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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Craig Ferguson's Angry At CNN!

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Anonymous said...

Yes! Bring back Larry King! His Ora.Tv interview show isn't too popular. Let Piers Morgan go and have Larry King return to do a weekend show! It would be like semi-retirement.

Anonymous said...

I don't know what everyone else thinks, but whatever changes Zucker plans on making at CNN, they can't happen soon enough. Now that the election is over, CNN has plummeted to ever lower ratings. I agree, Anon 2:17am, they need to let Piers go. Given his involvement in phone hacking, I can't believe they are sticking with him. I'm not so sure the Wolf and Kate duo during the last hour of TSR is working out so well. Erin Burnett is a disaster - she is a drag as lead-in to primetime. Anderson barely shows up on AC360 and saves his best work for CBS 60 minutes!! What is CNN thinking?

Anonymous said...

Craig is on to something and Larry was someone who had both heart and substance and was truly interested in what his subject was saying.
There are several personalities, including Judge Judy, who refuse to appear on Piers Moron's program.
They've known Larry a long time and some of them know that Larry helped promote their careers when no one else would.
Who has Piers ever promoted except himself???