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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

CNN & HLN Ratings for April


CNN Shows Most Growth of All Cable News Nets and Now Ranks #2 Year-to-Date

CNN Tops MSNBC in Key Dayparts for the First Time in Over a Year; MSNBC Slips to 4th

April 2013 is CNN Digital's Most Trafficked Month in History; Network Breaks Records with1.8+ Billion Page Views

During a month that saw breaking news and extended coverage from Boston, CNN had its best total day (6a-6a) delivery among total viewers and the demo 25-54 since November 2012 and posted double and triple-digit increases vs. a year ago in total day and M-F/M-Su prime in both total viewers and the key demo 25-54.  April marks the first time CNN has outdelivered MSNBC in total viewers and the key demo 25-54 in more than a year (March 2011) in total day and in prime.  MSNBC also slips to 4th place (behind HLN) in total day, the morning, daytime (9a-5p), 6p, 7p and 8p in the key demo 25-54.  CNN is now topping MSNBC year-to-date in total day-- ranking second among the cable news networks in total viewers and 25-54.

April network highlights (thru April 28):

Total Day:       CNN is up +79% in total viewers (638k vs. 356k), +109% among adults 25-54 (228k vs. 109k)
                        MSNBC declined -4% in total viewers (407k vs. 426k), flat among adults 25-54 (139k vs. 139k)
                        FXNC grew +14% in total viewers (1.232m vs. 1.084m), only +2% among adults 25-54 (278k vs. 273k)

M-F Prime:     CNN grew +88% in total viewers (1.008m vs. 536k), +133% among adults 25-54 (379k vs. 163k)
                        MSNBC dropped -12% in total viewers (795k vs. 902k), flat among adults 25-54 (254k vs. 253k)
                        FXNC is up +5% total viewers (2.342m vs. 2.228m), but dropped -3% in the target demo 25-54 (475k vs. 489k)

M-Su Prime:   CNN increased +80% in total viewers (920k vs. 510k), +128% in 25-54 (340k vs. 149k)
                        MSNBC declined -10% in total viewers (686k vs. 760k), flat among adults 25-54 (237k vs. 239k)
                        FXNC grew +9% in total viewers (2.022m vs.1.858m), but dropped -2% in 25-54 (392k vs. 398k)

CNN programs have shown significant strength this month, with weekday prime programs registering their best performances in years among total viewers and 25-54 – program highlights include:

·         The Lead with Jake Tapper:  After premiering a month ago (March 18) the program is up by substantial margins, increasing +108% in the key demo 25-54 (258k vs. 124k) and +54% in total viewers (829k vs. 538k) compared to a year ago.  The Lead now ranks second only to FXNC at 4p (MSNBC slips to fourth behind CNN and HLN). 

·         The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer (6p) increased more than any program on CNN, FXNC or MSNBC in the demo this month -- growing +224% among 25-54 (343k vs. 106k) and +124% in total viewers (976k vs. 435k) compared to a year ago. Sit Room moved to second place this month, with MSNBC slipping to 4th place behind CNN and HLN among both demos.

·         Outfront with Erin Burnett increased more than any program on CNN, FXNC or MSNBC in total viewers this month – growing +145% (1.004m vs. 409k) vs. a year ago.  EBO is also having its best month ever and is posting the network’s best 7pm performance in both total viewers and the key demo since November 2008.  For the month, EBO ranked second to FXNC, averaging 366k in the key demo (up +221% from last year’s 114k) and 1.004m in total viewers.  MSNBC’s Hardball was down -13% this month in total viewers (670k vs. 769k) and slipped to 4th in the key demo 25-54.

·         Anderson Cooper 360 (8p) was the top-rated show on CNN in both total viewers and in the key demo 25-54 during April.  For the month, AC 360 averaged 431k among 25-54, increasing +197% from a year ago (145k) and 1.158m among total viewers, up +129% (506k).  MSNBC’s All In with Chris Hayes was down -18% in total viewers vs. last year's The Ed Show (718k vs. 880k) and ranked 3rd in April.  The show placed 4th in the key demo 25-54.

  • Piers Morgan Live grew +119% among the key demo 25-54 (354k vs. 162k) and increased +71% among total viewers (977k vs. 572k) this month compared to a year ago. PML ranked second in April at 9p – with MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow placing third in both total viewers and demo.  Maddow actually declined -7% among total viewers (931k vs. 1.0m) for the month versus year-ago.

·         Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown is posting triple-digit increases vs. a year ago on Sunday at 9p.  Launch-to-date, the program is delivering 389k in the demo 25-54, up +440% vs. same period a year ago (72k) and has ranked  #1 in cable news on Sunday in each of its first three weeks on the air.  In total viewers, Bourdain increased +122% (872k vs. 392k) at 9p vs. a year ago.


"Morning Express with Robin Meade" Once Again Bests MSNBC's "Morning Joe"

HLN Continues to Post Double Digit Gains Across Both Dayparts & Demos; Prime Programs Boast Triple & Double Digit Gains 
  • HLN topped MSNBC by +2% in Total Day among the coveted P25-54 demo (142k vs. 139k) in April 2013; MSNBC slipped to #4 for the month in Total Day P25-54 in cable news;
  • HLN's morning show, "Morning Express with Robin Meade" bested MSNBC's "Morning Joe" by +8% in P25-54 (144k vs. 133k), marking the second consecutive monthly win;
  • Fueled by continuing coverage of the Jodi Arias trial and several breaking news stories, HLN experienced double-digit gains in Total Day and Prime vs. prior year:

April 2013 vs. April 2012
Total Day
+52% (390k vs. 257k)
+43% (142k vs. 99k)

Prime (M-Su)
+40% (524k vs. 374k)
+37% (177k vs. 129k)

  • "Jane Velez-Mitchell" (M-F, 7-8 p.m. ET) posted 669k P2+  and 217k P25-54, a +99% and +97% increase, respectively vs. April 2012;
  • "Nancy Grace" (M-F, 8-9 p.m. ET) posted 698k P2+ and 227k P25-54, a +50% and +38% increase, respectively vs. April 2012;
  • "Dr. Drew on Call" (M-Th, 9-10 p.m. ET) posted 674k P2+  and 221k P25-54, a +117% and +105% increase, respectively vs. same month year ago;
  • "HLN After Dark (M-Th, 10-11 p.m. ET) posted 486 P2+ and 172 P25-54, a +59% and +52% increase, respectivley, vs. same month year ago. 

All content, unless otherwise cited, is © All Things CNN and may not be used without consent of the blog administrator.


Anonymous said...

CNN has finally realized that a completely different live version of 360 at 10 PM is the best choice. Really enjoyed the show last night. Here is why : it did not become ideological but was smart and informative, loved the civil tone, you don't have to yell or shout, it makes me turn the channel. The show was really focused and was going somewhere.
Keep the hipper, cooler version of CNN.

Loved Christianne Amanpour. She was honest and kept it real. Anderson seemed to thrive in the looser format. Hope that CNN permits them to be experimental and not go for a typical tired old left vs right mentality that is long overdue to take a hike.

The show held my interest because it was unpredictable but in a good way. Not knowing who the 5th person would be in the opening segment, kept me watching. Same thing goes for the special guest. Loved the top 3 CNN trends, the cool bump music, the video in the table, the program was shot beautifully, with the exception of Twitter comments. You could not really read them. Props to Christianne for pivoting to Gitmo rather than Amanda Knox. Also, TNT had a fascinating interview with Jason Collins. Hello, Time Warner family. Loved the show closer as well. Is it
possible for Anderson to do a news headlines version in the show that can last for 2 minutes or more. Highly produced and nicely edited. A news trailer if you will. Music and sound should be used to enhance the stories. Television is a visual medium so keep in mind video,video, video.

Stay newsy and classy CNN. The news is what will make your network relevant not opinion. People turn to CNN to be informed. The hipster 360 is a smart move don't dumb down the show. Keep it conversational, interesting, engaging . Providing a news show that gives viewers something to walk away with and to think about.

Anonymous said...

I have decided to add the 10 PM edition of 360 to my DVR list. I'm sure that CNN will find a way to mess things up. I don't want pundits when I watch the show. The chemistry worked too. Good prime time closer for CNN. If 360 tops both All In and The Last Word, that's great news for CNN. However, they still have a long way to go. Is this just for a week, month, whatever ? The guests should bring something to the table. Nice setting, good atmosphere. You kids have been asking for this and it looks like this show is aimed at 18-29,18-34 and 18-49 yr olds and the college crowd. Anderson Cooper is why it works. According to TVN the show won the demo and had the highest demo for the day on CNN. Where is the promo for the show ?

Anonymous said...

I'll just add what I already wrote on ATA about the new 10 PM format but I'd like to second Anon 2:05 PM:

Where is the promo for this excellent show? The only explanation I have is that they know this is going to bring in the highst ratings anyway because people know Anderson = quality so they don't feel a need to do any special promo for it.

Anyway, I think they are onto something really good:

The set up is appealing and the whole thing is clearly segmented and doesn't seem rushed or chopped up. I like that they have a time table for a set of topics and stick to it because often those kind of round tables run off with one topic and are getting nowhere at the end.

The people on the panel are basically proven Anderson regulars that can have intelligent, civilized discussions and bring in a lot of knowledge. I also like the idea that there will be a surprise guest every night because that makes viewers curious. Not to mention that Anderson has so many contacts to journalists, politicians and artists, even entertainment folks, there won't be no shortage of suitable panelists anytime soon.

What I love about this is that it combines interesting, civilized discussions with a bit of entertainment. The latter mainly due to the good chemistry between the panelists who clearly has some fun together and feel comfortable enough to get a bit more personal.

Funny, I was already mourning the First 15 and this is like a serious, more interesting high level version that allows Anderson to express a bit more of his personal opinion on the topics he has to report on neutrally on the 8 PM hour and he also gets to show a bit more personal, fun side. Actually I think this is exactely what many people would have liked to see him in since years.

And I guess he doesn't mind the time schedule. He would work a bit longer but otherwise he seems to enjoy working a lot. Maybe he was keen on filling the void the daytime show left and eager to apply new skills and experiences he's made in the last two years to this new format.

I hope it is a success. :) If they make it regular I need to figure out a way to record it because it is on too late for me to watch every day.

PS: The 60 seconds with the pictures of the day was a lovely idea as well. More of that, too!

PPS: I love how open and comfortable Anderson can now speak about topics like having a partner. He mentioned self-censorship in his interview with Robbie Rogers and that is what he had to do on a professional level since recently.

Anonymous said...

Great alternative to what is being offered on FOX
& MSNBC,which is opinion and nothing but opinion
for an entire hour. Liked the return of the music. It
would be cool if 360 added more vignettes to go with
the segments. Make those video montages available
for downloads after the show. I think Anderson said
the day in pictures was 60 seconds. I hope CNN
sticks with this. I don't like being tease only to see
some other show replace 360 at 10. Can we trust
CNN to keep 360 at 8 & 10.

Anonymous said...

Yes, they did, BUT what this press release DOESN'T SAY is that the big story WAS THE NEWS, IN APRIL.
Now let's talk about having Chris Cuomo on early in the morning for 3
hours. REALLY
I find it hard to listen to him for more than five minutes and he's up against Fox and Friends who laugh and giggle at nonsense and broadcast GMA and Today.
Do we actually expect this to pass go?
Now let's talk about the panel/talk
show Cooper has going at 10PM.
As of Monday, ratings were down in HIS demo at 10PM.
Could this be a successful show?
Already we're seeing celebs pop up and that's spells trouble.
I don't want or care about Catherine Zeta Jones and Rehab and it didn't work in daytime and it wouldn't work now.
Keep it classy Cooper.
Daytime SHOULD have been a learning experience, if nothing else.

Anonymous said...

Calling the show a 360 Special Edition, says to me that it is one of those hourlong specials that Anderson does
like Jodi Arias. Let viewers know there is a difference between this show and those 360 specials. Also, let viewers know this is not those annoying Starting Point panels on CNN. This show does need a promo. It was down from Monday but still topped PMT in the demo and only 12,000 less than The Last Word. Keep in mind that when CNN viewers hear the world panel, we think the worst. Get To The Point was tried not too long ago and that was just awful. So it is still fresh in viewers minds . Anderson is the one who has the responsibility to not let it turn into the ideological circus that helped destroy CNN.

Anonymous said...

Why isn't here a young jouro on the panel, someone
like Conor Knighton, Jason Silva, Mashable
or Quartz News. It would be nice to see a journo in
their 20's or 30's on the panel. No ideologues. Rudy
Giuliani made sense for the 3 suspects because he
is a former federal prosecutor who handled some
terrorism case. Someone else who has written about
Gitmo should have been brought in to have a real
constructive conversation. This is a very serious
topic and it got into the same old rhetoric that ends
up not being a genuine real conversation about a
very serious issue. Keep it highbrow Anderson Cooper. You owe your viewers that much who are
choosing to give you an hour of their time. IMHO
Anthony Bourdain and Khamala Harris made the
most sense. You called it right CNN is incapable
of putting together a panel that has nothing to
do with ideology. So much for real conversation.
Jeff Toobin and Amy Holmes go to much into
politics. Stay on topic.

Anonymous said...

Not sure how it is not a real conversation if it involves ideology. It is pretty much impossible to remove ideology from a discussion because panelists base their personal opinion on their personal ideologies. The trick is to not let this get in the way of a debate to the point were one person shuts down and they did managed to avoid that quite well.

I like the balance of politics, reports/hard facts, personal opinion and experience (and that includes ideologies) and a sprinkle of entertainment.

Reactions seems to mainly positive and the ratings are good as well so far so I hope CNN will make this a regular show and if only once or twice a week.

I also noticed the hours goes by very quickly which is a good sign. I doesn't get boring, in fact I wouldn't mind if it was a bit longer.

Anonymous said...

Why not TJ Holmes instead of Amy Holmes. Like having a sharp female like Christianne Amanpour on the panel. Loved that she called Amy Holms out for the misinformation. If Christianne is not available, go with Hala Goranni or Isha Sesay. Like the idea of having a young journalists on the panel. Both Jeff Toobin and Any Holmes were too annoying last night. It ruined the show.

It upsets me that CNN does not actually have 360 on right at 10 PM. You have suffer through Piers Morgan
mumbling before you get to see 360. Glad I could
forward the DVR for that .

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:54:

Yes, Isha Sesay filling in for Christiane with be awesome! She's the crown princess of international news on CNN. :)

Anonymous said...

The problem for CNN is at 9 PM not 10. It's true that the show moves fast and it does not feel like an hour. It's pretty slick with the studio photography and the table with the video. I was looking for the finishing video montage but was disappointed that it never happened.

Taking a look at the ratings on TV BY THE NUMBERS, shows that 360 Special Edition is beating MSNBC in the demo all week so far. It is also beating PMT. It's not impossible to have a conversation without ideology. It didn't seem like Anthony Bourdain was speaking through ideology. He was being logical. and analytical. He didn't feel the need for talking points.

When you engage in conversation with others you just say how you feel about a particular topic. Who feels the need to say conservatives this or liberals that. It must be a generational thing.

CNN has the potential for a hit if they play their cards right. I'm with you on more video and snippets to set things up leading into the discussions. This could be a show that changes cable news. It does hook you to not know right away who the 5th person will be or who the guests are.
Right now there are panel shows out there but nothing like this. 360 Special Edition gets my vote for 10 PM.

Anonymous said...

CNN needs to fire Howard Kurtz. Reliable Sources. Yeah right. Even the Daily Beast let him go. He got the Jason Collins story all wrong.

Anonymous said...

The new 360 at 10 got a shout out on the Huffington Post. The responses ironically were mostly positive considering the article was about CNN. It seemed like the word used most was intelligent. Also, calling it not your typical panel show. The clip they highlighted was the Gitmo exchange in which Amanpour and Toobin challenged Giuliani. CNN please keep this show it is actually engaging and entertaining while being intelligent at the same time.

Anonymous said...

It will be interesting to see the ratings for tonight's show. I just hope it does not become a dumping ground for CNN pundits. Christiane Amanpour is one hardcore journalist. She had to take Ari Fleischer to university. It would be good to see a young journalist
like TJ Holmes on the 360 panel.

Anonymous said...

Amy Holmes and Ari Fleischer should not take part as panelists in the 10PM hour of 360.
There is no difference in what they literally bring to the table, if they sit across from one another, or are on screen in square graphics yacking Republican sound bites.
And we can also do without Jeff Toobin, though he is easier to take than Amy and Ari. At least he's acquainted with the law.
This must be the week of Amy appearances. She was also on Bill Maher's show last Friday talking nonsense speak as well.

Anonymous said...

Nooo, keep Jeff on the panel, I like his calm tone and he brings in the lawyers perspective. And some occasional fun by teasing Anderson. :D

Anonymous said...

IMHO, CNN is trying to get smart show going like Chris Hayes and Melissa Harris Perry. However, it won't work with pundits. That dumbs down the conversation. Did CNN not get the memo about the message that viewers have been sending : stop it with the talking heads. With Ari Fleischer and Amy Holmes , it likely won't have good ratings. The Thursday edition was the worse of the entire week. CNN needs to think beyond pundits and ideology if they are going to pull this off. Otherwise the show becomes unwatchable and CNN would have messed up yet again. Having a panel of Obama bashers is what got CNN into trouble in the first place.

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:06, although like you I don't agree with Amy and Ari's politics, it seems only fair and reasonable to have someone who represents conservative leaning politics at the table. As I expected, their erroneous assertions were challenged so its not like they got away with blatantly false rhetoric. It can't just be a table of liberals talking. Although, I don't care for Ari because he is not a journalist and he is paid to defend his boss. At least Amy is a proven journalist.

Anonymous said...

I really don't get CNN management. For the first time in a very long time a CNN show is getting positive buzz and CNN decides to turn 360 Special Edition into Starting Point. The panel should not include partisan hacks. That only makes it a typical news show. You can bet that management told them to go with the nonsense political junk and told them to dump the ending pictures segment. Look at what has happened on the show in the last couple of days.

Anonymous said...

I have really liked the AC Special Edition. I watch it because of Anderson, but I also like Jeff and Christianne. Christianne is extremely arrogant, but she is very smart. Jeff is likeable and smart. Amy is boring. I think the fifth guest should never be a boring pundit. It makes it more interesting to have someone with a different background.

Anonymous said...

When did 360 become a political show. Put the pundits on with Jake Tapper and Wolf Blitzer. Enough of the conservative liberal crap. CNN is angering 360 fans who are not ideological junkies but are interested in the news and information.

There are already complaints about the pundits returning to 360 ruining the show again.360 could own the hour easily with smart alternative news oriented show. How about knowledge of topics being a requirement to be on the panel. It's true that for the first couple of nights the show worked. The same can't be said for Wednesday and Thursday.

Amy Holmes is not a journalist just because she works for the Blaze. That's why I can't stand MSNBC or Fox.

Anonymous said...

Is it too late to convince CNN to do the 360 Special Edition at 8 PM on Fridays because 360 is tape at 10 PM
on Friday. From the comments it looks like Anderson Cooper and Christiane Amanpour are what viewers like best about the show. Amy Holmes and Jeff Toobin not so much. I take that to mean the show could skip the pundit thing if it is meant to be one hip and cool news show. That would be awesome.

Anonymous said...

Well, lets hope they now take a step back and analyse ratings and audience reactions, tweak it here and there and deliver a fine end result in case they decide to make this a regular thing.

And while I enjoy the occasional smack down of conservative talking heads it also doesn't go anywhere if they have people like that on on a regular basis. I think someone here was asking for bloggers as guests. Please no. At least not unless those bloggers are actual experts and professional in the field the blog about instead of just people who sproud their personal opinion without any actual qualification.

Anyway, people definitely seem to like Anderson and Chistiane and actually I haven't read much negative stuff about Jeff, but Amy just doesn't seem as of she can keep up with the others. At least get some kind of intellectual conservative on. Surely they do exist, right? XD

Anonymous said...

Wow. This is great. When was the last time there was a positive reaction to anything on CNN ? Will the suits keep 360 Special Edition ? People enjoy the show along with the concept. It's wonderful that the format is not etched in stone. That's the point. You don't know who the guests will be on the show. Bob Baer and Laura Ling were on the show too. Have to agree not a good idea to have pundits as the 5th guests. Anderson can book better guests. It raises the IQ points at CNN by having adult conversations.
The partisan bickering is juvenile. Keep it civil and respectable. Nobody expects everyone to agree with them on everything. It's called individuality. The keys will be content, guests, keeping the show intelligent, informative, engaging and entertaining.

It also signals that viewers are looking for something different. The Gitmo story is important. It is very complex and not so simple. Carol Rosenberg has done some of the best reporting on the issue for The Miami Herald. Maybe Anderson should have her on the show.It also shows that there is an interest in international news. That's why having Christiane on the show makes it work. She takes us all to university. For her the facts matter.

The 10 o'clock hour is in play. Greta and Lawrence have been trending down. So far this week there is only a 39,000 demo difference between Anderson and Greta according to TVN. If 360 SE wins the demo this week without a big breaking news story, you have to keep the show but with CNN you never know. Let us know if the show is on next week.

Anonymous said...

I hope 360 does a segment on Tupac's aunt becoming
the 1st woman added to the FBI terror list. Talk about a round table discussion. Hopefully, no circus but a very
serious conversation. What is the back story. The
smartest move CNN can make is not to copy FNC
or MSNBC. CNN could easily be the alternative. It comes
down to the choices the network will make.

Anonymous said...

This would be my dream prime time line up :

360 at 8 PM

Strombo at 9 PM

360 Special Edition at 10 PM

Didn't Time Warner boss, Jeff Bewkers say
that CNN needs to be more than politics and
war earlier this week. Maybe this is the first
CNN prime time show with a different beat.
As far as I'm concerned , zero pundits. It makes
the show boring. Zzzzzzzzz. Nobody comes to
CNN looking for taking heads.

Anonymous said...

Week 1 of the experiment has to be welcomed news for CNN. The trick is not to alienate loyal 360 fans. 360 Special Edition minus pundits has the potential to be a huge hit for CNN. It's not working for Last Word or On The Record. Yikes, HLN won the prime time demo. Why is there this dumb rule in cable news that contributors have to be politically connected. For goodness sake it is the 21st century. 360 is the only prime time news show I even watch. The reason : because I appreciate that Anderson Cooper is a respected journalist.

Anonymous said...

HLN is REALLY picking up.
I've never seen such high numbers and just last week, Nancy Grace gave Anderson a run for his money.
She got in the 900's as a total.
Viewers like hot and spicey, and if that's what brings the eyeballs than CNN better start looking at whatever HLN, their sister network is doing because they are doing it well.
ALL their numbers beat both CNN and MSNBC....all of them, according to the data on TVN.

Anonymous said...

Ari Fleischer really thinks he's an intellectual match for Christianne Amanpour?
Last nite on the special edition of 360, Huffpost is showing a clip of Ari being smacked down by Amanpour
about none other than international law.
Here's a hint, Ari: Christianne went to law school and is a known intellectual who is well respected by her peers....back off. You lost this argument and you look as foolish as you sound.

Anonymous said...

I can't stomach even a single news segment on CNN if it includes Casey Anthony/Jodi Arias trial junk, maybe that's what a lot of viewers want to see, but it makes me queasy when it's included in a CNN news program. Keep that mess on HLN.

Anonymous said...

There is an article that the ratings for AC360 Special Edition were not very good. I really hope that CNN gives this show a chance. We all don't like Jodi Arias trial news. CNN is so lucky to have Anderson aand Christianne.
They need to use them correctly.

Anonymous said...

CNN should stick with 360 Special Edition but make the show punditless. It makes the show look too much like Get To The Point. More video and sound would be better for the show. The major gripe against the show was the talking over each other and guests. If you are going to talk about North Korea, why bring on Ari Fleischer . 360 Special Edition has to be smarter and have people on the show who care about the facts. Why not Bill Richardson. You can use Skype and other devices for interviews if they can't make it to the studio. There are signs of pundit fatigue, Have you seen the ratings lately for MSNBC. Even FNC is dropping off after BOR, who is the only 1 with a huge loyal following in cable news.

It should be an atmosphere of journalists talking about the news and sharing information and interesting topics. The left/right silliness is why Starting Point & Get To The Point failed. It's not new or fresh or different. It's the same tired old formula and it won't fly with Anderson Cooper either. Pundits and ideologues have not business being a part of the news on CNN. The camera work in the studio is wonderfully shot. Love the video in the table and the

Hollywood Deadline has the ratings but their article makes me wonder who ordered the hit article. It was all about On The Record having the most viewers but ironically did not have any stats about the drop off for Greta. Nor did it say if it topped 360 on tape. For a 4 day show without a promo having 503,000 viewers and 167,000 demo viewers is not that bad.
Somehow I don't think CNN expects a new show to top FNC or MSNBC right away. It likely topped many
shows that are already on cable news. The buzz has been positive and now 1 negative article. CNN is on to something for someone to plant a story.Of course, the hour would drop significantly compared to a bombing and manhunt. Duh.

The concept is not bad but try to truly be different.
The video mashup set ups would be nice to see. Why
have a show with great camera work that is visually appealing but very little video or production. There are times when the segments could be shorter. Find the right way to make the news items on the show informative,intelligent, engaging and entertaining. Fake ideological fights are a big turn off. Keep it real and not the typical left vs right craziness. There can't be chemistry with ideology. It's the 21st century Crossfire is so last century.

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:07 PM:

I couldn't disagree more. Why on earth would you want CNN to sell its soul and copy trash tv like HLN? Just because it gets high ratings doesn't mean it is good. Look at Fox "News" high ratings.

Either CNN turns itself into biased, partisan opinion news and sensationalist trash like HLN or they accept that there is room for improvement but that they will never match horrible channels like Fox "News" because good doesn't automatically means the most successful with the highest ratings in the US.

The Deadline article clearly had the intend to create negative press and Huffington post already jumped on this because sadly those people don't ever check their sources.
Because both ratings and viewer reaction-wise the show was quite the success. Lets hope that CNN is not impressed with a bit of polemic press and listens to the actual viewers and the ratings.

I assume even of they should decide to make this regular it will not happen right away and it would return in its own studio with prefectionized look and production and more budget to book guests and plan the whole thing etc.

And lets face it, nothing Zucker might still try will top this or AC360's ratings or even equal it at this point. I'm still not sure why CNN does not promote the living daylight out of the show(s), might be that they think they are doing well enough and don't need promotion. Or that Zucker has not yet accepted that Anderson and his team are his saving grace and he better make good use of them.

Anonymous said...

Last week was the closing arguments for the Jodi Arias trial. That's why HLN was up. I agree use journalists and people who bring something to the table. The pundits are why people can't stand CNN. Anyone can argue, it takes no talent whatsoever. Besides we live in a time when people can have their own You Tube channel, There is also Face Book & Twitter. So why does old media think political ideology will get big ratings for CNN.It reminds viewers that the news has been highjacked by a few people and no one is serving the viewers. That said I don't think any other CNN show will top 360 at 10.
CNN needs to fix the show. Gitmo and North Korea are serious topics. CNN needs to realize this.

Anonymous said...

There are CNN bashers and haters who just criticize CNN about any and everything. Keep the show but as the moderator Anderson Cooper has to tighten things up and keep the show focused. Don't let the conversation go off the rails. Amy Holmes and Jeff Toobin need to be replaced by journalists. Besides CNN still has Out Front and PMT on the air so 360 SE is not exactly the worst show on CNN. Make it a summer series. Let it run until the fall to see if it finds viewers. Yes. CNN needs to have promos for the show book better guests.Tj Holmes did this type of show for BET so 360 SE could have him as a regular contributor on the panel.Tj also has the right personality for an ensemble. I could see Anderson Cooper, Christiane Amanpour, Tj Holmes and maybe a freelance writer , journalist as the 4th panelist. go with 3 permanents of Anderson, Christiane or someone else from CNN International if she is not available and TJ Holmes. The 4th panelist TBD. The world is filled with great journalists and writers who could be the 4th person who is not permanent.

Jodi Arias has gone to the jury so HLN will get big ratings for the next couple of weeks. At some point the rating will dip as usual for HLN unless there is a big trial they can milk for ratings.

Anonymous said...

It is way too early to know if 360 Special Edition will find a connection with viewers. 4 days of ratings don't tell you anything. No other show will get the 360 ratings for CNN at 10. Just fix the problems with the show and definitely don't be annoying. You are talking about the 360 audience and others who might check out CNN. It would be crazy for CNN to yank the show because of Deadline and Huffington Post. It sure seems like Huffington Post is giving Chris Hayes, Rachel Maddow and Lawrence O'Donnell a free pass. Where are the articles on the ratings troubles at MSNBC ?

Anonymous said...

"Why on earth would CNN sell its soul for trash on HLN?" already has sold its soul.
That's why they hired Jeff Zucker, to do JUST THAT.
And Jeff Zucker is going to do double takes when he checks the ratings and does comparison shopping.
Can't argue with the facts. Give viewers what they want and that's exactly what HLN is doing.

Anonymous said...

Morning Express with Robin Meade happens to be very fast paced and she happens to have gained a huge audience.
Many national hotel chains in the US have invested in HLN as opposed to CNN because it is cheaper and their daily viewership has risen steadily, unlike CNN.
CNN wanted to lore Robin Meade over to their side just a few years ago, but she signed a new contract with HLN.
Meade is a rising star and so is Dr.Drew in prime.
His show is also syndicated and that is still, where the money is.

Anonymous said...

Not to be disrespectful, but why would you bring TJ Holmes onto the show. I never saw his show on BET, but if he is so talented why did it fail? Just asking. He has a cute personality, but he doesn't seem as sharp as Anderson or Christianne.

Anonymous said...

Lawrence O'Donnell and Rachel Maddow hold their own on MSNBC.
CNN would love to have them both, on their side, especially Rachel who interviewed for CNN in 07, and CNN turned her down.
Now she is a star performer.
The college audiences love her and she's made quite a few visits to HBO's Bill Maher 'On Real Time.' She is a Rhodes Scholar and is well respected by her peers.
Just this past Friday, Lawrence O'Donnell was on Maher's panel.
And Rachel has been on the NYT bestseller list for her latest book "Drift" now in paper.
While it is true that MSNBC is being kicked by HLN, they will survive. They have the loyal left on their side.

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:48 PM:

No, luckily it has not yet sold its soul or it would already look like HLN, MSNBC or Fox "News".

CNN is in the lucky position to do well internationally so it's not like they are in big trouble and would have to turn into partisan, yelling pundit opinion tv.
You keep criticising this kind of tv and at the same time ask for CNN to turn into exactely that.
The direction US culture is heading there is no way relatively neutral news will ever top trash news again because most people think it's boring and they want their own opinions enforced.

CNN will just have to stick to quality news reporting and bring the viewers on their side that appreciate that (and that might still be a permanent no 3 place).

That 'The Point' tanked while the AC360 round table did well send a good message because it showed people do not want MSNBC or Fox copied and prefer higher quality. At least it showed Zucker that he won't have success with the trash tv approach.

And I am sure Zucker is well informed of the current rating situation, knows why HLN's ratings are up at the moment and hardly expected the AC360 special edition to beat the repeat by miles. I rather suspect he did a double take when he saw the ratings for 'The Point' and now understand the importance of AC360 and what does not work a bit better.

At least I hope so. You never know with Zucker after his recent adventures...

Anonymous said...

Both Deadline and Huffington Post are wrong. The numbers are not final because the ratings still have to come in for Friday for On The Record and After Dark. It's premature.

Iran Man 3 was opening and there were 4 NBA games on television that night. It could be that 360 Special Edition is not 4th. We don't know yet. If it ends up beating All In, will they point that out ? Nielsen ratings on Friday count for these shows. That tells you right there that CNN needs to keep the show.

CNN viewers have a comfort level with TJ Holmes, they have seen him anchor/cover news stories on CNN. You hit the nail on the head he is likable.
Also, the panel needs someone who understands pop culture and can possibly convince some of the hip hop community to come on the show. Hip hop is very deep in American culture. There is also the age factor with TJ, He is under 40. The show on BET at times was a panel show. Tj always bought facts to the table. The BET audience is more into entertainment not news.He as the experience of a panel show and can hold his own.

Same thing goes from having someone from the digital news world. There is Business Insider, New Republic, Quartz News, Mashable. Good online news content is provided by all of these websites.

If a panel/ensemble 360 is going to work, there has to be chemistry and respect from the regulars. They also have to look like they enjoy bringing us news.

Anonymous said...

Israel has been conducting military strikes against Syria so it is great to have Christiane Amnanpour on the panel. CNN needs to keep in mind that pundits are not interesting or informative. It makes viewers think nothing has changed at CNN. Try someone like Jason Silva who thinks on another level. He is very intelligent and displays a thirst for knowledge. Jason will think of something that no one else will. He hosts Brain Games on Nat Geo. Dude is perfect for a panel show. He makes you think. Think beyond political ideology .

Anonymous said...

Well its seems like the bad PR continues for Mountain
Dew. Lil Wayne is now in trouble for some lyrics he
said about beating someone like Emmett Till. By the
way Business Insider has the audacity to have the
word ghettoized on it's website for an article about
plus sized models. CNN and Business Insider have
lost their minds. First Roland Martin now Amy Holmes.
Why can't CNN have a credible minority journalist
instead of pundits who are not intelligent.

Anonymous said...

Fareed zakaria does a very smart panel show. He uses video and still pictures very well. The problem with Jeff Toobin and Amy Holmes is that they derail the conversation from being intelligent. The format is not the problem it's a couple of people on the panel. Anderson and Christiane were great. Hopefully in the future they will book better guests. Good point about having someone who gets modern society and pop culture. I saw Conor Knighton on the CBS Morning Show earlier today. He's really good.

Anonymous said...

The Israel-Syria news story is very important and deserves an intelligent conversation. Why would CNN pull the plug on an experiment that is just 4 days old ? It's not like there is anything better. Get To The Point tanked averaging less than 300 thousand viewers. It's better to say the jury is still out with the 360 experiment. If you look at the ratings on TVN closely, CNN is getting closer to MSNBC in total viewers. We are only talking about the first week for May 2013. A live 360 at 10 PM gives CNN the best shot to top MSNBC in viewers and demo for the month. A live 360 could lift CNN past Last Word.
It did top the ratings for the 360 repeat in March according to TVN when you look at the data for March 2013.

Anonymous said...

The only time CNN tops MSNBC consistently, is when there is breaking news.
That is why they kept Anderson on the street in Boston for almost two full weeks.
When things settle down, and the Boston bombing becomes old news, and it will, CNN will be third again, and by wide margins.
The special edition is new so the ratings are not settled yet, but when the news subsides, the 10PM hour will will take a dive.
As Ted Turner wisely said, decades ago, "The NEWS is the STAR."

Anonymous said...

Not only should they cover the Israeli-Syria situation but Afghanistan too. 7 Americans died there this weekend. There is also the story about the CiA giving Karzai bags of cash. There is plenty of news for 360 Special Edition to cover. They can use quotes,graphics ,
video, pics, edited montages like the ending video that seems to have disappeared.

Hey if Anderson Cooper and Dr Sanjay Gupta work for CBS can't Conor Knighton and Mo Rocca work for CNN.

Anonymous said...

According to TVN 360 special edition is an experiment in progress that needs tweaking.
The only problem with that is, if there are too many talking heads on BOTH shows about the same nonsense you will have pundits galore on both....boring.
In order to keep the audience engaged, BOTH shows have to be different, so different that the 10pm hour picks up new viewers, not the same ones that hung around for the 8PM show.

Anonymous said...

I am not surprised that Robin Meade's Morning Express topped Morning Joe at MSNBC.
Her show is fast paced and she really knows how to read a teleprompter with great accuracy and that is a talent, after seeing and hearing Erin Burnett make teleprompter reading a "hot mess."
However, Morning Joe seems to get the "gets" in great number.
Just recently Chris Christie revealed to Morning Joe about his lapband procedure and if the good governator makes a run for the Presidency, which he might in 016,
he has developed a cozy relationship with both MSNBC and NBC, for a reason, according to TVN.
Can Chris Cuomo's new morning show in June compete?
We shall see.