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Monday, March 18, 2013

5 reasons to watch The Lead with Jake Tapper Today!

5 reasons to watch The Lead with Jake Tapper

1) We've got a great line-up of guests for our debut show: Stephen Colbert, LeBron James, and Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

2) It's not your typical Washington, D.C. show - sure we've got politics, but we will also cover the most important topics at the 4 p.m. hour: world stories, national, business, sports, and pop culture.

3) You could be on the show - watch for the #YOU'RE IT segment, submit your response, and your tweet could be on-air.

4) The Lead looks into under reported stories in our segment The Buried Lead - bringing buried stories to the forefront.

5) Jake Tapper will speed-sketch a political cartoon on-air, while simultaneously texting, tweeting, and emailing news. Just kidding - but he could, because he's that good.

Lead, led, or lede? Stephen Colbert on Jake Tapper's new show :


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Anonymous said...

Actually, I'd just be impressed if he could speed sketch a political cartoon. Seriously, I wanna see that! LOL!

TheMilksGoneBad said...

Finished watching it earlier today. It was actually a decent show. I am hoping, but doubt that the program will be able to consistently maintain its recruitment of star power to interview, ie. Colbert. I'm just happy they cut into Wolf, and not Brooke<3<3<3

Anonymous said...

I have mixed thoughts on the show. I liked the variety of topics especially sports, but I find Jake Tapper to be a little obnoxious. He is very arrogant that's for sure. I will say it is better than 3 hours of Wolf Blitzer.

Anonymous said...

I thought Jake did a decent job. I also liked the variety of stories and I like that incorporated reports from CNN correspondents and it wasn't all about himself. I think this show has real possibility. I will keep tuning in and see how the show progresses. It was a solid show and it is definitely better than an extra hour of Wolf!!!

Anonymous said...

Not bad but the pace needs to pick up. Do we really
need the pundits. CNN take at look at the Pew Study.
Content is the key not pundits.

Anonymous said...

If Jake Tapper is the "new face of CNN" as is quoted by Jeff Zucker, than this new face has to shave before he goes on air.
The first time I watched him I kept peering at his five o'clock shadow and not listening to what he had to say about anything.
Personal appearance and personal habits are very important, especially when viewing a newscast on HD, and Tapper should be reminded of that whenever he's on air.
In fact, it should come naturally and no one should remind him, or his new face, wouldn't be new for very long.

Anonymous said...

Why would Jeff Zucker call Jake Tapper the face of the new CNN? Jake has done nothing yet to deserve that. Also I think that is an insult to Anderson, Wolf and Christianne, etc.

Anonymous said...

@10:42PM: Perhaps you are right and it is a slap in the face to Wolf and Anderson and others, but please face this fact.
Anderson's ratings have been in the high 500's.
This is not good compared to MSNBC, even though MSNBC presumably comes in third each month, which I do not believe.
Rachel Maddow continues to beat Piers Morgan and Anderson in both time slots...just check TVN, and Fox News is still out front.
So maybe that slap in the face is like a taste of refreshing cold water, a wake up call, even if Jake Tapper doesn't deserve to be noted, and he doesn't so far.