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Friday, November 9, 2012

Soledad O'Brien on The Wendy William's Show

Yesterday, Nov. 8th, Soledad O'Brien was a guest on The Wendy William's Show.  Enjoy!

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Anonymous said...

I have to admit it.
I like Wendy Williams.
She's the type that just grows on you and TV Guide is reporting that the Frankle woman, who I could do without, has been picked up by Fox.
It did not specifically say she would replace Anderson Live, but the implication was there.

Anonymous said...

This was an excellent clip.
It is an example of two smart out going women having a political discussion that is compelling and you only wish there was more.
Wendy Williams is spot on about Governor Christie.
He looks like a leader, like him or not, there are leadership qualities there that every politician should adopt, including the POTUS.
I do not agree with Soledad that Christie doesn't look partisan.
This is not the time for politics.
Disasters are bipartisan and to get beyond them, we the people, need the show of strength, fortitude and leadership.

Anonymous said...

It is reported in today's NYPost that Wendy Williams's is "going to appear in her birthday suit," in support of PETA, along with a whole host of celebrities.
Now I love animals, and I kinda like Wendy, but I like her with her clothes on.
Someone must remind her that she is not cute and cuddley being her naked self, no one is, and we don't want to pet her, not even for PETA.