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Saturday, November 17, 2012

James Carville on Bill Maher Real Time 11/9/12

Here are a few clips from last weekend's Realtime with Bill Maher.  James Carville was on the panel along with roundtable panelists S.E. Cupp and Andrew Sullivan. The interview guest was Samuel L. Jackson.

Clip 1:

Clip 2:

Clip 3:

Clip 4:

Clip 5:

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Anonymous said...

Last week was an excellent show, but it was this week that Bill made some really good points that the NYT OP. ED page agreed with.
He said he didn't think the FBI should be investigating the CIA Directors email.
If they could do it to him, than what about private citizens?
And he also questioned Patraeus' resignation because so far as we know, he hadn't committed a crime.
I agree and so did his audience.
However, once the cat is out of the bag, so to speak, he probably had no other alternative.
As Americans we are obsessed with both sex and power and instead of seeing a four star General, he'd be known to us all, as the General who BETRAYED HIS WIFE.
So yes, he had to resign in order to let the story die.
General 'Betraeus' did just that, and now he and his wife, have to live with it.

Anonymous said...

Samuel L Jackson, one of our most talented under-rated actors, did a very good impersonation of "an angry black man," or as Bill said, what Obama should become.

Anonymous said...

This past week, yesterday, David Axelrod, Obama's Campaign advisor, and two time winner in his corner,
was interviewed by Bill alone, before the panel discussion.
It is interesting to note, that he came on Bill's show after the election.
I for one, wondered whether the timing had anything to do with Maher's one million dollar donation to re-elect the POTUS.
Ya think?
That's a whole lot of money and a real nice thank you present.