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Thursday, June 6, 2013

CNN Wins Accolades

Jeff Zucker, president of CNN Worldwide, sent a memo to his staff today about the recent accolades the news channel received:

I am happy to be sharing more great news of honors CNN has received in the past 24 hours.
Last night, at the Radio & Television Congressional Correspondents’ Association dinner, a few of our colleagues were honored for their commitment to journalism and newsgathering.  Chief congressional correspondent Dana Bash and senior producer Deirdre Walsh were honored for excellence in congressional reporting with the Joan S. Barone award.  In 2012, Deirdre and Dana’s reporting of the insider trading bill, known as the Stock Act, uncovered a flaw in the legislation which enabled lawmakers and their families to profit from securities trading.  In addition, senior photojournalist Tony Umrani was the recipient of the second annual Jerry Thompson award, which exhibits excellence in the field of photojournalism.  This honor is especially important to the CNN family because it is awarded in remembrance of our colleague and veteran photojournalist Jerry Thompson.
What has surely become one of the winningest works in CNN history was recognized with another prestigious accolade this afternoon. “Mauritania: Slavery’s Last Stronghold,” the remarkable multimedia feature by CNN Digital’s John Sutter and Edythe McNamee, has added to its achievements a Livingston Award.  Reported in support of The Freedom Project, the story takes an artful look at a country that publicly abolished slavery in 1981, yet an estimated 10-20 percent of the population remains enslaved.
There are a lot of ways we know our programming is making an impact.  These types of awards are an important one.  Congratulations to everyone involved, and thanks for your continued hard work.
- Jeff

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Anonymous said...

What a joke. CNN definitely does not understand what data mining and meta data mean. Hey media morons how about having tech experts on to put things into proper perspective when it comes to the NSA story. They don't have a clue about technology. It does not involve listening to private phone calls. Yet CNN says the NSA listening. Wrong. It has been going on for 7 years and have personally seen reports on this exact issue when Bush used an executive order. That is what lead to the 3 tier government approval oversight. Yeah CNN give the terrorist all the information they need.

Anonymous said...

In the age of social media and technology, I have yet to run across 1 person who is surprised about the NSA. We know this is going on. Where has the media been ?
Like this is a surprise. How do you think you get targeted ads ? you are being tracked. We have all seen the Bing commercial making fun of Google searches.

Anonymous said...

Do your really expect for CNN to give us
accurate facts. This is not Ted Turner's
network anymore. The facts don't matter.

Anonymous said...

TV Newser has the ratings for Thursday and judging by the numbers viewers did not think this was breaking news nor worth watching. Mashable has a fantastic article on this. No one is surprised. We know already, The fake outrage and overacting on cable news has got to go.

CNN's ratings are heading in the wrong direction again. Can't wait for MSNBC to have a press release on PMT. All week long he couldn't get 100,000 in the demo. CNN had better consider moving Stroumboulopoulos
to 9 PM or maybe Anthony Bourdain reruns but Piers Morgan has to go before it's too late for CNN.

Anonymous said...

Not surprised that Dana Bash was honored as Chief Congressional Correspondent.
She has a lot of ambition and seems like a very hard worker who does her job the old fashioned way,
going out and actually getting the story and talking face to face with sources.
Always wondered if her ambition got in the way of her marriage to John King.
He seems less motivated, but that's just speculation on my part.
He does not get as much air time as Dana has been getting, however and that is noticeable.

Anonymous said...

This entire NSA story is entirely out of order.
Yes, since 9/11 surveillance of American citizens has been an "on going problem," BUT it gained and was originated under the BUSH Administration's Patriot Act.
It is something that most reasonable Americans have come to accept as part of the "new normal," and it would do Republicans like Ron Paul to stop making accusations about the Obama Administration and act like an adult.
We have had to forfeit some of our freedoms because of terrorism and Paul KNOWS IT. And he needs to be reminded by someone in the media that 9/11 happened under CONSERVATIVE WATCH.
The fourth Amendment has to be amended to suit the 21st century.
Our liberties are being protected with this type of surveillance. It IS a necessary "evil" to ensure our liberties, especially after the surprise attack in Boston.

Anonymous said...

Rand Paul is utterly annoying and he reminds me of a nine year old who can't have his way.
According to Huffpost he is claiming that Obama's surveillance techniques is an invasion of privacy.
Someone has to tell this dope, that it is part of Bush's Patriot Act and he should shut up and stop complaining about something that was already in place, brought to us by the REPUBLICANS.
It is obvious that he does not know this and he's one good reason why the Republicans will not win reelection for a very long time.