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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

CNN DocuSeries CHICAGOLAND With E.P. Robert Redford

CNN to Launch New Original Series, CHICAGOLAND,
With Executive Producer Robert Redford in 2014
Sundance Productions’ CHICAGOLAND is produced by BCTV ‘Brick City’ filmmakers Marc Levin and Mark Benjamin
Executive produced by Robert Redford and Laura Michalchyshyn of Sundance Productions, and award-winning filmmakers Marc Levin and Mark Benjamin of BCTV, CHICAGOLAND is a non-scripted, eight-part original series about a heartland American city.  It is as authentic an American city as there is, and the series will explore where politics and policy meet real people’s lives – in a city generating change and innovation in social policy, education, and public safety – to meet national and local challenges.  
Beginning in early 2014, viewers will watch the riveting, real-life drama of a city looking to unite at this critical moment in the city’s history.   In the aftermath of a countrywide economic collapse, Chicago faces the challenges of improving its public education system, and neighborhood and youth safety.  Can the city’s leaders, communities, and residents come together in ways that expand opportunities and allow aspirations to be realized? 
 “The vibrant culture and opportunities inherent in this 21st century, world-class city run alongside profound daily challenges,” said Redford.  “Much of it falls on the shoulders of its tough, visionary mayor, his team and people doing heroic work in neighborhoods throughout the city,” continued Redford.  “Chicago has always had a rhythm all its own.  It’s a city that wears its heart on its sleeve and I am honored to be a part of telling this story,” he added.
“We’re very pleased to bring this unique long-form series to the network,” said Amy Entelis, senior vice president for talent and content development for CNN Worldwide.  “CHICAGOLAND is a creative exploration of stories relevant to every city and every American,” Entelis said.  
 “CNN is thrilled to collaborate with the team that brought the award-winning BRICK CITY to television, and producers Redford and Michalchyshyn, to spotlight this groundbreaking story,” said Vinnie Malhotra, senior vice president of development and acquisitions for CNN Worldwide.  “CHICAGOLAND will be shared with CNN’s global audience – and supported by supplemental reporting on the critical issues explored in the series,” Malhotra said.
Chicago is the quintessential American city and where it goes tells us a lot about where our country is going,” said series producer Levin.  “We are excited to bring this new kind of docu-series to CNN.”
“If change can happen here – at this school, it can happen anywhere,” Fenger High School principal Liz Dozier vows in CHICAGOLAND.  Fenger’s stories, and other Chicago tales, unfold on CNN in early 2014.

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Anonymous said...

CNN continues with original series that you will only
see on CNN. It's going to take years to fix CNN. Jeff
Zucker just might end up with the last laugh. He is
just getting his management team in place. It's only
a matter of time before he picks his own news prez.

Anonymous said...

Yes - Zucker will choose a new president soon.

Current management is on eggshells in the meanwhile...

The original series is more out-sourcing - expect cuts to CNN staff and newsgathering in the 2014 budget.

trampadoo said...

I'm not sure if I should like this or not. It sounds interesting but maybe CNN got on the wrong path years ago when they cut the whole science/environment department. More cuts to what should be their strength, journalist, experts in various fields, can't be the right way. Well, lets see what happens.

Anonymous said...

CNN is now running a short but effective promo for the new morning show NEW DAY.

Anonymous said...

Shows like Chicagoland are an easier sale to advertisers and means more ad revenue for CNN. Come 2014 CNN will be a very different network. Hollywood Deadline says CNN will be running encores of Boston Finest which airs on TNT. This Friday CNN is airing an HBO doc on the hunt for BIn Laden. This is getting interesting. Apparently, Time Warner has decided to run CNN like the rest of their networks. It is not easy to sell the news. This could prove to be a very successful model and help CNN.

Anonymous said...

The New Day promo is very short. I wonder if that
will be the theme song . It's catchy.

trampadoo said...

Whatever helps I guess, as longs as they don't turn completely into other networks. I watched parts of HNL's Dr. Drew yesterday before Anderson came on and it was almost unbearable. They don't talk to each other, just shout at each other for no apparent reason.

Anonymous said...

CNN realizes that they have to compete with Netflix, Hulu , You Tube, etc. All are investing in original content, shows and channels. Most likely these shows will run on CNN on weekends. You can no longer have people just sitting and reading scripts or talking heads expressing their opinions. That will not fly in this day and time. Other media is now available. Don't know if Jeff Zucker is the right person to implement the next phase of cable news but it is a necessary change. Don't forget about DVR's. You can record as many as 5 or 6 shows at once and watch them whenever you want. So CNN has to also get some shows that viewers will add to their DVR recording list. The smartest move CNN will ever make will be to let MSNBC and FNC engage in the partisan bickering while CNN is a clear alternative providing news content and news oriented programming. Replace the talking heads with guests who are interesting and contemporary.
The moment I see the pundits I turn the channel. Personally, I think that is why Jake Tapper is doing better than Martin Bashir. The Lead is not just another political show. It has a good mix of news.

Anonymous said...

If you look closely at the New Day logo. it has the names Chris & Kate. Ironically, on Hollywood Deadline Jeff Zucker talked with them about the show. It seems like he wants it to be in the mold of CBS This Morning but with a generational twist. Does that mean a more informal setting, getting viewers to relate to them on a first name basis. The CBS motto is the news is back in the mornings. Zucker hinted that he does not want a niche audience but a broad audience. Deadline says the launch date is June 17th. Could it be that someone is finally catching on that cable news ignores millions of potential viewers being to closely associated with ideology that has left viewers out of the picture ?

In case you all are wondering, the song is Are You Ready by Fatty Gets A Stylist

Anonymous said...

OK. CNN is bringing in big numbers from Ohio on 360.
However the content is about crime
and having Anderson report on this particular crime every nite is getting ridiculous.
There are other things going on in the News and if CNN keeps on doing crime, yes, it will look and feel more like HLN than never before.
Why not just move 360 to HLN.
That way everyone will be satisfied.
Chris Cuomo can still be Zuckers pick, and Anderson can do all the fluff he wants with high ratings.