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Thursday, May 30, 2013

George Stroumboulopoulos Talks with Craig Ferguson

Strombo was a guest of Craig Ferguson on the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson on Tuesday, May 28th.  Talked centered on his upcoming CNN gig and ended with a little Larry King love fest:

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the clip. I think I like this guy already, I'm with Craig, he will eventually replace PMT.

Anonymous said...

June is traditionally a very slow month in the news. The big question : can CNN make things interesting to top MSNBC this month ? I 'm not so sure but CNN is off to kinda a slow start. Hey man it's summer and for the last couple of days CNN is down. It's not going to get easier. The Heat/ Pacers game 5 is on tonight and TNT has been getting big ratings.

Anonymous said...

George Stroumbouloppoulos should be on at 9
on Fridays. CNN should have the show on in the
prime time lineup.

Anonymous said...

On the topic of show hosts, TVN is reporting that Robin Roberts might just get a talker of her own, as an extension of GMA.
I have to agree that she is very warm and communicates this warmth to her viewing audience which is extensive.
And while she may not have intended this, Robin may very well become the new and improved Oprah.

Anonymous said...

Wow. CNN has discovered The Skimm. Now if they can take writing lessons from them. Skimm reads like it is having a conversation with the person reading the news and is fact filled with a touch of humor. News for the modern professional women. CNN wake up.

Anonymous said...

I'm wondering if warmth might become an issue fort New Day. You have to connect with viewers. It's really a shame that CNN treats viewers like they are not in the room. It is called conversational writing. Modernization will go a long way for CNN. How about the concept of now,fresh & new. That means you don't set up fake debates and assume that politics drives the news. Give us the information and let us take it from there. We don't need the perspective of pundits. We know what we just sawand heard. It's a different story if you bring in someone for an interview tied to the story but just having guests for POV is so last century. Can cable news move beyond the point where it does not insult or offend the intelligence of viewers.

Anonymous said...

The morning show should take lessons from CBS This Morning. CBS has positioned itself as an alternative to
the fluff of GMA and Today and it is paying off in the ratings. If CNN does the same thing in cable news, it would be beneficial to the network.

CNN is trying new things and that is a good thing. CNN and Buzzfeed just launched a You Tube Channel, now NYT is considering creating a similar newsfeed. Parts s Unknown, Strombo and Inside Man is a continuation of the process Content is king . Why not do a CNN Buzzfeed news oriented show on weekends.

CNN also needs to upgrade business news coverage. It is still all about Wall St but not too much about Silicon Valley and businesses and what they are doing. It's ironic because Quartz News does it well and so does Bloomberg.

Can we get a media bar instead of the giant graphics and crawl.

Anonymous said...

Jon Stewart is actually taking a break for the summer.
That might explain the 11 o'clock hour. No doubt
that down the line Stroumboulopoulos transitions
into prime time on CNN. Probably 2014.

Anonymous said...

Jon Stewart is NOT taking a summer break.
He is directing a film and one of his fake correspondents will be filling in for him on TDS.
And in September TDS will again win its traditional best writing, best host awards for a variety show.
Why it is in the variety show category and not the news category, since most younger viewers watch it for the news, is a mystery....but its big win is a sure thing.
We know that Jon will be with us in spirit and we're counting on it.