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Monday, October 22, 2012

CNN's Coverage for Final Presidential Debate

CNN Plans Special Coverage for Final Presidential Debate
CNN will air the final debate between President Obama and Gov. Romney tonight with special coverage beginning at 7 p.m. Leading the network’s coverage of the foreign policy-focused debate will be: Wolf Blitzer, Anderson Cooper, John King and Fareed Zakaria in Washington; Candy Crowley inside the debate hall in Boca Raton, Florida; and Soledad O’Brien from the University of Central Florida in Orlando, where she will host a group of undecided voters. On hand throughout the evening’s coverage to provide expert analysis will be: Gloria Borger, David Gergen, Alex Castellanos and Van Jones in Washington; and James Carville and Ari Fleisher inside the debate hall with Crowley.

Prior to the start of the debate, the network will unveil:
  • New, unaired portions of Zakaria’s interview with former President Bill Clinton.
  • A report from chief White House correspondent Jessica Yellin with new information on Obama’s debate preparation.
  • Senior congressional correspondent Dana Bash’s debate strategy interview with Dan Senor, one of Romney’s top debate advisers.
  • A rare look inside Romney’s campaign bus for a profile of the candidate’s “body man,” Garrett Jackson. National political correspondent Jim Acosta spoke with Jackson, who reveals Romney’s morning routine and shares what happened behind the scenes at a recent dinner with Obama in New York.

Coverage during the presidential debate will include:
  • Real-time feedback from CNN’s focus group at University of Central Florida in Orlando.
  • A running time clock that tracks each candidate’s speaking time.

Post-debate coverage will feature:
·         Political fact checks from the “reality check” team of anchor John Berman and correspondent Tom Foreman from the network’s virtual studio.
·         A CNN/ORC International poll of viewers across the country who watched the debate.
·         A team of International correspondents standing by to provide global perspective.

Where to watch:
  • CNN will air special coverage of the debate beginning at 7 p.m. ET. The 90-minute debate will air live beginning at 9 p.m. and will replay at 12:30am. The debate will again air in its entirety beginning at noon on Tuesday, Oct. 23.
  • Starting at 7 p.m., CNN will live stream the network’s TV coverage and debate-related programming to and through CNN’s apps for iPhone and iPad. Using new clip-and-share technology, users can capture and edit their favorite debate moments directly from CNN's live broadcast and share their videos on Facebook and Twitter.

CNN’s Ali Velshi (@AliVelshi) and John Avlon (@JohnAvlon) hit the road on the CNN Election Express to interview voters in four swing states. The road trip will start in Boca Raton, Florida, the morning after the third presidential debate.
Interviews and analysis will be featured throughout CNN’s television networks and digital platforms.
For the first week of the tour, you can follow the schedule of stops through Florida and North Carolina, on the CNN Election Express’ twitter feed @CNNExpress.

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Anonymous said...

Looking forward to tonights debate! Interesting that I don't see Erin Burnett being part of the coverage or Piers Morgan doing a live midnight show. Not complaining though. I'm thrilled to know that Fareed Zakaria will be part of the coverage along with Wolf and Anderson.

Anonymous said...

@6:35pm - I noticed that too. No Burnett or Morgan?! My, my this is my lucky day. Maybe I'll watch the whole time knowing those two won't be there. I wonder what's up with that - are Burnett or Morgan on some kind of special assignment? Maybe, just maybe it is a signal that CNN is thinking of cutting them loose. I hope so. I'm glad Fareed is participating and wish we could see Amanpour as well but I read she is helping with ABC News coverage. Wolf and Anderson do make a good anchor team.

Anonymous said...

This was a lack luster debate.
Most of what was said, was debated already and I made it a point not to watch it on CNN.
Not only are their graphics distracting with the undeciders, but the minute the debate was over, Anderson went on his Roomney
recaps, for those more 'positive momemnts.'
Ah yes, could it be because Obama wants the 'wealthy to pay more income tax on what they earn?'
And here we all thought Anderson was for the 'little guy' as he wept in front of the camera for those poor souls that lost their homes during Katrina.
What an actor!
And I have to say the debate was another draw.
It changed no ones mind.

Anonymous said...

Tom Foreman's virtual reality check is beyond awesome. I love it a lot and think that it's a great idea. It's the best thing since John King's magic wall. Looking forward to see magic wall and virtual studio technology again on election night. Hopefully CNN will not bring back the election matrix or the hologram, or that pointless animated table.