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Monday, June 10, 2013

What Did You Think?

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Anonymous said...

I didn't watch them, won't watch them, and have been watching CNN since Day 1. CNN is my background channel many hours a day... for the NEWS. Whether these shows get better ratings is irrelevant to me, as I'm sure that reruns of The Big Bang Theory would get higher ratings as well, but that's not what CNN is about. "The Middle N is NEWS!"

Anonymous said...

I have never seen or even heard of Strombo before, and I have to say that he is absolutely adorable. The problem is though that I watch CNN for news and not to see interviews with boring celebrities such as Martin Short. And wow next week Howie Mandel will be on the show. I really wish CNN would have another news show and not a generic talk show.

Anonymous said...

He's like a male version of Ellen.

More news from Istanbul please .... CNN get back to your roots.

Gary Larsen said...

This may tell Zucker that not all things you try will work.
Also I hope they don't use the ad theme song for New Day, the song is a turnoff from the start.

Anonymous said...

I liked George and his interviewing style but he may be a little too hip for the room. Do CNN viewers really need or want to know that Wiz had to change his weed smoking habit when his baby was born? And the Reeves bit was way too self indulgent for my taste. If I have nothing to do on a Friday night this summer I may watch another episode but it's certainly not a show that's DVR worthy.

Anonymous said...

CNN just got cooler. Stroumboulopoulos is aimed at a much younger audience like 18-49 year olds. I added it to my DVR and look forward to more episodes. I like the show and hope it is on CNN for a long time. CNN has just gotten more watchable. The fact that it is not like anything else on cable news benefits CNN just like Parts Unknown. Stroumboulopoulos is not too predictable and that is refreshing.

Anonymous said...

It will be interesting to see the ratings once the show is on in it's regular time period. On Sunday, you had Game Of Thrones season finale, NBA Finals and Tony Awards. Also Falling Skies and Mad Men. I doubt if anyone was really watching cable news.

Anonymous said...

Chill. It's not like CNN is investing a lot in the show.
Once a week is no big deal. The show really is a low
risk for CNN. It's a different story of New Day. That's
a huge risk for CNN because it carries more weight
because it is the first show we will see Mon-Fri on
CNN. First episodes are not good readers you need
at least 5 to see if it finds an audience. So wait until
a month from now.

Anonymous said...

Excuse me, but Parts Unknown is just an updated version of all the rest of Bourdain's show, which by the way are still running on other cable networks. And CNN stands for Cable News Network, maybe Zucker should rebrand it ad CEN Cable Entertainment Network.

Anonymous said...

You guys are really ahead o the game. TV Newser has an article on CNN trying to bring in 18-49 year olds. That makes we wonder how Stroumboulopoulos did with 18-49 or younger, would love to see what the average age of the viewers were and TV Newser has some other info on other shows on MSNBC that aired
earlier in the day that had more than 200,000 viewers but lower than Stroumboulopoulos in the demo. That means that when it comes to CNN that TV Newser and others are focusing on the wrong demo. If CNN can attract some 18-49 year olds. Advertisers will come.

Lately, CNN has been running ads for Always. Naturally, you are talking about younger women. Also, the Allstate concept is fascinating. I think it was last summer when some kids posted on this blog a thesis about CNN and how it needed to transform itself for the 21st century. CNN is going to get the last laugh by bringing in advertisers you generally don't see on cable news.

I am pulling for George Stroumboulopoulos after reading some of the comments on other blogs. It needs the news portions like Debrief and Mile A Minute. Maybe he can begin with Debrief and end with Mile a Minute. Put the news elements back on the show. Don't have him just doing an interview show. Anyone who has watched the show on CBC know that it is newsier. Let him talk about the news like Colbert and Stewart. George is very good at it.

Anonymous said...

Yeah I liked it! For people in America, CNN International always had these types of programs, especially on weekends, worldwide. Hell they even run John Stewarts The Daily Show as an international edition once a week. Its nice to see the American version get a bit more diversified and its not like CNN America is REALLY 24 hours a day news anyway. Its run about 18 hours a day on the weekdays followed up by reruns like all the other '24' hour news networks. Instead of just more reruns they are filling it up new first run shows that a bit more infotainment. Isnt that what Larry King and now Piers Morgan been doing daily for decades now anyway? A bit of hard news mixed in with celebrity interviews and human interest stories.

Its good to see CNN America branching out!

Anonymous said...

"More News from Istanbul please."
No, there will be less news from Turkey, according to TVN....When Breaking News Doesn't Rate," and their talking ratings.
Unfortunately CNN and Zucker found out the hard way that Americans are not interested in foreign least if it doesn't effect them.
This is why CNNi was cut from the program line up, domestically in the first place.
It has to do with the American mentality and that is a shame.

Anonymous said...

To @12:02PM who wrote:

"Chill. It's not like CNN is investing a lot in the show."

That's not quite accurate. More than a million dollars has gone to Embassy Row (the LA production company) who are contracted to do the show.

Meanwhile, CNN has closed it's Islamabad bureau, laying off all the staff.

The money for Strombo had to come from somewhere, and obviously the foreign newsgathering budget has to make their share of the cuts to pay for compelling Martin Short interviews.

Anonymous said...

@7:27 PM

CNN International hasn't aired the Daily Show for 3 years now. That contract was not renewed.

Anonymous said...

Ok thanks for the Daily News tip. Now in America for 3 years so wouldnt know lol.

The point still stands though, CNNI has always done this. They have much more variety. Music programs, sport shows, documentaries, etc.

And this show and Parts Unknown are just once a week weekend shows anyway. Its the week day shows where cable news thrives. Hell at least its not MSNBC that shows prison shows and Caught on camera most of the weekend lol. And Parts Unknown seems to be a big hit for the network, so that was a great call. Ive seen every one. Its a great show. Looking forward to Spurlock show too.