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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Is Anderson Cooper Getting Ready to Exit CNN?

Lots of rumors floating around recently about Anderson Cooper and his future at CNN.  Yesterday it was reported by Deadline: Hollywood that Cooper and Kathy Griffin taped a pilot at CNN, with Jeff Zucker in the audience.  Last night on Bravo's WWHL Kathy confirmed this:

Deadline: Hollywood was also the first to report that Anderson was approached about replacing Matt Lauer on The Today Show later this year.
TVNewser is reporting that Cooper is in flux at CNN and has some leway in his contract now that his daytime talk show is coming to an end. They write:
One thing is clear: the next few months will likely decide Cooper’s fate at CNN. With the cancellation of his daytime talk show, Cooper is believed to have more flexibility in his contract, potentially allowing him to look into other opportunities. That said, and as the pilot indicates, CNN executives do not want to lose the anchor, whose name has become synonymous with terrific field reportage. “CNN does not want to lose Anderson, he is the best thing they have going right now,” one staffer told TVNewser.
If you're interested there's more to read on this subject at HuffPo, The Hollywood Reporter TVGuide, and TMZ.

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Anonymous said...

NBC is desperate if they want Anderson Cooper to replace Matt Lauer.
They are now #2,in the morning.
They will be #3 after the first week.
I don't know who wrote the Huffpost article but Anderson's popularity does not translate into ratings.
None of his shows were ever high on the ratings scale and if anything they have proven that light and fluffy is not him.
CNN just doesn't want to lose him and he doesn't want to lose his cushy contract which will not be offered with his low ratings on other networks, like CBS.
Even on 60 Minutes, which made the #8 spot this week, according to USA Today, the show only garnered 10 million, minor in comparison to other highly rated shows.
Does he have other options?
We shall see, but most of this is straight from the rumor mill.

Anonymous said...

Anderson should look at other opportunities other than Kathy Griffin.
Griffin is not well liked with most older CNN viewers.
She needs him, more than he needs her, especially on CNN and he'd be very foolish to even consider doing anything daily with her.
If he can't control her on NYE, how can he do it daily?
Her show on Bravo is now on at 11:30, and the show was revamped.
What kind of following will she have against those on broadcast TV?
My guess is, eventually Griffin will be canceled.

Anonymous said...

Love Wendy Williams take on the Matt Lauer/Ann Curry/Anderson Cooper saga.
Never knew she was on BET and I really like her because she speaks to her audience and viewers like a friend.
Anyway if Matt Lauer hadn't given New York Magazine a full article on the story behind is feud with Ann Curry, this would never be happening.
He tried not to look like the bad guy, and as one article put it, it is all 'optics' or how it looks and Matt still looks bad.
What was wrong with Ann?
Nothing, but Matt played the power play and thought instantly his ratings would rise.
How golden was he to deserve $25 million dollars for an hours show?
Personally doubt if Cooper will take the job.
This is all about "office politics" and knowing Andy he'd rather be safe at CNN than sorry at NBC. JMO

Anonymous said...

While Roland Martin has a point about diversity on CNN, HE was not the one who should have been promoted, and his race had no baring on his impending exit.
Soledad O'Brien is a perfect example of someone who should not have been let go. She was educated, and articulate, and if some people found her a bit brash, than it was called for at the time.
Mr.Martin is just the opposite.
His first and only qualifier seems to always have been, brash first, and matter of opinion, second and no substance on most subjects.
He never delivered quality performances or for that matter, he never was able to stand out for any reason, other than his race.
Soledad gave us superb documentaries every time she was given the chance.
She has proven herself and has an inate talent for story telling and hopefully it will in the future be recognized.
Mr Martin has no talent other than complaining.
Therein lies the difference.