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Monday, May 27, 2013

Promos for New CNN Programs Premiering in June

New Day Promo, premieres June 17th:

George Stroumboulopoulos, premieres June 9th:

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Anonymous said...

I'm looking forward to both shows. CNN is going big with promos for New Day. That's an Alicia Keys song in the commercial. CNN is claiming that it will be a jam packed news show, guess we will find out in 3 weeks.

Stromboulopoulos enough said. CNN needs a new business model for cable news. Panels and talent just taking amongst themselves will not fly. Stop leaving out viewers and treat them like they are a part of the conversation. It's presentation , conversational writing and having a conversations with viewers and finding ways to keep viewers interested, which is all about content. Television is a visual medium. Video and story-telling matters with delivery being key. We ought ot be able to turn on our TV's and get a huge variety of news oriented programming on CNN. Be news centered rather than being defined by political ideology.

At some point this week the ratings for May 2013 will be released. The numbers will show that CNN topped MSNBC for the 2nd consecutive month. That's great news for CNN, but the network is years away from fixing it's problems. Offering original shows like Stroumboulopoulos, Parts Unknown and others is the best way to attract viewers to CNN. For goodness sake, cable news has not changed in 20 years and they wonder why they are becoming irrelevant. Stop living in the past and look towards modern society and the future.

Anonymous said...

Anderson Cooper sent out a tweet about Strombo last week. Obviously that means that 360 will be the lead in for Strombo. Does that mean that 360 could be live at 10 some nights ?

Anonymous said...

CNN now has a George Stroumboulopoulos this is CNN promo. It wouldn't surprise me one bit to see clips of the show used by other networks just like Stewart and Colbert. It's the same type of show. It's no secret that MSNBC is having trouble in the ratings. Salon and others are being critical of Morning Joe and All In. One thing you have to give Jeff Zucker credit for is that he is at least trying to bring fresh ideas to CNN. You don't get that from FOX or MSNBC. There are millions of potential viewers out there.

Anonymous said...

Hey you guys, according to Hollywood Deadline,
CNN has announced that Morgan Spurlock comes
to CNN beginning June 23rd. CNN is putting the
show on at 10 on Sunday nights. June is shaping
up to be a busy month for CNN, 3 brand new shows.
Only recently have the major networks been airing
a string of new shows for June.

Actually, New Day and Jake Tapper are the shows
that Zucker had a hand in, the rest of the shows he
simply inherited or were in the CNN pipeline. Has
CNN learned anything from past mistakes to stay
ahead of MSNBC. I'm skeptical.

Jocelyn Grayson said...

Do not understand this new show with Stroumbo...No one in the US knows who he is, and the promos don't tell us! FYI - it's "premieres" not "premiers."