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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

#CNNElection Coverage: AT A GLANCE

#CNNElection Coverage: AT A GLANCE

‘Election Night in America’ begins at 6 p.m. ET:

    • Anchors in Washington for the network’s first-ever Election Day from the nation’s capital: Wolf Blitzer, Anderson Cooper
    • Anchors in the field: Candy Crowley in Boston, Massachusetts; Erin Burnett in Columbus, Ohio
    • Also in Washington: John King at the Magic Wall; Dana Bash with congressional election results; Tom Foreman in the ‘virtual studio’, David Gergen and Gloria Borger
  • CNN’s REPORTERS DEPLOYED IN THE FIELD / Follow them on Twitter and on Facebook:
    • Romney Campaign HQ in Boston - Jim Acosta, Peter Hamby, Rachel Streitfeld, Shawna Shepherd
    • Obama Campaign HQ in Chicago - Jessica Yellin, Dan Lothian, Brianna Keilar
    • Bedford, New Hampshire - David Mattingly
    • Columbus, Ohio - Shannon Travis
    • Blue Ash, Ohio - Carol Costello
    • Bolder, Colorado - Paul Vercammen
    • Des Moines, Iowa - Poppy Harlow
    • Cincinnati, Ohio - Don Lemon
    • Cleveland, Ohio - Martin Savidge
    • Henrico, Virginia - Gary Tuchman
    • Jacksonville, Florida - Drew Griffin
    • Lake Wood, Colorado - Ed Lavandera
    • Las Vegas, Nevada - Miguel Marquez
    • Littleton, Colorado - Kyung Lah
    • Manassas, VirginiaKate Bolduan
    • Miami, Florida - Ashleigh Banfield
    • Milwaukee, Wisconsin - Ted Rowlands
    • Nashua, New Hampshire - Brian Todd
    • New York, NYJason Carroll, Alina Cho and Deb Feyerick
    • Riviera Beach, Florida - John Zarella
    • Washington, DC - Athena Jones, Joe Johns
    • Woodbridge, Virginia - Randi Kaye
  • THE EMPIRE STATE BUILDING: As each state is projected by CNN and electoral votes are allocated to the candidates, a vertical LED-illuminated “meter” located atop the spire of the building will display CNN’s running tally of the race to 270.

·         CNN DIGITAL:
o unveiled a new design on the Home Page for Election Day to highlight top election news, interactive data, social integrations and real-time updates about the races.
o   Users can go to online or on their mobile device for the latest results as they come in.
o   CNN Digital will also live stream various campaign events via CNN’s mobile apps and at

    •  Users who have pledged via CNN’s “I’m Voting” app can take part in various election-related surveys powered directly on their computer, tablet or mobile device.
    • will feature an interactive dashboard that provides real-time data about who on Facebook is talking about the candidates at and exclusive insights on trending election-related keywords.
    • CNN viewers are encouraged to visit CNNPolitics on Facebook, follow @CNNPolitics on Twitter and use and follow the hashtag #CNNElection for the latest news and up to the minute updates about the election.
o   New York City: 47th Street and Broadway
o   Chicago: Thompson Center Plaza
o   Boston: Faneuil Hall Marketplace
o   Las Vegas: Miracle Mile Shops at Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino on the Vegas Strip.
o   Los Angeles: At Grand Park
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Anonymous said...

John King is doing his magic at the magic wall and he is carrying the night with Wolf Blitzer.
I could listen to John King all night analyzing each county vs each district, from one election cycle to the other, while Anderson
Cooper just stands there passing time.
John King's photo should be displayed here. He really is making this into the horse race it is, while Wolf is making the projections, and it is a horse race.
John deserves the accolades tonite.
He is making the judgement calls and Anderson Cooper is just standing there
with that same dazed look on his face when King makes the political breakdowns on the magic wall.

Anonymous said...

Huffpost is reporting that Fox News is fighting with itself as to whether Obama actually won re-election.
And it seems that Governor Romney is a really sore loser and wouldn't concede until every last vote in Ohio is counted.
And then what Mr.Romney?
You still lost the electoral vote even when the last vote is counted.
Being rich doesn't mean you get everything you want.
Concede because nobody wanted you as President, not even your own Party.