viewers/2.687m adults 25-54/670k adults 18-34 

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Anonymous said...

CNN save it.
We have had enough of your PR.
Just tell it like it is:
The rest is BS.

Anonymous said...

Why have ratings been such a huge deal the past few years? Who cares who has the most viewers or not! If CNN had an average of 10,000 viewers a day for example, so be it! CNN will always have their devoted watchers. Yes, I do understand that ratings do matter because of advertising and profit, but why does it have to be made so public? It's no secret that CNN does need to be revamped, but to those who constantly bash the channel, TURN IT! I however refuse to watch FOX or MSNBC.

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:10, it's simply fantastic that you are a devoted CNN watcher. For those of us "who constantly bash" or as I look at it, for those of us who attempt to provide constructive criticism - really want to see CNN improve.
We want to see a stronger focus on news gathering which will of course improve the content. If I watch CNN today, what will I see? I'll see news that I read on the internet or news that aired on another channel 24 to 48 hours prior.
So, while you are content with what you are watching, others are all too aware that it's quite inadequate.

Anonymous said...

Since HBO is a cousin to CNN, I will post this here.
I missed my book club to see Ethel, the bio of Ethel Kennedy.
It was in a word, superb.
Not because of all the old photos and clips of Robert Kennedy helping his brother, but because of Ethel.
We always heard about Jackie BUT this was the first time anyone actually devoted any time to Ethel Kennedy, wife of the late Robert whom she had eleven children with.
Rory, who does the documentary and is the youngest, said "Mom you were always pregnant!"
And she was, though you could hardly tell because in 'those days' there was no 'baby bump.'
It was fascinating and a MUST SEE IF YOU HAVE HBO.
And at 84 she is feisty, and witty, and clever, and has had no work done.
None of here children have had any work done either, from what I could tell and they could ALL well afford it.
Thank You HBO for showing us real people and making a documentary that should win an award.