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Sunday, June 2, 2013

Truth or Fiction....Wolf Blitzer

New York Daily News is reporting that Wolf Blitzer may be seeing less airtime.  They write:

He doesn’t know it YET, But the CNN staff is whispering that Wolf Blitzer’s air time may be getting shorter and shorter. The struggling cable channel plans to make lots of changes as it tries to win back viewers it has lost, with the biggest shakeup being to on-air talent, including Blitzer, host of “The Situation Room With Wolf Blitzer.”

“Wolf is going to be gradually phased out and replaced with a younger, hipper host,” one CNN insider dishes to Confidential. “The decision has been made that people want to look at beautiful people, and although Wolf is no beast, they’re thinking younger.”

Since the arrival of new boss Jeff Zucker in March, the studly Chris Cuomo and handsome Jake Tapper have joined CNN. Staffers expect more handsome fellas to follow.

What do you think....truth or fiction?

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Gary Larsen said...

I'll help pack if they let me, time has been up and I bet he knows it.

Anonymous said...

Fiction. He's the lead political anchor as well. I cannot see election coverage without his enthusiasm. Also, if this is the case, why did they give him multiple daytime hours for over a month during the major breaking news is Boston, etc. I am still seeing him every weekday at 1:00PM.

Anonymous said...

Wolf still could run rings around "the beautiful people" who know far less than he does.
And Wolf has been around the block a few times. He knows his time on any network is limited because of his age, but that doesn't stop Barbara Starr, who's in her late fifties, from being absolutely terrific at what she does.
When WE watch the news, we want competent people, NOT beautiful people.
AND HERE'S another myth: USA Today had an article that car dealers are now fine tuning their "adds as well as their product lines to fit," HELLO, people in the age bracket of 55-64! Why? BECAUSE WE HAVE THE BUYING POWER TO BUY CARS!
AND those that are younger continue to struggle with college loans and children, and aging parents and jobs and the list goes on and on.
So Jeff Zucker wake up! Chris Cuomo is no stud. I never watched him on ABC and I'm not about to change MY buying habits or my sleep pattern to watch him on CNN.
Better start reviewing those demos, Jeff because "they're wrong."
Oh, and .....didn't Robin Roberts, just turn fifty???

Anonymous said...

I think that CNN is pondering cutting the Situation Room down to just 1 hour. In this day and time CNN needs political satire and not punditry. CNN does not
need 2 hour shows. Mo Rocca and Bret Erlich come to mind. Also, flash animator Mark Fiore as well as others. CNN needs an entire different approach for political reporting. Think about it The Lead is now on in front of the Situation Room.CNN needs to increase it's story count and content.I like Wolf Blitzer but the Sit Room is boring and that means you have to surround Wolf with energy from other talent and find a way to pick up the pace of the show.

Anonymous said...

There are very strong signs that viewers are tiring of politics on cable news. CNN should move away from being a 24/7 political channel. Wolf Blitzer's biggest ratings have nothing to do with politics. TSR was originally suppose to be new/old media. For some reason down the line it became another CNN show ruined by talking heads. At some point the suits need to catch on that the talking heads is what makes CNN unwatchable most of the time. We all know that viewers are not coming to CNN to watch people sit on their butts and offer opinions. Where is the content, video and interviews with newsmakers,
story-telling and more news stories. CNN has too few news items for a 24/7 news channel.

Anonymous said...

CNN should not call the Cheerios commercial a controversy. It is simply an ad featuring a multi-cultural family. There is nothing controversial about the ad. You Tube is where bigots posted racist comments. It is more a story about the hatred that is on social media. There is nothing wrong with the Cheerios commercial. It simply reflects America's diversity. Something cable news does not seem to understand. There is no controversy about a really adorable commercial. Thank goodness that Cheerios will continue to run the ad.

Anonymous said...

Since he is on CNN several hours a day it only seems inevitable that his hours get cut back. He might actually appreciate it. As of late, it sure doesn't look like they are phasing him out. Whoever started this rumor about "younger and hipper" sounds like an @sshole. Really, is CNN going to be that shallow? If I wanted that garbage, I'd watch Fox.

Anonymous said...

I could actually see CNN moving TSR to the 1-3 PM time slot. It's a better match up for Wolf against MSNBC During those hours, and he likely is being hurt by the Lead as his lead in. CNN needs better shows at 5,6, 7 & 9 PM. Most nights these are the worst hours for CNN when you look at the ratings on TV Newser. Let's face it, CNN's political shows don't get ratings so CNN has to offer a whole lot more news in other categories.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe I have to rewrite what I originally wrote.
Another post in lost cyberspace?
Wolf Blitzer knows more than any anchor on CNN and he is clearly needed. He is on air all the time when there is Breaking News, so obviously his expertise is needed even if he is amongst those that are not there for their "looks."
Looks fade, but knowledge is something you cannot replace or replicate.
Most viewers tune into CNN for News, not to look at know nothings with bumble brains. If I wanted that, I'd watch Faux News.

Anonymous said...

Did you see the Ridiculist for Monday ? Wolf Blitzer
took part offering Anderson tips when it comes to
an aging anchor. Wonder if it was a response to the
rumors that someone has started. Maybe Wolf should
show that sense of humor at times on TSR.

Anonymous said...

Candy Crowley should know better than to ask someone what their "gut" is telling them, especially a shyster like Darrell Issa. How about what the facts are telling him? Lawrence O'Donnell did a good take down of Candy's Issa misstep. Were it not for that, the interview was actually good on Candy's part because she didn't go easy on him and pointed out that he was mostly speculating.

Wolf does have a sense of humor and can be lighthearted, he just doesn't show it often.

Anonymous said...

CNN is clueless. The network is doing live shots from the White House whenever they talk about the IRS. Hello, there is zero evidence that the White House has anything to do with the IRS. CNN is implying that the White House did something wrong, knowing full well that is not the case.

Secondly, the hearings are happening because Darrell Issa can do this, it doses not mean it's big news. The arrogance to think that this is what's gripping the country right now. Yeah, only with beltway journalists. Like we don't know the real deal and are not easily played like CNN. Until CNN starts putting things into perspective and report on the facts rather than scripts provided by Republicans. How come Dana Bash did not say Republicans gave her the IRS video. Look for more Jon Karl dumbness.
The press is a bunch of cry babies who don't know anything about reporting. They just read the scripts handed to them by people with motives.

trampadoo said...

Hopefully fiction because that is one of the dumbest things I have read in a while. Chris and Jake may be handsome but not even them ancoring their shows shirtless would make me watch them.

Anonymous said...

Totally agree with anon 11:09. I saw an article yesterday that stated that a media backlash against the GOP scandal-mongering might be starting because the reporting is becoming more critical and skeptical of the GOP/Issa and their motives. I'd like to think this is true and will eventually be reflected in CNN's reporting. Let the facts come out and stop carrying water for the GOP. Dana Bash's reporting has bothered me for a long time.