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Sunday, April 7, 2013

Sunday Funnies: Jon Stewart vs. CNN


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Anonymous said...

I saw this Stewart's original show on my flatscreen
and agreed that CNN is full of gimmicks, vertual goats and crime drama, showing graphic details of stabbing victims.
This is not news and this is not the news channel Ted Turner once envisioned.
Yes, this is CNN, the network that is not left or right, but as Jon so aptly stressed, the one that is
"spiraling downward."
In fact it is getting worse as we speak.

Anonymous said...

In addition it is certainly not helping CNN that Anderson Cooper is now doing 60 Minutes of sports for Showtime.
While these pieces may be of interest to sports fans, what happened to relevancy?
Scott Pelley interviewed the victims of 12/14 at Sandy Hook for 60 Minutes on CBS and it was very relevant and Cooper could have done the same, but the impact probably would not have been there.
No doubt this show will be in the top #10 for CBS.
However, what was missing from Scott's piece was the show of anger.
Why weren't these parents angry at the system that has failed them in
We feel for these parents and nothing is as dreadful as losing a child, but Washington will never react until they show their anger.
We don't need them to be despondent. We need the victims to let Washington know our legislature is failing on the most important domestic issue of our decade, gun control and the lack of leadership from the President on down.

Anonymous said...

Too bad that Jon Stewart can't run CNN and really fix things at the network. Anyone inside the industry will tell you that not having 2 hours of 360 will hurt CNN in the demo. Yet instead of doing 2 live hours of different versions os 360 they put on a show that can't even get 100,000 in the demo. It's a no brainer 360 was originally live for 2 hours and they can't see that they need 2 live hours of 360 but with different content and guests so that it's not repetitive. CNN has a poor track record with new shows. Go with your most popular show. 360 has being improving at 8 and has had it's moments at 10. Make it like the back in the day 360. Greta and Last Word won;t bring in younger viewers for the hour like 360 can.

Anonymous said...

@8:57am, I think you're confused. AC360 was not live at 10pm, it was a rerun. Occasionally if news broke they would make it live but for the vast majority of the time, it was an exact replay of the 8pm 360. Requiring them both to be live would be an improvement over what they have now.

Anonymous said...

Scott Pelley interviewed the victims of 12/14 at Sandy Hook for 60 Minutes on CBS and it was very relevant and Cooper could have done the same, but the impact probably would not have been there.

I don't see why it would have less impact if Anderson did the report. I thought his reporting from Newton was some of his best on 360, he could certainly do as well or better than Pelly, not that it's a competition, I just don't get that comment about "impact". As far as 60 Minutes ratings go, the majority of the broadcasts where AC has done a report have done well, mainly top 10 too so it's not as if he slows their momentum when he reports.

The point has been made that The Point was a trainwreck. Someone needs to point Zucker in the direction of a good programming idea.

Anonymous said...

When 360 originally moved to the later hours. It was live from 10 PM until midnight. Not long after that 360 in it's original style began to disappear. Recently, there have been some elements of the back in the day 360 but not enough. Jon Stewart presents a major problem for CNN in that he calls them out. He, like us who visit this blog, want CNN to do some news and move away from the Crossfire mentality. Game over CNN, that won't work in 2013. It makes me wonder if CNN learned any lessons from the 2012 election. Like it or not Obama has changed politics. Not sure if network executives know the world has changed. Let's face it they put what they want rather than letting the news drive the stories or content of the day. Jon Stewart tells us that nothing has changed at CNN. So why start watching CNN again. By going with talking heads, CNN is denying the viewers access to news content.
Opinion is so last century. Someone needs to tell CNN bosses about social media because that means anyone who is heavily into politics can engage anytime and any place not just be a spectator to and ideological food fight. Yawn. CNN needs to news, news and more news.

Anonymous said...

You are so right. Stewart expresses our sentiments
about CNN. You guys might be on to something
about an original 360 hour on CNN. As of last
night CNN was re-airing the 360 repeat. Do we get
back Nth Degree, the original theme song and cool
bump music, and stories we won't see covered by
the others and pundit free for 60 minutes. If not ,it
won't work. TVN has some interesting stats on 360
at 8. Things are getting really interesting with Chris
Hayes and Anderson Cooper. Of course it's only 1
week but MSNBC has to be concerned. If CNN can
come up with another edition of 360 that can win
the demo that would be good news for CNN. AC
is perfect to mix news, pop culture, interviews
and interesting guests. Heck even musical guests
from time to time like The Daily SHow .

Anonymous said...

Please, please bring back the original 360. All day long the word controversial is being used to describe Brad Paisley song Accidental Racist. Music has never shied away from race. Going back to Choice Of Colors. Why not play the full song and put the words on the screen. Let viewers reach their own conclusions. To me it was a history lesson as well as how we wrongly judge others. Anderson Cooper could probably talk with Brad Paisley and LL Cool J about Accidental Racist. The word controversy is too easily used. Hip hop has been doing this for years. Maybe he could have Jay Smooth on 360 to talk about this. Maybe it has never been done in a country song but but hip hop has been doing this for more than 20 years.

Anonymous said...

It would be great to have on Jay Smooth to discuss the Accidental Racist. Smooth is awesome. Of course if you want to see him on TV, you are on the wrong channel if you are looking for him on CNN. Jay Smooth was on Up w/Chris Hayes several times and he was on All In w/Chris Hayes just this past week. Since Hayes came on primetime, I ditched Anderson. I've been a long time fan of Anderson and CNN but in the last couple years they have lost me. Anderson hasn't spent time focusing on the quality of 360 for way too long. CNN's editorial direction is disappointing and it keeps getting worse. Brown leaves (both of them), then there is that Spitzer/Parker/Arena debacle, they hire Morgan instead of a good interviewer like Charlie Rose, then they hired that atrocious Wall Street hack Burnett, and they screwed Soledad with a poorly managed morning show that never had any hope of success, then they lost two of the best (Ali and Soledad) only to keep the worst (Morgan and Burnett). Now "The Point?" Anderson has been distracted by his morning show and honestly doesn't seem that happy to come in to work despite being the highest paid shmuck on CNN?!?! CNN has lost its soul. Now its becoming corporatist tabloid junk. Its crap that rich people condescendingly think middle class people like. Well I don't like it.

Anonymous said...

Looks like the person(s) who tirelessly pushed here for George Stroumboulopoulos to come to CNN have finally gotten their wish.