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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

CNN Coverage: Deadly Oklahoma Tornado

CNN's coverage includes correspondents George Howell, Nick Valencia and Gary Tuchman already in the Oklahoma City area, with Chad Myers and Indra Petersons contributing from CNN's Severe Weather Center in Atlanta.  Chris Cuomo, John Berman, Jake Tapper, Wolf Blitzer, Anderson Cooper, Sanjay Gupta, Pam Brown, Stephanie Elam, Erin McPike, Brian Todd,  Ed Lavandera, Kyung Lah and John King will report and broadcast from the Oklahoma City area.  Gustavo Valdes and Fernando del Rincon report from Oklahoma for CNN en Espanol.

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Anonymous said...

I noticed that CNN stayed on all night long. Suzanne Malveaux was on with another male anchor from CNN International. CNN has been doing good work so far.

Anonymous said...

I would like to take this opportunity to respond to a comment made by a regular commenter on ATA.
I have no account with blogger/goggle so I have to respond here.
They referred to Anderson as being "Obama's puppet."
On what planet does this person watch 360?
I've posted on either ATC or ATA for many years and watched 360 quite regularly in the past.
I am an avid reader of both the NYT and the Washington Post.
The Anderson I know was NEVER referred to as Obama's puppet because it is quite apparent that he has utter distain for the Obama Administration. Other commenters have agreed with me.
So where ever this commenter got this misinformation, I'd like to know the SOURCE.
This is not the first time this particular commenter has "made stuff up" either about the United States and or Anderson Cooper.

Anonymous said...

CNN's lead story should have been and was, the story of the massive destruction caused by the tornadoes that devastated Oklahoma.
I personally do not feel they over did it because it didn't effect everyone in the United States.
At some point, there will be a disaster that will effect everyone and to say that CNN wasn't justified to spend all of their coverage on this one area of the country, is just childish and immature. Expanded coverage was necessary.
The News is the News and it isn't always there to entertain all of its viewership.
If you want ENTERTAINMENT 24/7, watch the Disney channel, not CNN.

Anonymous said...

Dear Anon 11:41

This is what I really wrote:

"There is just no way to make one side happy without clear bias because the US is so divided. It cracks me up how Anderson is simultaneously called Obama's puppet and anti-Obama bei both sides. XD"

If you ever look at the comments posted by conservatives about Anderson you will find the "Obama's puppet" claim a-plenty (if you would like to torture yourself with dumb comments, just do a google search of the terms), just like the constant claim that he's cutting him too much slack, is to soft on him, supporting his agenda, blablabla. That is the point. One side will call him super-liberal and Obama's puppet no matter what, the other side will not be happy as long as he never criticises Obama. Neutrality however means that he will defend or citicise the Obama administration when needed without regard for the hurt feels of reps or dems.

Ah, and last time as I asked you for a list of what I "made up" about the US I didn't get an aswer. So maybe this time?

Anon 12:09 AM:

Extended coverage is fine but lately CNN has dropped everything else to focus on single events. Not that I blame them, it's great for ratings, but I'm not going to be made feel bad about losing interest. I don't want entertainment 24/7, I want news 24/7 and I mean all of them, not just one single event. Which is quite close to desaster entertainment in a way.

Anonymous said...

You can believe whatever you want about Anderson taking heat from both sides, but when you actually watch the program, it's the Obama Administration that always takes the heat from Anderson and his one-sided, anti-Obama panels. There is no justification for not allowing Democratic pundits or politicians on to offer their perspectives on the same issues that John McCain, Rudy Giuliani and other conservatives are given a platform to attack the Obama Administration from. No serious news organization should be as blatantly unfair as AC360 has been of late. And I do not buy the idea that AC and his colleagues are supposed to represent the liberal voice for the audience - that is not their job, their job is to remain neutral and allow a variety of perspectives to be heard and that is NOT what AC360 has been doing when it comes to anything involving the Obama Administration. The AC360 welcome mat seems to be out for conservatives only. I haven't seen a single Democratic politician or pundit on 360 in ages.

Anonymous said...

"if you would like to torture yourself with dumb comments...."
There is nothing dumber than someone who does not live in the US who continually finds fault with it, and than continally makes stuff up, on a constant basis.
There is absolutely no way to justify your own stupidity nite after nite.
Find yourself another site that is more suitable to your nonsense and criticism.
You've been told that by others.
Like I said before if you want entertainment, and crime stories watch the Disney channel.
It's far more suitable.

Anonymous said...

"It cracks me up...."
During a disaster something "cracks you up????
Good thing you don't live in Oklahoma.
There was nothing funny about this disaster, a word you continually misspelled.
Totally agree with ATA members, very shallow and self absorbed comments that were posted, especially from the International viewers.

Anonymous said...

@4:56PM: Ah...finally an intelligent voice of reason and practicality. You must live in the United States and watch 360 on the planet Earth.

Anonymous said...

Anon 4:56 PM:

So don't buy the idea. Neither do conservatives buy the idea that CNN or Anderson is even a tiny bit critical of the Obama adminstration. You have no idea how both sides appear to people that are not that invested in either the left or the right side. You are both heavily biased.

Anon 11:38 PM/11:44 PM/11:49 PM:

I think if you want to make it appear as if there are several people posting and agreeing with you, you shouldn't post your comments all within a couple on minutes and also use different formatting. XD Maybe next time take a deep breath, calm down and post an hour or so later in a different style so it won't be quite as noticable that you are replying to you own posts.

I have lived both in the US and outside of the country and criticise the US as much as I want. You still have not been able to say what I allegedly made up about the US.

"During a disaster something "cracks you up????
Good thing you don't live in Oklahoma."

So all you have left is quote-mining now. The contradicting views of the left and the right about Anderson crack me up. The disaster doesn't crack me up but also doesn't particularly interests me and neither does it seem to interested the majority of regular ATA posters. Deal with it. You are not going to impose a cracking up embargo on the whole world nor are you going to tell people which desaster they should focus on or care about. Right now all over the world people are being killed and you don't care because those deaths are not close to you, in your country or not on the news in your country, not what your news channel of choice focuses on.

Anonymous said...

@trampadoo, yes I am an Obama supporter, but you don't have to be an Obama supporter to recognize that no Democrats have been booked as panelists on 360 for months, you just have to be observant. What's your explanation for 360 only bringing in Republican pundits and politicians? Your last one didn't make sense. As I said, there have been NO Democrats on a news program that purports to be dedicated to presenting BOTH sides and it's been going on for a long time. You may think this is perfectly acceptable but those of us who believe a news program should live up to its statements about not taking sides aknow that something is clearly amiss with AC360. Even Fox throws in a liberal in for the pretense of balance. 360 doesn't even do that these days and that is a big problem.

Anonymous said...

@trampadoo: You can say what you want but you might not get posted, especially if your criticism is absolutely over the top, which it usually is.
And there IS more than one person posting.....such a great detective.
You will not win a popularity contest on this site my dear.
Yes, I too visited other countries but that doesn't make me a know it all.
It makes me someone who visited other countries.
If you actually lived in the US, your comments would sound like it,
and they don't.
I'm still waiting for your list of states that don't have the death penalty. You first.

Anonymous said...

@3:09PM You make a lot of sense but the person you're writing to does not comprehend what you are saying.
And she/he doesn't think you're real.

Anonymous said...

@trampadoo: Such a shallow, insentive, response. You are lucky we have the first amendment.
Yes, there is enough nonsense to mimick from your posts of pure illiterate nonsense. And for the last time please use a dictionary.
If English is your native language the word is DISASTER, not desaster
or is it you're right to spell all English words incorrectly.
A dictionary, you know spell with it.

Anonymous said...

@trampadoo: I am not replying to my own posts and I'm tired of replying to you and I'm also tired of reading your shallow comments that are critical of the United States, the country in which I live, that has its flaws, but that I love.
And I really could care less if your not interested in the Oklahoma DISASTER.
CNN is justified in covering every bit of it and in the end I will say what the bloggers ATC/ATA are too polite to say.....who gives a 'crap' what you're interested in.

Anonymous said...

@11:52 pm, it certainly seems that way. I'm not going to keep debating him/her because it would go on forever and I don't want to take up the comment section going back and forth on this subject. I'm glad you and anon 11:49 pm understood what I was trying to say.

Anonymous said...

@Anon 3:09 PM:

Fox is certainly more overtly right than CNN is overtly left but the principle is not that different. At Fox most ancors and pundits are conservative, at CNN most are liberal. It's just that at CNN that is mostly unspoken. I maintain that always bringing in both political parties would create and inbalance because the ancors and pundits usually arrgue for the dem/left side, even if it is more subtle than Fox does it for the right. As it is now the reps/conservatives are already complaining about CNN being biased towards the left while dems/liberals are complaining that CNN is biased towards the right. Now what is it?

@Anon 11:48 PM/11:52 PM/12:04 AM/12:42 AM/1:09 AM

Again a whole set of posts done in short succession in the same style with replies to yourself.

"You first."

*shakes head*

And actually the ATA posters were not too polite to say that most of them are not that interested in the OK coverage. I'm sorry that you don't like that. Have fun replying to your own posts.