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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

CNN Ratings News



CNN Posts Gains in June vs. A Year Ago Posts Best Quarter Ever
CNN Digital Network Holds Lead Over Competition

For the first time in eight years (since second quarter 2005) CNN and HLN have both topped MSNBC for the quarter in total day ratings among total viewers and in the key adults 25-54 demo. MSNBC placed 4th for the quarter in total day among both total viewers and the key demo for the first time since Q2 2005. CNN placed second this quarter in primetime, topping MSNBC in M-F and M-Su prime in both total viewers and the demo for the first time since 2009.  This quarter CNN registered double digit growth vs. a year ago, while MSNBC lost viewers.


CNN               476k total viewers (up +49% from a year ago) / 162k A25-54 (up +69% from a year ago)
HLN                393k total viewers (up +62%) / 142k A25-54 (up +48%)     
MSNBC          361k total viewers (down -9%) / 123k A25-54 (down -5%)
FXNC             1.181m total viewers (up +12%) / 240k A25-54 (down -6%)


CNN               733k total viewers (up +56%) / 250k A25-54 (up +76%)                              
HLN                569k total viewers (up +75%) / 197k A25-54 (up +74%)
MSNBC          660k total viewers (down -19%) / 196k A25-54 (down -14%)
FXNC             2.208m total viewers (up +3%) / 386k A25-54 (down -12%)


CNN               673k total viewers (up +50%) / 232k A25-54 (up +78%)
HLN                524k total viewers (up +49%) / 180k A25-54 (+50%)
MSNBC          584k total viewers (down -16%) / 196k A25-54 (down -11%)
FXNC             1.904m total viewers (up +6%) / 322k A25-54 (down -11%)

CNN programs showed significant strength this quarter – some highlights include:

·         Erin Burnett Outfront placed second this quarter, topping MSNBC’s Hardball in both total viewers (647k vs. 568k) and in the demo 25-54 (218k vs. 147k).  The show had substantial growth over same quarter last year, increasing +79% in total viewers (647k vs. 362k) and +110% among 25-54 (218k vs. 104k).  This quarter represents EBO’s best total viewer and 25-54 demo delivery since the show launched (October, 2011) and the first time CNN topped MSNBC at 7 pm since Q3-09 among total viewers and Q1-11 among A25-54.

·         AC360 (8pm) out delivered MSNBC’s All in with Chris Hayes this quarter in both total viewers (803k vs. 588k) and the demo (271k vs. 169k).  The program placed second this quarter and is also up by robust margins compared to a year ago -- increasing +81% among total viewers (803k vs. 444k) and more than doubling (+110%)  its 25-54 audience (271k vs. 129k).  AC 360 is registering its best total viewer and demo delivery since it moved to 8pm (August, 2011) and it is the top rated show on the CNN in both P2+ and 25-54. 

·         Piers Morgan Live grew by double digits this quarter, increasing +45% in total viewers (720k vs. 496k) and +67% in the target demo 25-54.  PML is posting its best total viewer and demo 25-54 performance since Q1-11, the quarter in which the show launched (January, 2011).

·         CNN’s 10pm hour (AC 360/AC Special Reports/Various) is registering time period increases of +45% in total viewers (688k vs. 473k) and +59% among adults 25-54 (252k vs. 158k) compared to a year ago.  CNN at 10pm topped MSNBC for the first time since Q2-10 in P2+ and since Q1-12 among A25-54.

·         The Lead with Jake Tapper topped MSNBC during the quarter in both total viewers (595k vs. 429k) and in the key demo (168k vs. 91k).  Tapper’s show was up compared to a year ago, increasing +32% in total viewers and +65% in the key demo 25-54.

·         The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer (6pm) placed second this quarter, registering triple digit growth (+133%) in the key demo (205k vs. 88k) and increased +67% among total viewers (621k vs. 371k).  The Sit Room at 6pm topped MSNBC for the first time since Q1-11 among total viewers and since Q3-11 among A25-54.

·         CNN Newsroom (9am-4pm) easily topped MSNBC throughout the day, placing second among total viewers (535k vs. 315k) and in 25-54 (164k vs. 85k); while MSNBC placed 4th. CNN also grew significantly, up +47% in P2+ and +58% among 25-54 compared to a year ago.

·         Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown debuted in Q2 2013 and dominated its Sunday 9pm time period and registered impressive growth.  Over the course of its first season, the program was:  #1 in its time period across all cable news networks among the key P25-54 demographic (405k), more than doubling the delivery of its nearest competitor (FXNC). The show increased +153% among A25-54 versus the time period performance four weeks prior to its launch.


In June, CNN continued to post growth in all day parts while MSNBC is down and FXNC had demo losses each weekday hour vs. a year ago.    Specifically in M-F primetime, CNN is up +10% in total viewers and +8% among A25-54, while MSNBC is down -20% in P2+ and -18% in demo and FXNC is off -7%/-23% respectively.  And in M-Su prime CNN is up +11%/+20%, while MSNBC is off -16%/-12% and FXNC is down -5%/-20.  This month CNN topped MSNBC in total day among total viewers (357k vs. 336k).  CNN also grew in total day, increasing +18% in total viewers and +19% in the demo, while MSNBC lost viewers (-8%/-7%) and FXNC had slight total viewer gains but demo declines (+3%/-12%) vs. a year ago.

New Day is showing tremendous growth vs. CNN programming a year ago  – increasing  +53% in total viewers (303k vs. 198k) and +23% in the target demo (106k vs. 86k) while  Morning Joe is down -6% in total viewers (351k vs. 375k) and is off -21% (107k vs. 136k). Since launch (June 17-28), New Day  is off to a solid start, posting 303k total viewers (vs. MSNBC’s Morning Joe’s 351k) and 106k in the 25-54 demo (vs. Joe’s 107k). 


Up double digits over the same period last year, Q2 of 2013 was’s strongest quarter on record in both page views and video starts. 

For the quarter, posted:
  • 1.6 billion average monthly page views, up 56% over Q2 2012.
  • 111 million average monthly video starts, up 70% over 2012.
  • 104 million average monthly unique visitors, up 20% over 2012

The quarter’s top story,  Photos: Deadly attack at Boston Marathon earned more than 80 million page views and the top video, Blasts near Boston Marathon finish line had more than 3.1 million starts.

*Source: Adobe SiteCatalyst, April – June 2013.

In Q2 2013 the CNN Digital Network maintained its strong lead over its cable news competitors, averaging 72.2 mm unique visitors and more than 2.1 billion page views per month to-date.  
                                                                 Uniques            PV
CNN Digital Network:                       72 mm               2.1 B
NBC News Digital:                            59 mm               1.1 B
Fox News Digital Network:               35 mm               1.1 B

*Source: comScore Media Metrix, April – May 2013 monthly average(latest data available).

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Anonymous said...

I don't know how anyone can read this press release and not laugh.
I mean Really?
AC beat Chris Hayes?
Even the commenters on ATA say Chris Hayes has better content and Erin Burnett has positive digits over last year and MSNBC???
Erin Burnett? Really?
Soon we'll see the made up press release for New Day and how it beat, Morning Joe.
I don't care how bad Morning Joe is, New Day will never come close, never.

Anonymous said...

According to TV BY THE NUMBERS, MSNBC topped CNN in June 2013. CNN topped for Q 2. That is a 3 month period. Let's be honest for the last couple of months Outfront & PMT has not been doing well. The Lead has been going with the Zimmerman trial that explains the ratings spike.

Also, CNN is confused on the provision being delayed on AHA. Bloomberg says that only 4 % of companies affected and several companies have been exempt. Even Morning Joe had Ezra Klein on to do the math. Let's see there was an election and SCOTUS ruling. Oh yeah, CNN botched that. CNNl leaves out too much of the details.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, CNN brand is benefiting from big breaking news lately. As it shows in June, CNN's number are dropping again. Chris Hayes has an awesome show and I know the ratings now are soft but I would give it time. Erin Burnett and Piers Morgan are a joke and everyone knows it. They have improved numbers because all of CNN got a boost lately. And the only reason CNN is up from last year is because 2012 was the worst ratings in 20 yrs. Dead cat bounce.

Anonymous said...

It does not matter since 360 is still beating All In.
That's significant.360 is the solo show that really
does something for CNN. Now it's true that CNN
has bogus claims about PMT & Out Front. The
demos for 360 is good for CNN but you can't
just ignore June. MSNBC put out the release that
mocks PMT & Out Front. However, MSNBC knows
that it has a 360 problem.

Anonymous said...

FOX realizes that it can't continue to ignore demo issues and that is why Meagan Kelly is moving to prime time. Prediction : Kelly will be on at 7 or 9 PM. The 2 weak shows for CNN. The demos for Shep have not been good lately nor has Hannity. Kelly matches up better against Rachel Maddow or Erin Burnett. Don't know if this will get FOX younger viewers but they know things can't stay the same while CNN is in denial about Erin Burnett and Piers Morgan. The danger for CNN is if Kelly is on at 7 because she would likely boost the numbers going into prime time. I could see the Fox Report moving to 11 PM making FOX the only news channel with a newscast for the hour wrapping up the days events.
I mentioned both but leaning towards 7. It just makes more sense. That's really bad news because Erin Burnett is not as good and anchor.

Anonymous said...

Meagon Kelly won't get new viewers for FNC. Their audience is old and that is why the network is in demo trouble. Viewers are not going to switch from CNN or MSNBC to watch Meagan Kelly. She'll get FNC viewers like she already does. CNN just needs better shows and not Crossfire.

Anonymous said...

You can call Fox News anything you want except stupid.
Megyn Kelly will be put either before or after Bill O'Reilly and it will effect 360.
Fox News has been #1 for a very long time and news flash, some of their viewers are in AC's demo.
They are young, smart, and well educated and they work in the tech industry and are traders on Wall Street.
Fox News just doesn't cater to "old people" because "old people die." Or maybe all those "old people" are really healthy and will continue to live forever.
Megyn Kelly is good at what she does and women like to watch other women, and that includes, younger women as well. Megyn Kelly went after Scott Pelley and set "him" straight, and Anderson is next on her list. No pun intended.

Anonymous said...

In the current issue of TV Guide, Charlie Rose w/Gayle King and team on the morning show of CBS Today, is profiled and the ratings are up, way up it seems.
Charlie Rose is going to be 71, he doesn't look it, and he says he's not surprised. He says they all work together as a team and like one another and viewers interpret this as a good thing.
And best of all, they deliver the News.
He goes on to say, that while GMA and Matt Lauer were playing hardball with one another, their morning show kind of quietly crept up in ratings, with no gimmicks and little publicity.
And might I point out, they are all energetic and professional.

Anonymous said...

No one who watches Fox is smart or educated and if they think they're learning anything on Fox, they are INCREDIBLY stupid. Fox deals in GOP partisan lies and nonsense and the viewers who lap that up are the idiots of this country who are bringing it down.

Why exactly should Megan Kelly be setting AC straight?

Anonymous said...

I was referring in my previous blog, if you ACTUALLY read it, about Fox's management and Roger Ailes, assuming you know who he is, and that it would seem is a rather large assumption.
Fox's Management has outfoxed ALL of its competition, including CNN and Anderson Cooper's/360. RATINGS WISE!
Their ratings have been CONSISTENTLY GREAT. They must be doing something right....and that too is no pun, unless I have explain every line written.

Anonymous said...

Sully Sullenburger was a great choice for AC to speak with in reference to the aviation crash.
However, Sully's problem was totally different. His was geese in the front engines that began to burn within.
This current Asiana accident it seems, was because of an inexperienced pilot error....although no one has yet to admit it .
Sully was anything but inexperienced and it would do everyone good to read his bestselling book about his life and that fatefull day when "Sully" became the Hero on the Hudson.
No one was more deserving.
In person he is very humble, to this day, and that in itself is unusual.
He can fly my plane any time.

Anonymous said...

Here's what I know about Roger Ailes, he's completely ruined TV news. Some people may think big ratings are THE most important aspect of a news network but some of us are looking for more and that more has nothing to do with Ailes and Fox. You want to be a cheerleader for bad journalism and big ratings, be my guest, but no amount of sarcasm and insults about commenters change the fact that Fox has been an utter disaster and
a place where good reporting and facts are not
welcome. Does all of CNN come under critical eye or is it just Anderson Cooper you have a problem with? Nevermind, your motive is QUITE obvious 10:23.

Anonymous said...

@3:08 AM: I have no motive except to point out the obvious, that Fox News is a leader and CNN is a follower and that's why it will always deliver inferior news.
You can't argue with the facts.
Even commenters on ATA are turning away from 360 because of the lack of NEWS content.

Anonymous said...

To the commenter on ATA who said it made her 'furious' that Anderson makes Zimmerman the victim, it is not for her to judge.
That is why there IS a jury and he might very well have been the victim.
Just to assume Trayvon is innocent of wrong doing because he happens to have been an Afro-American is wrong. If Trayvon were a white male, would she have the same reaction under the same exact set of circumstances?
Unfortunately, I know the answer and this is what makes this a racially charged indictment.

Anonymous said...

Piers Morgan should be ashamed of himself.
He invited George Zimmerman's brother on his show after George was found not guilty and then proceeded to try the case, acting as a prosecutor for Trayvon Martin.
Finally George's brother became increasing agitated with his tone, and said, "Look, I don't have to defend George anymore. A jury in Florida found him Not guilty and that is to be respected by you and everyone else."
Morgan went on with "But doesn't a child of any race have the right to walk home in the rain, with candies in his pocket?"
At this point George's brother should have said, "Enough" and walked off the set, but he stayed.
Piers you are a hateful wretch, and YOU don't get to interrogate the family of someone who was just aquitted of wrong doing.
Go back to where you came from if you don't like our justice system.
Perhaps the American system pays you too much for perpetuating hatred.

Anonymous said...

@11:39pm, if Trayvon where a white male, he would not have been shot. Secondly, Trayvon was not on trial, George was. Finally, a verdict of not guilty is not a proclaimation the George was a victim. A 17 yr. old unarmed kid was killed - that was worthy of an investigation and trial. The jury has spoken. Its done.

Anonymous said...

10:23pm, yeah really. The ignorance and malevolence of FNC loyalists is leading to an unrepairable rift in this country and it is sad. All we can do is wait for them to rot away in their isolated bubbles and leave this country to thinking, rational people who may disagree on issues but can manage to govern themselves with order.

Anonymous said...

It is a total waste of time to bring this crime into Federal Court, even though our Attorney General says he intends to do so.
Zimmerman was acquitted on the state level in which the crime was committed.
He will not be convicted on the Federal level either because there is a LACK OF EVIDENCE, and there always will be.
In the final analysis, the jury has spoken, whether you agree with them or not. They upheld the law in Florida and in twenty other states and the Federal Court is not about to tackle with the "stand your ground ruling and the NRA."
Trust me. This Administration has zero backbone when it comes to the gun lobby and they are NOT about to fight it now.
The Zimmerman crime is about GUNS AND LAW AND NOT RACE.