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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

CNN Welcomes Zain Asher

CNN welcomes Zain Asher
Zain Asher joins CNN as business correspondent, where she will appear across platforms covering the latest news on personal finance, money and the economy.

Asher comes from MONEY magazine where she covered careers and investing, primarily focusing on stocks, mutual funds, consumer tech stories and workplace advice. Prior to joining MONEY, Asher spent two years as a reporter for News 12 covering the local economy, as well as political and cultural issues in Brooklyn, The Bronx and Connecticut. She served as a contributing reporter for, covering business trend and consumer stories. Her articles have appeared on, The Guardian and The Oxford Reporter. Born and raised in London, Asher graduated from Oxford University in 2005. In 2006, she earned an MS from Columbia University’s Graduate School of Journalism.

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Anonymous said...

It is now being reported that the 10PM hour of the AC360º repeat will be axed, making room for a big new hire.

Anonymous said...

John King is safe! He just renewed his contract according to FishbowlDC. Sadly, Candy Crowley might be leaving though. Also, Kate Bolduan will likely become an anchor for something,

Anonymous said...

C'mom CNN hire George Stromboulopoulos. Strombo is the man ,can help CNN out a lot. Dude makes the news hip and cool. Bring the show to CNN and make it run for 60 minutes again with the original format. Debrief and all of Strombo's unique interview and news show.
Everyone sits in the red chair with George. Let's hear those words it's your boyfriend with Sloan's Good In Everyone on CNN.

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:45 PM that comes from a British tabloid. It
makes sense for CNN to drop the repeat of 360 but
it not known which hour CNN will change. It seems
like leaving it on live at 8 PM is the best. The demo
race between Anderson and ED is getting really

IMHO I think CNN should go with a ladies news show
at 9 PM and if possible hire Strombo for 10 PM. He
would likely top The Last Word and Greta. CNN will
get a killer demo that FNC nor MSNBC could touch
with 360, news with the ladies and Strombo.

Anonymous said...

Good move hiring Zain. She brings credibility and poise to a discipline that sorely needs it. Hopefully, she'll replace the woman who currently does stock reports and can never seem to get it right.
The other morning, facing what was billed as a deadly snowstorm headed for the NE US, the stock reporter Kosick? wanted to play with snowballs. I watch CNN in the morning for a quick update and I can tell you the woman never seems to have a clue.

Anonymous said...

Please replace the woman who does your stock reports in the morning.