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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

CNN Evening Programs Show Growth/Gap Narrows with MSNBC


The Network Tops MSNBC during Dayside

CNN Evening Programs Show Growth vs. a Year Ago; FNC has Steep Declines in Key Demo

In February, CNN narrowed the total day gap with MSNBC to only -9k in total viewers (424k vs. 433k) and -11k in 25-54 (130k vs. 141k). At its recent monthly peak (October 2012), the gap was -180k in P2+ and -72k in 25-54.  Last month it was -43k in 2+ and -26k in target demo.

CNN also topped MSNBC during dayside programming (9a-5p) in both total viewers (475k vs. 412k) and in the key demo 25-54 (129k vs. 119k) this month.

Other CNN ratings highlights include:

Erin Burnett Outfront
  • Outfront was the only 7p show to grow vs. competitors – increasing +15% in total viewers (482k vs. 420k) and up +11% in the demo (148k vs. 133k) vs. last February.   Fox Report with Shep Smith was flat in P2+ and down -21% in the key demo and Hardball was down -7% in total viewers and off -5% in 25-54. 

Anderson Cooper 360
  • AC 360 at 8p had the most growth this month in cable news prime – increasing +42% in total viewers (791k vs. 559k) and +27% among 25-54 (236k vs. 186k) compared to a year ago.  While AC 360 grew this month, The O’Reilly Factor was down -3% in total viewers and -26% in 25-54 and The Ed Show declined -14% and -10% respectively.  This represents O’Reilly’s worst delivery at 8p since July 2008 in key demo 25-54. Outside of the November 2012 (Election) and March 2011 (Japan Tsunami), this month represents CNN’s best performance at 8p in over three years in both total viewers and 25-54.

Piers Morgan Tonight
  • Last year the cable news networks saw heightened viewing due to the political primaries, debates and the death of Whitney Houston. This year at 9pm all the nets saw declines vs. a year ago with PMT registering the smallest among total viewers (-3%), while FNC’s Hannity was off -11% and MSNBC’s The Rachel Maddow Show was down -6%.  In the demo 25-54, Hannity was down the most of all the networks, dropping -35% -- representing the Hannity’s worst demo delivery since May 2006. 

The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer
  • The Sit Room posted increases at 6p vs. a year ago -- growing +15% in total viewers (522k vs. 455k) and increasing an impressive +25% in the key demo 25-54 (158k vs. 126k).  The show also grew the most vs. the competition, with FNC’s Special Report declining -15% in the demo and MSNBC’s Politics Nation declining -8% in total viewers.

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Anonymous said...

Not bad. 360 is gaining on ED , topping MSNBC in the demo several nights, Looking at TVN on Monday 360 only trailed ED by 85,000 in viewers. AC brought in 255,000 in the demo with 788,000 viewers but there is more , 360 had half the demo of BOR who had some 3.1 million viewers. That means that if CNN can find a way to get 360 to possibly top BOR in the demo it is a big game changer for CNN. Both BOR and ED have been taking hits in both categories. A million plus viewers should do it for CNN.

Here's a theory about this. If the demographics of America are changing so are TV viewing audiences. Not only did FOX take hits at 8 & 9, the 7 PM hour had some drop off as well. CNN needs to get in the game and here's how.

Go with a group of ethnically diverse group of legit
female journalists, no pundits. CNN already has a group of ethnically diverse female journalists so put them on at 7 PM.. Jeff Zucker is aware of a test pilot. CNN could just pick 4 females from this group Ashleigh Banfield, Isha Sesay, Alina CHo, Jennifer Degado already in house. HLN has Robin Meade,
RIchelle Carey and Christi Paul. There is also Zoraida Sambolin, Hala Gorani and Kristie Lu Stout.. Go up with a ladies news oriented program at 7 after Out Front is no longer on for the hour.

There is also the DVR issue that broadcasters have to deal with. for the 9 & 10 PM hours CNN should alter their programming to attract 18-49 year olds who would normally not watch CNN. Those 2 hours is where you could use a Tj Holmes, Strombo and Conor Knighton. CNN needs to start playing chess.
There are signs that the market might have reached the limit for both FOX and MSNBC. Alsom hire those Vanguard journos for a hipster Nightline, Amber Lyon, Kaj Larsen, Marianna Van Zeller, Adam Yamaguchi, Christof Putzel. Heck go hire more ABC reporters like Alex Marquadt, Alex Perez, Matt Gutman from ABC. This provides CNN with better content, original reporting so that CNN is a real 24/7 news network. There are different styles of journalism. If it is good the viewers will come.

Finally, CNN needs to stop misusing social media, The people driver the conversation not CNN. Twitter and Face Book are not the talk radio medium. Ordinary people drive the conversation. A dumb question cooked up from political blogs. If you google new being discussed on CNN , you will discover where they get the news. Ideological blogs is the source for news. Mediaite had finally figured this out and has an article basically saying this is way cable news is so bad. Ask the viewers what news they are talking about and what is going on. You can find legit news. It is fairly easy to wed out trolls.

Anonymous said...

CNN just did a story on a white model using brown makeup for an African model spread. They brought up the diversity issue. CNN what are you prepared to do about your lack of diversity ? All of the minority journalists organizations are trying to hold CNN's feet to the fire on this.

Anonymous said...

It's being reported now that Erin Burnett will NOT be heading to CNN Mornings, but that Robin Meade from HLN may be moved over to CNN alongside Chris Cuomo.

Anonymous said...

CNN definitely knows George Stroumboulopoulos. He had Don Lemon on the show tonight. CNN hire Strombo now.

Anonymous said...

Is it possible the CNN is a lot more broken than we think. If CNN is fixable it will take years. Isn't it ironic that none of the so-called 24/7 news channels are on overnight but ABC NEWS and CBS NEWS are ? CNN needs to be making better judgements about what stories are news for content .CNN is constantly being busted for their sources for their news stories and it's obvious that CNN is clueless. Hint CNN : no one is taking Bob Woodward seriously, he is being widely ridiculed because here is another crybaby journalist.
People care more about Miss Delaware Teen USA or the NFL asking prospects if they are gay.

Anonymous said...

Strombo is actually a big fan of CNN and the news. Several CNN people have been on the show. The Don Lemon interview was good stuff. CNN definitely needs talent like this. If you all get a chance watch the show with Don or post some of the video.

Anonymous said...

Just curious, why in the world would Don Lemon be on Strombo's show?

Anonymous said...

There are so many rumors making the rounds about CNN. Some say Robin Meade could move to CNN from HLN. That would be a great move by Jeff Zucker. Robin Meade has the right personality for an AM show. Wonder who the other 2 or 3 would be ? There are also rumors that Zucker plans to take on the diversity issue at CNN. I like the idea that this blog has talked about for more than a year now about a group of ethnically diverse female journos on CNN in prime time. Who could complain or criticize such a show. Put them on up against Rachel Maddow. She saw a spike in ratings when she stated talking about female-related news. It would be interesting to see if TJ could do something for CNN at 10 PM. Could he be any worse than some of the things CNN are currently doing ?