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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Cutter, Madden Join CNN as Political Contributors

Cutter, Madden Join CNN as Political Contributors
                Democratic strategist Stephanie Cutter and Republican strategist Kevin Madden will join CNN as political commentators, it was announced today by CNN Washington bureau chief and senior vice president Sam Feist. The veteran communications consultants will add their expert analysis to the network’s roster of voices and will appear across the network’s programming including New Day, the morning show scheduled to launch June 17.
                “I’ve worked with CNN for many years in the White House, on campaigns and throughout government,” said Cutter. “They are the best in the business, and I’m thrilled to be joining the CNN team.”
                “This is such an exciting time in the national conversation about the direction of our country, with so many Americans looking to CNN for an informed perspective of today’s political debates,” said Madden. “I’m looking forward to bringing my experience of working on national campaigns and Capitol Hill to CNN’s coverage of this national conversation.”
                Cutter is a partner at Precision Strategies, a strategic consulting firm launched earlier this month with three veterans from the Obama 2012 campaign team. Cutter served most recently as the deputy campaign manager for President Obama’s re-election campaign, having joined Obama’s 2008 campaign as Michelle Obama’s chief of staff and senior adviser to then Senator Obama.  Before joining the campaign, Cutter served in the White House as Assistant to the President and Deputy Senior Adviser, and was previously counselor to Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner. Cutter is also a veteran of Capitol Hill, having worked as a senior adviser to Majority Leader Reid and Senator Edward M. Kennedy.  She is a native of Massachusetts and a graduate of Smith College and Georgetown University Law Center.  
Madden is the executive vice president of public affairs at JDA Frontline in Washington, D.C. Previously, he was a managing director for The Glover Park Group. Madden served as adviser for the Republican National Committee and Gov. Romney’s presidential campaign during the 2012 election. He also served as national press secretary and senior communications strategist for Romney’s 2008 presidential bid. Prior to joining Romney’s campaign, Madden was press secretary to then-House Majority Leader Boehner. He is a native of New York and a graduate of State University of New York at Cortland.

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Anonymous said...

A little more diversity in the political contributors is needed. I like Cutter and Madden hasn't come off as nutty as some of the other conservatives that populate cable news, but it would be nice to see some people of color included as well. There was a recent study that showed CNN (and most of cable news) to be dominated by white men and that does not adequately represent viewers or the general population.

Anonymous said...

CNN needs to be hiring female journalists of diverse ethnic backgrounds to a news show for women that is pundit /political free. A Pew Research study out today shows that in homes with children ; 40 % of women are the top breadwinners. Cable news had better start drawing in female viewers for it's own survival. Women are the majority population and set the tone for the products purchased in homes. Dove would be one of the first companies to sign up. It would be an advertisers dream. Also, just look at what happened with Face Book and rape pages. When women's groups showed advertisers their products on rape pages, they responded. Now days advertisers don't want their products tied to anything tat is bad for business. That goes for the partisan bickering and pundits.

Anonymous said...

John McCain on 360 again tonight and he paid AC a personal compliment on Twitter. Will this mean that AC will be incapable of reporting on McCain objectively? When other news outlets are reporting on the not so nice aspects of McCain, 360 avoids the subject, unlike how they report on President Obama.