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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

CNN Interviews Michelle Obama & Ann Romney

CNN to Air Interviews with Michelle Obama, Ann Romney Ahead of First Debate
Sen. Rob Portman Speaks Exclusively with Dana Bash about Behind-the-Scenes of Debate Prep
                On the eve of the first head-to-head debate between Pres. Obama and Gov. Romney, CNN is the only cable network to have conducted recent interviews with both of the candidates’ wives. Chief White House correspondent Jessica Yellin sat down with First Lady Michelle Obama and chief political analyst Gloria Borger interviewed Ann Romney. Portions of the interviews will first air today on The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer, which begins at 4 p.m. ET. The interviews will be featured during the network’s ‘Debate Night in America’ coverage, which begins Wednesday at 7 p.m. ET.
                Yellin interviewed Mrs. Obama together with her brother Craig Robinson. In the sit down interview, they discuss the upcoming debate, which falls on the Obama’s 20th wedding anniversary. Mrs. Obama discusses what it is like to watch her husband debate and weighs in on Ann Romney’s sentiment that running for president is “hard.”
                In Borger’s pre-debate interview with Ann Romney, the candidate’s wife candidly shares how Gov. Romney prepares for the high stakes face-off. During the one-on-one, Mrs. Romney takes on her husband’s critics, discusses her role supporting him and addresses the debates’ potential impact on his campaign.
                Additionally, senior congressional correspondent Dana Bash spoke exclusively with Sen. Rob Portman, who is playing the role of Pres. Obama during Gov. Romney’s debate preparation. Portman, who has played the role of the Democrat for GOP candidates since 2000, offered insight and anecdotes about the behind-the-scenes rehearsals through the years. Yellin also sat down for an interview with Sen. John Kerry, who is playing the role of Gov. Romney during Pres. Obama’s debate preparation. Bash and Yellin’s interviews with Sen. Portman and Sen. Kerry will air Wednesday during the network’s ‘Debate Night in America’ coverage, beginning at 7 p.m. ET. 
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Anonymous said...

CNN is hoping that these interviews will pull up their ratings.
Personally I will watch Michelle if I remember, and that's a big if.
I have no use for Anne Romney.
She's married to him and can't relate.
How many people with MS have a horse? No one I know.
How many people who have had breast cancer can't afford their treaments? A whole lot and she knows nothing about their additional suffering.
Anne Romney has been blessed with a lot of money and that's why her hubby gets all antsy when his wealth is brought up.
Mitt Romney deserves to lose because of his wealth.
He is unable to relate to the general public.
As Clinton would say, "He can't feel our pain."
End of HIS story.

Anonymous said...

All of the pundits on MSNBC and CNN have concluded that Romney, no specifics, won the debate.
The only one to speak sensibly about the President's performance was Larry O'Donnell and the governor of Maryland.
Both agreed that the President acted in a very Presidential manner.
Ed Shultz as well as Wolf Blitzer, said the president lacked energy.
I believe, from a viewers stand point that that was the exact strategy he should have used.
He purposely showed Romney's plans as proposals and nothing more and nothing to substanciate what he was proposing.
President Obama did not lose his cool, though Romney can get easily flustered and did.
This debate was not a game changer.

Anonymous said...

I was changing channels between CNN and MSNBC during debate coverage - I mostly tuned into MSNBC because they were more enagaging and honest. To my surprise, I thought CNN's fact-checking went well - at least the parts I saw. Berman in particular did an excellent job and last night's debate was full of wonkiness so it was not an easy job. Foreman was okay but I really don't like that virtual room that he was in - it looked cheesey. I am glad Crowley was included in the discussion more than usual and I liked they had some new pundits - Fiorina and Van Jones. There were way too many people talking though - they need to scale down the overall number of pundits. I think dial testing is dumb and talking to undecided low-info voters is usually boring and disheartening. To top it off, it was led by Burnett who I can't stand so needless to say that whole section was a channel-changer for sure. At least she wasn't fact-checking like during the DNC - that was horrible. Watching Chris Matthews rip apart Obama and Ed sit there totally deflated was far more entertaining and let's face it, real. As a democrat, I felt the same way, what the heck happened to Obama? He totally clocked out!

Anon @11:25PM, I hate to disagree, but I think it is wishful thinking to say this debate was no big deal for Obama. This was a wake up call. Get in the damn game or you could lose this thing!!! Obama did lose his cool - he was OBVIOUSLY frustrated and didn't do a thing about it.

Can't wait to see how the ratings did for last night. I think CNN could have beat MSNBC but it may be close. I am sure CNN will win the night that Candy moderates.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of moderator, Jim Leher's time is up.
He is too old, and I hate to use that term.
I know he carries prestige and has some weight in the media, but just looking at him you knew he was in over his head.
I don't say that about all, Seniors because I happen to be one.
But there's a difference in being a Senior and a Baby Boomer, and someone who is well, old.
And he's not only old, he is elderly, and that's far worse.
Now Charlie Rose would have been perfect....a man of wit and wisdom, and shall we say, age appropriate.