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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Cardinal Dolan Speaks with Chris Cuomo

Live from Rome, CNN’s Chris Cuomo sat down with Cardinal Timothy Dolan after Pope Francis was elected by the papal conclave.

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Anonymous said...

Chris Cuomo has been a wonderful addition to CNN.
I noticed that he has been on 360 with Anderson
Cooper. MSNBC must be really concerned about the
recent ratings increase for 360. Chris Hayes is now
going to be on at 8 PM. This marks the 2nd time that
MSNBC has made a move at 8 PM since 360 has been
on CNN for the hour. Imagine what would happen if
CNN had better shows at 7 & 9 PM.

Anonymous said...

Ed Shultz requested the move on MSNBC for personal reasons....his wife was diagnosed with ovarian cancer it was reported on TVN, not to long ago.
It has nothing to do with CNN and 360.
And if Matt Lauer has a Q score for viewers, I wonder what Anderson
Cooper's Q score is or perhaps he's not subjected to one because he is on cable.
What a saving grace.
And agree, the addition of Chris Cuomo is a positive one for CNN.
Let's hope he stays visable.