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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Record-Breaking April for CNN Digital

Record-Breaking April for CNN Digital Takes Top Spot for Breaking News

As the events in Boston unfolded last month, the world turned to CNN on air, online and on the go.  Topping every news and information competitor, CNN Digital posted its most trafficked week (536 mm page views) and story in history (87 mm page views, source: Adobe SiteCatalyst).  April also marked’s second highest month on record for global video starts (162.5mm) and the narrowest margin (15%) ever between the CNN Digital Network and combined Yahoo!-ABC News rollup in unique visitors.  A record-breaking month for CNN, April highlights include: 

#1 Site for Breaking News

Throughout the week of the Boston manhunt, was the most trafficked news and information site online, topping Yahoo! News with an all-time high of 536 million page views: (536 million)

•             Yahoo! News by 8% (496 million)
•    by 22% (441 million)
•    by 42% (377 million)
•    by 94% (276 million)
•    by 201% (178 million)

*Source: comScore Media Metrix for week ending 04/21/13

With 75 million unique visitors in April, CNN Digital closed the gap with Yahoo!-ABC News Network to only 15% (89 million) – the narrowest margin ever.  While CNN grew its audience 31% over last year, Yahoo!-ABC was flat. 

For the month, CNN Digital held a top spot in unique users, topping:

CNN Digital Network (75 million)

•             HPMG News by 18% (64 million)
•             NBC News Digital by 26% (60 million)
•             New York Times Digital by 85% (41 million)
•             CBS News by 87% (40 million)
•             USAToday Sites by 99% (38 million)
•             Fox News Digital Network by 102% (37 million)

*Source: comScore Media Metrix, April 2013

Earning 2.3 billion page views for the month, CNN Digital held a strong lead over the competition and placed behind only the Yahoo-ABC rollup (2.9 billion), beating:

CNN Digital Network (2.3 billion)

•             HPMG News by 45% (1.6 billion)
•             Fox News Digital Network by 103% (1.1 billion)
•             NBC News Digital by 124% (1 billion)
•             CBS News by 202% (764 million)
•             New York Times Digital by 205% (758 million)
•             USAToday Sites by 292% (589 million)

*Source: comScore Media Metrix, April 2013

#1 in Mobile News

As the number one mobile news source for six years running, CNN Digital continued to outperform the competition in March (most recent available data), boasting a record 26 million users:

CNN Digital Network (26 million)

•             Yahoo!-ABC News Network by 34% (20 million)
•             FoxNews Digital Network by 42% (19 million) 
•             Google News by 168% (10 million)
•             New York Times Digital by 243% (8 million)
•             MSNBC News by 257% (7 million)

*Source:  Nielsen Mobile MediaView

#1 on Social Media

CNN received nearly a quarter million social media mentions on April 19th - the highest level of any day to date, beating out the 2012 Presidential Election which had 210k social mentions.  CNN remained #1 in social mentions for the month, topping all TV and digital competitors.  With more than 11 million fans of its branded Facebook pages and 37 million Twitter followers, CNN is the most-followed news network on social media platforms. 

*Source:  Sysomos Domestic mentions 4/19/2013, 11/6/2012
Twitter Analytics, Facebook API 5/10/2013

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Anonymous said...

Good for them. :) Ratings were apparently really good as well. And AC360 keeps kicking MSNBC's butt more and more often. If AC was on for three hours straight without people switching over to MSNBC while Piers is on CNN would permanetly beat MSNBC from 8 - 11 PM.

Trampadoo (open ID does not work at the moment)

Anonymous said...

All CNN needs to do is to put Strombo on at 9 PM.
It is pretty obvious that viewers are turning from
CNN at 9 . The ratings go back up at 10. 360 is
giving CNN a ratings boost. Erin Burnett and Piers
Morgan are benefiting from 360 by being on right
before 360 airs on CNN.

Anonymous said...

CNN needs to be practicing responsible journalism with the so-called scandals out of Washington, D.C. There is no evidence that the Obama administration played a role in the IRS debacle. Yet CNN never points that out but goes out of the way to make it seem like Obama is involved. The fact of the matter is that this has happened with the IRS many times. You would think someone would do some research. It has occurred in both democratic and republican administrations. It's a lie to create a false narrative that the Obama administration targeted the teas party via the IRS. CNN needs to just stop reading the tea party script that is handed to them. ABC got the Benghazi memo story wrong and CNN is feeding the conservative media lie that Obama is involved in the inappropriate behavior at the IRS. CNN has become irrelevant for this very reason. Not putting things into proper perspective. Everyday in this country someone's phone records are being seized. A few years back there was news that phone companies actually cooperate with the government. Stick to the facts and not scripts via news releases from the GOP.

Anonymous said...

You do know that it was CNN's Jake Tapper that got the original email that discredited ABC's made up story about Benghazi. I agree that ALL of media is blaming Obama for IRS debacle without any evidence that he did anything wrong but I wouldn't say CNN is alone in promulgating that story.

Anonymous said...

Hm, weird, I watched AC360 and they keep pointing out that apparently there is no connection between the IRS people and the Obama adminstration. They also point out that as of now no one actually knows who did it, why, if on their own account or ordered by someone. So one can't claim there is a connection, one can also not claim there definitely isn't.

Anonymous said...

CNN and other media outlets easily drop words like scandal and I think Americans are skeptical about anything the media says . Too many times they ignore the facts. It will come out soon that the IRS acted the same way with democratic leaning groups. At the center of it all is the 501 law. Obviously the media does not understand this because it is not being reported what lead to the actions. CNN and others just accuse people of doing wrong before knowing the full story. The President can't influence the IRS because there are laws that exist because of the abuses of Richard Nixon. CNN and others have cried wolf too many times that people tune them out because they can;t get the facts straight. At least have the decency to say. We got it wrong now lets correct our mistakes. No one outside of other media have any sympathy for AP. Retailers and ohters track consumers too. One of the greatest tools in law enforcement is the cell phone towers. It is easy to track where calls come from. We know that when we use wireless devices someone is watching. Do these same media companies protest our personal information or do they use it ? So it's okay for the media to snoop for a story ? The media gets no free pass.

Anonymous said...

Where are the media reports on Bloomberg using
Bloomberg terminal to spy on Ben Bernanke and
others. They think if they say the word scandal
enough times people will believe it not realizing
there are millions who are media savvy who think
the reporting on cable news is not good at all.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to see more Jeffrey Toobin on CNN panels and less David Gergen and Gloria Borger. Toobin is the true voice of reason at CNN, he relies on actual facts and not thinly disguised partisan spin the way Gergen and Borger seem to do.

I thought the AC360 repeat was dead in the water but apparently not.

Anonymous said...

A few words about today's media.
There are no investigative journalists in todays media.
No one is willing to do honest reporting, the kind of reporting that was done during the Nixon Administration.
Everyone is too busy looking at their ipads and iphones for the latest updates to see who is hearing what. God forbid someone should get off their rear and actually do some leg work that is original.
Whatever happened to factual sourcing and fact checking??
And I don't want to hear the sound of David Gergen's voice again.
He is not objective and will find fault with the Obama Administration at the drop of a hat.
Yes, where are all the reasonable Democrats on 360? Have they all just disappeared, or are they never asked to appear because maybe, some factual information just might flow from their lips and no one on AC/360 wants to hear anything factual because afterall, the truth doesn't lie.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with anon 9:45 pm.

AC360's lack of Democratic representatives, either pundits or politicians, has become glaring and although I don't want to think it's deliberate, when was the last time you saw a Democrat on the show? Even when they did the 10 pm panel show experiment, Amy Holmes was front and center as the conservative voice, but there wasn't a Democrat represented at all. Toobin, Amapour, Anderson couldn't claim to be the liberal voices because they are supposed to be non-partisan. AC360 will give John McCain, Rudy Giuliani and other conservatives their own personal platform to rail against the Obama Administration but these days they apparently won't lift a finger to book a Democratic politician/pundit to give a different view. Are we supposed to believe that the only opinion 360 wants its viewers to hear is the one from the right? That's the impression the shows been giving for a long time. David Gergen has become almost laughable with his obvious bias against the President. Gloria Borger, Jessica Yellin and Dana Bash are hardly any better. No one is calling 360 out on their disturbing lack of balance and perspective so they're not likely to change anything, but this is not the way you cultivate the trust of your audience or demonstrate your integrity as a fair and balanced, non-biased news program. I'm very disappointed in Anderson and the producers of the show for allowing this to go on as if it were perfectly acceptable. It may be to THEM, but not all of their viewers are Republicans in case they weren't aware.

Anonymous said...

Toobin, Amanpour and Anderson ARE the liberal voice, just like pretty much everyone at CNN, and just because they won't say it officially doesn't change that. So having republicans on, mostly republicans much more resonable than the people you see on other channels, does provide balance because otherwise it would be a bunch of liberal pundits and liberal/democrat guests vs one republican.
My impression is that because in the US there is such a big divide between the two political parties people will simply call anything unbalanced and biased if it is not in clear favour of their party/political leaning.

Anonymous said...

@trampadoo, how do you explain the fact that AC360 has had liberal pundits and politicians on in the past during their panel discussions but all of a sudden they don't any longer? If Anderson was considered the de facto liberal representative back then, why did they even need Begala, Cornell Belcher, etc? When AC360 has John McCain on alone to talk about Syria, or Giuliani alone to talk about terrorism, it is not because Anderson is presenting the other side because he generally is not, he is giving them a platform to present only one side with no other perspective being given - you don't think there should be a Democratic rep on the level of Giulini or McCain to talk about the issue just to be fair? I have to disagree with your comment about how pretty much everyone on CNN is liberal. Much of the reporting on CNN has been anti-Obama from the anchors to the correspondents since he got elected. If a Democratic politician were given the same amount of time on AC360 as John McCain has gotten over the last several months, there wouldn't be a problem but that hasn't happened. CNN is supposed to be non-partisan and they're supposed to present both sides of all issues and bring in guests/pundits to present those different views. The idea that viewers are supposed to automatically assume that CNN is the liberal network and all its reporters are liberals and provide the liberal viewpoint is news to me, especially since quite a few of their anchors/pundits seem as far from liberal as one can possibly get.

Anonymous said...

Very well said and exactly my feeling.
It is a shame that the anchor who is supposedly a LIBERAL voice on 360 has a lovefest with John McCain.
Whenever McCain has something not worth saying, it is said on AC/360.
And isn't he kind for not wanting to impeach our President?
Afterall, wasn't it McCain and his choice of VP who started the whole "give us back our country mantra?"
I also don't want to hear McCain anymore either, with his made up scandals.
Calling John McCain "reasonable" when he has been promblematic from day one, is insane.
Guliani can be stomached in small doses, but to find no intelligent Democrat voice is totally unacceptable.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely agree with the last two commenters and to assume that AC is a liberal is really taking a leap of faith...considering his income is in the millions and Obama wanted to tax those in the upper tax bracket at a greater percentage.
Wouldn't that be AC, and Dana Bash, and Christianne and let's not forget Toobin.
NO way, do these people represent 'the liberal voice.'
360 is NOT fair or balanced and I might as well start watching Fox News. At least the viewer knows where the anchors stand.
The only stand Anderson Cooper ever took was on gay rights.
We don't even know his views on gun control and when the viewing audience is left out in the cold, on subjects that matter most, there is a feeling of disconnect.
Anchors must resonate with their audience. We're not viewing programs on news to play guessing games.

Anonymous said...

CNN's own poll has the president's job approval and likability ratings high, even after the 'scandals'. CNN may think excoriating the President 24/7 is a good ratings move and what the public wants, but they'd be wrong. Report honestly (and that means if the Obama Administration has done something wrong) but don't stack your house with anti-Obama pundits and reporters seem to go out of their way to find fault with him and not give a full, accurate and balanced picture of what's happening. That is how you LOSE viewers.

Anonymous said...

The two Republican Senators from Oklahoma, Infore and Coburn, are now finding themselves in deep sh--trouble.
They BOTH voted against increased disaster relief for OTHER parts of the country, in particular, NJ.
Well, now that wasn't two bright.
Mother Nature doesn't take sides, idiots, and now you both bare the burden of going to President Obama and asking him for MORE Federal aid, that YOU BOTH, opposed.
And the rest of the country can say you two clowns are just adding to the Federal deficit.
We all know Republicans aren't too intelligent and they don't believe in hello, science, but after this devastating tornado, I guess you'd have to say Science does exist, and not to your benefit, morons.