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Monday, October 8, 2012

Piers Morgan in Vanity Fair

There's a long and very interesting article in Nov. 2012 issue of Vanity Fair about CNN's Piers Morgan.  Among many interesting behind the scenes tidbits this stood out:
"There is palpable tension between Morgan and Anderson Cooper, according to people who work with them."

 Here's the first few paragraphs of the article by Sarah Ellison, for the entire read follow the link

Piers Morgan, testifying before the Leveson Inquiry in London late last year, had just withstood two hours of uncomfortable questioning about phone hacking—a practice the 46-year-old tabloid editor–cum–TV star described in the first of his three memoirs as the “little trick” of listening illicitly to other people’s voice mails. When the questions were over and he was free to go, Morgan couldn’t resist a closing statement, a last word. He told the presiding judge, Lord Justice Leveson, who has been leading the government-ordered inquiry into the unethical and often criminal behavior of Britain’s press, that he felt “like a rock star having an album brought out from his back catalogue of all his worst-ever hits.”
To those who know him, it was predictable that Morgan would liken himself to a rock star, even after he had been made to seem like the audio version of a Peeping Tom. Morgan has made his career through a combination of fawning over and feuding with celebrities of all stripes. Judging from a recent tour of his home turf, London journalists view him either with a certain admiration (for his sheer ability to survive and for his acknowledged solicitude as a boss) or, more commonly, complete disdain (for his journalistic methods, his extravagant self-promotion, and his apparent lack of redeeming social purpose). “Every once in a while, one of us writes a story we hope will get him fired from CNN,” a British editor told me recently. So far, the efforts have come to naught, and Morgan remains the host of Piers Morgan Tonight—the troubled successor to Larry King Live—which has spent more than a year and a half attempting to establish itself as the prime-time show on the cable network, itself in a state of bewildered anarchy.

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Anonymous said...

I am not a fan of Piers Morgan and I just read the entire article from Vanity Fair online. I followed the link as directed.
Midway through almost the end of the last section it mentions that Anderson Cooper and he have a "palpable tension" because they don't banter, as Larry King did, when he came before Cooper.
The article did not say what precisely the "tension" was about but I suspect, besides their egos, Anderson continually blames others for his slide in his ratings, before it was Larry King, an icon in his time, and now Piers Morgan who's begun to gain on Cooper
these past few weeks.
Neither of these two men will save CNN from itself.

Anonymous said...

Wow, Vanity Fair managed to make Morgan look like an even bigger attention-seeking prick we already know him to be. Of course he wouldn't get along with anderson - they are both a couple of egomaniacal prima donnas.

Anonymous said...

7:35PM: I never thought of that description of Anderson Cooper's character but you hit out of the park!
Right on.
"Let nothing stand in my way. I'm going to get it whether I'm good at it or not." AC's motto right from his playbook.

Anonymous said...

Why does Piers Morgan's head seem
photo shopped?
His head seems much larger than his body, as though the body belonged to someone half his size, or his head exploded from his supersized ego?

Anonymous said...

Just think of all the stories CNN 'can't afford' to cover in order to pay Piers multi-mlllion dollar salary.

Better to simulcast CNN International during that time slot.

I want NEWS on CNN.

If I want celebrity crap and narcissistic personality disorders --- that's what Entertainment Tonight is for.

Memo to jeff Bewkes:

send Morgan packing along with Whitaker, Jautz, Green, Khosravi, Lee, and Entelis.