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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Layoffs At CNN

According to TVNewser:
CNN has quietly laid off a handful of staffers in its Washington DC bureau.
We hear that most of the departures were senior level producers and staff, many on specific beats like the White House, national security and the Department of Justice, and who had been with the channel for a long time. The departures are said to be related to a realignment of resources, and re-designing of some of the production roles.
To that end, CNN is not expected to reduce headcount. Rather, it will be posting a number of new job listings for roles in the bureau. Reading between the lines: staffers who had been at the channel for a long time are departing in favor of younger, less expensive staff.
“The network just sent a tremendous amount of institutional knowledge and people with good sources and contacts out the door,” a CNN source says. “This will definitely impact CNN’s coverage when it comes to being out front on certain types of stories.”
In addition to staffers that were laid off, some other senior level staffers opted to depart the company on their own over the last month or so, another source says.

Yesterday CNN shuttered its CNN Radio unit and laid off the staff there. CNN Radio was responsible for creating long-form audio content for the channel’s digital platforms.

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Anonymous said...

Zucker is going to make CNN worse, if that's possible.

Anonymous said...

News alert : TJ Holmes is anchoring on HLN today. He is on right now. That's a surprise.

Anonymous said...

What is wrong with Ashleigh Banfiled. I am never watching her on CNN again. How dare she mock Rachel Jeantel because does not think she is articulate. Did she not hear the young lady say she can't not even read cursive writing. Anyone with a brain can see that she is not well spoken or highly educated, How arrogant and insensitive can she be, The is a cultural difference that CNN fails to understand. Her dialect is not common to Banfield because she lives in a different world.

Anonymous said...

They do know that cursive writing is no longer taught in some schools. The reason being it's rarely used. Who writes term papers in handwriting ? How old are these people. I do agree about the cultural issues that CNN is having. Ashleigh Banfield has no idea what it is like to be a minority female. It also can be argued that the defense attorney is being rude to her as well. It's a problem for cable news to act like they are involved in the case. The social media bullying of Rachel is awful and the bullies on cable news are just as bad.

Anonymous said...

I'm not the least surprised that Rachel Jeantel would be mocked on the nasty social media and by "journalists" such as Banfield. Banfield has had her own history of being mocked, so she's in no position to judge someone else. I'd hate to be behind the scenes listening to some of the rude remarks that DON'T make it on camera. There's probably a lot of "Paula Deen" types working in cable news.

I'm surprised to hear TJ Holmes came back, I thought I read something about him working at MSNBC.

Anonymous said...

CNN is steadily reducing the network in favor of more talk and purchased shows from outside production companies like Bourdain, Strombo, Spurlock.

DC was the latest. Before that, the award-winning radio unit. Baghdad, Jerusalem, Bangkok, Jakarta, Beijing, Kabul have also all been cut. So was the Investigations unit.

CNN has given up on original news gathering.

Anonymous said...

Ashlieigh Banfield was so unprofessional. She was laughing as she was making her comments. Trust me, Rachel Jeantel is going to have the last laugh on the media morons. I work in an office that has more females than males. Women thought the West lawyer guy was too condescending and one said it reminded her of all of the articles in women's magazines on how to handle a man who is a condescending jerk. These are a diverse group of women who thought Rachel Jeantel has every right to stand up for herself. Respect garners respect.

Anonymous said...

To see how differently CNN and the media treated Rachel Jeantel and Edward Snowden. How is that she has an attitude and Snowden does not. Since when did the media becomes experts on how people are suppose to act. This is nothing new. The media has always portrayed black females negatively. That includes CNN.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, cable news uses criminal defense lawyers as analysts. Think about it, this young lady is standing up to a defense attorney. Of course they don't like that so they bash Rachel. On the other hand, it is not a good idea for CNN to put predominately white males to use words like liar in reference to this young lady. There are cultural and generational issues here.