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Friday, August 9, 2013

Sunday's Programming 8/11/13

SUNDAY, August 11, 2013


Topic:     Republican Politics
Guest:    Reince Priebus, chairman, Republican National Committee

Topic:    Politics
Guest:   Stephanie Cutter, CNN Crossfire host; Democratic strategist
Guest:   Kevin Madden, CNN political commentator; Republican strategist
Guest:   Ben Ferguson, CNN political commentator
Guest:   Basil Smikle, Democratic strategist

Topics:  What Happened to America’s Past Time? The State of Baseball
Guest:   Bob Nightengale, sports columnist, USA Today
Guest:   Ernie Banks, retired, Major League Baseball Hall of Famer
Guest:   Ken Burns, documentary filmmaker

Anchor:  Candy Crowley

FAREED ZAKARIA GPS – Airs 10:00AM – 11:00AM and 1:00PM – 2:00PM     

Topic:       al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula; State of the Threat from Yemen
Guest:      Peter Bergen, CNN terrorism contributor; author, Manhunt: The Ten-Year Search for Bin Laden from 9/11 to Abbottabad (2013)
Guest:      Gregory Johnsen, scholar; author, The Last Refuge: Yemen, al-Qaeda, and America’s War in Arabia (2012)

Topic:      Chances for Middle East Peace in the Near Term
Guest:     Ehud Barak, former Minister of Defense and former Prime Minister, Israel     

Topic:      The U.S. and Russia: What Went Wrong?  Can the Relationship be Saved?
Guest:      Chrystia Freeland, candidate for the Parliament of Canada (Liberal Party); former Moscow bureau chief and Eastern Europe correspondent for the Financial Times
Guest:      Julia Ioffe, senior editor, The New Republic; former Moscow-based correspondent, Foreign Policy and The New Yorker

Topics:    The U.S. and Global Leadership; Prisons in America
Guest:     Conrad Black, former publisher, investor, author of Flight of the Eagle: The Grand Strategies That Brought America from Colonial Dependence to World Leadership (2013)

Anchor:    Fareed Zakaria


Topic:  Amazon Founder Jeff Bezos Buys The Washington Post; Future of the Newspaper Industry
Guest: Paul Farhi, The Washington Post
Guest: Jane Hall, Associate Professor at American University’s School of Communications 

Topic:  The Business of Bezos’ Post Purchase
Guest: Henry Blodget, Business Insider

Topic:  Deborah Turness Joins NBC News as President
Guest: Paul Farhi, The Washington Post
Guest: Jane Hall, Associate Professor at American University’s School of Communications

Topic:  Challenges of Reporting from Yemen
Guest: Adam Baron, Freelance reporter
Guest: Iona Craig, Freelance reporter
Guest: Jeb Boone, Former Editor of the Yemen Times

Topic: “Fox Sports 1” Prepares to Take on ESPN; Growing Demand for Sports News
Guest: John Skipper, President, ESPN Inc.

Plus, a report on The Daily Show: John Oliver is nearing the end of his run as fill-in host for Jon Stewart.  His time in the seat has been widely praised – so what do some of his biggest fans think and what is John Oliver’s future with the show?

Guest host:  Brian Stelter, The New York Times

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Anonymous said...

Looking forward to Weed. For my weekend viewing on CNN it's Gupta MD, Next List, GPS and Fredericka Whitfield on the News Room.

Anonymous said...

Rough Thursday for CNN and cable news. No one should be to happy about those ratings. CNN is spending too much time on the CA amber story.

Anonymous said...

CNN really needs to change the name of Your Money, I did not know I was a billionaire who bought the Washington Post. Not to mention a tech titan,

Anonymous said...

CNN owes Oprah Winfrey an apology. Erin Burnett basically called Oprah a hooker. On top of that she got the story completely wrong. Of course, that is par for Burnett. To use a clip from Pretty Woman to say this is why Oprah was not shown the bag is ignorant. Does she think Oprah looked that way when she walked in the store in Switzerland. Erin Burnett is nowhere near Oprah Winfrey's league. Out Front just can't get viewers and this is why. Erin Burnett just makes stuff up. I hope that Oprah has her representative seek legal action against CNN. But it is unlikely that Oprah will go as low as CNN being she has class and CNN has zero. The backlash against CNN is in full swing. Look at the ratings. Advertisers will side with Oprah since Erin Burnett is a joke. When Oprah fans start lobbying advertisers to not buy time on CNN, the Certainly Not News channel will get the message.

Both Erin Burnett and Don Lemon are extremely desperate for ratings and attention. They will get neither. Good riddance to CNN. This comes from the top. CNN is now the channel for gutter fake pseudo journalism and the facts don't matter. They just make stuff up like they think viewers are so stupid. It is going to be such a pleasure to CNN fall for being so arrogant to think they could get away with cheap ploys. CNN will eventually have very few viewers and steadily lose ad dollars. Advertisers did not sign up for this type of CNN.

Anonymous said...

I think the ratings dive for CNN means viewers are tired of waiting for CNN to get it's act together. THe suits are not minding the store and Jeff Zucker is just like Ken Jautz and Jon Klein. The viewers CNN is alienating will not come back. They have been seeing this unfold for some 5 years now. What CNN is doing won't gain them new viewers because it's the same tired old formulas. CNN is bringing back Crossfire. If you think that 360 Later will have pundits like MHP or All In, keep dreaming. It's going to be nothing but Crossfire with Anderson Cooper. Despite the ratings CNN still keeps to trying to force pundits on viewers. CNN seems to be copying FOX. A network with dismal demos.

Anonymous said...

Anderson tweeted that Later is a nightly panel discussing the day's stores. Not sure what that means. Will he draw from academia ? Will the guests be from all generations, will the guests be more than the same people who always pop up on cable news ? Will they bring something to the table ? I really don't get why cable news ignores journalists in their 20's and 30's. It would be good to see Anderson go with the Take Part Live approach.. Will the show have original reporting or interviews? Could there be longform journalism segments. I hope the panels won't be stacked with the bogus concept of there is only a left vs right to every story. This sounds too much like Starting Point. You can't have Anderson just siting with a panel for an entire segment. In all honestly 15 minutes is all you need with a panel.

Anonymous said...

It's simple : content is king. All Anderson Cooper needs to do is to give viewers more news content for an hour. Kara from All Things D has written an amazing article to Jeff Bezos. Whether it is a visual medium like CNN or print, news consumers are more interested in content, 360 Later has to be news content driven and not talking head central. This show will be the closer for CNN so it better have video and interesting people. Make it a great news experience for viewers. Anderson Cooper is a gifted writer and interviewer. It is more important for Anderson Cooper to connect with viewers. Look into the camera on acknowledge us. 360 Later must engage and interact with viewers. Words like you and we have got to be used to make things seem inclusive. You engage viewers with video, questions, what would you do. Did you see or hear about this. Stop telling us how we will feel about a story just present it and let us take things from there. Stop telling me that something is shocking or that what I am about to see will make me angry. Las I checked no one asked me and you are jumping to biased conclusions based on speculation. What is up with this built in perception that viewers will only see the news through a ideological prism. It's the news it does not have to be politicized unless you do that. How is that the talk radio and political types dominate cable news Radio is not a visual medium. Just like newspapers. Fewer people are getting the news from radio. Data came out just last week. The race is between TV and the internet. The visual mediums. Video and content is the only thing that is saving TV. Unless you are Games Of Thrones, the most pirated show ever. Time Warner knows all about that and sees ti as buzz for the show. Man if CNN could become the HBO of cable news, how cool is that. Think of ways to make Later groundbreaking and different so that it's unique to cable news. At 10 PM, you get something you won;t see on other CNN shows,MSNBC, FOX. Fresh content will matter.

Anderson Cooper and staff have to put together a really smart show that viewers will be talking about in the morning and will tune in to watch Mon- Thurs.
Can the show incorporate real time news. Use social media the right way and stop letting the trolls control the show. Weed out the trolls. There is great journalism online,print magazines. Real journalism.

CNN can revolutionize by putting viewers first. 360 Later can't be opinion driven. Content, content and more content and newsmakers. If 360 Later is creative,innovative and forward thinking, the show will be a hit. If it is a been there done that show, CNN will continue to be in a ratings slide. From the look of ratings so far for August 2013, not 1 cable news network will have momentum. Don't just assume that viewers will come back in the fall. A huge chunk of the viewers will be 18-49. These news consumers don't like pundits. Facebook shows : if you build it they will come. The key is to come up with the ultimate news experience for people who just can't get enough news content. Tell me something I don't know along with the big news stories of the day. When it's political panels. I am turning the channel.MHP is amazing at selecting guests for panels. Harris-Perry is amazing at navigating the conversation. As I said before, Anderson Cooper has major skills. The problem will be management. Jeff Zucker hired pundits and put them on the CNN payroll. Zucker is going to demand the pundits appear on 360 Later because he has to justify spending that money. 360 is CNN's highest rated show so he is going to want CNN pundits on the show. There is nothing AC and staff can do except do what the boss says. The problem with this is that is the past he has turned off 360 viewers.

Anonymous said...

The press largely does not care about CNN. It all started with Jay Rosen. This morning it was announced that NBC News has acquired Stringwire. It's basically a digital mobile live news stream. You are right in the middle of the news as it is unfolding. This is going to shakeup things in the news industry. NBC NEWS is positioning itself to be a digital newsroom on all platforms. This should have been CNN. CNN needs management members who get digital and video. This means that while everyone is doing phoners with stills and being behind with video NBC NEWS is there.MSNBC is finding a way to beat CNN with breaking news. First one with video wins since it quickly spreads on social media.

Anonymous said...

I agree with assessments of AC "Later." It is all about who is on the panel. Its gotta be new, interesting, smart, diverse, relevant people. If its a bunch of yakking hacks, people won't watch. I won't watch.

Anonymous said...

I'll go with no video or news just opinion. Boring. CNN is already not covering the ruling on NYC's stop and frisk law. Thank goodness for the internet & MSNBC.
That's Jeff Zucker's CNN. Opinion forget the news and we don't care about facts. CNN is totally blowing it with the low level drug sentencing. It is about users and possessors yet CNN is acting like massive amounts of drug dealers are going to be set free. Come on CNN.. Also, CNN failed to mention a fact about the slap Hillary game. The slap Palin game had zero ties to the DNC. How did CNN miss that.CNN is afraid of conservatives. They give CNN talking points and CNN says it's fact. Conservatives control CNN.

Anonymous said...

I would actually like to see a segment like they had on Anderson Live where Anderson talks about himself and what interests him. I find him more interesting than the news. I don't want to see any long stories. A panel with authors, inventors or scientists would be much more interesting than pundits.

Anonymous said...

The RNC Chairperson is absolutely right in opposing the Hillary Clinton documentary mini-series, whether it's NBC, CNN, or Fox News.
It is bias and it is pure promotion of one particular candidate.
The question is why, why promote one person??
It isn't a question of boycotting Diane Lane or one particular network.
We all know Hillary Clinton and nothing here is News so why bother?
I'm with the RNC Chairperson and I'm not a Republican.
Let Hillary play herself and NOT do a documentary. How about a reality show called Hillary Now, starring the real Hillary?
It would make about as much sense as this stupid docu-series that has no purpose except exploitation of one candidate, and that's not fair or balanced!
(I wonder who will play Monica?)

Anonymous said...

5:37 pm, I like your idea and wish that could happen. I also hope 360 Later nixes pundits and doesn't take the easy route of using too many CNNers as "guests". Get some interesting people from the outside. If AC spoke up a lot more himself and didn't just settle for being the silent moderator, the show might work.

Anonymous said...

CNN had better be careful. There are businesses that are banning CNN for offensive talk. It creates a bad work environment and is turning off customers. Some of what is coming from the mouths of pundits will get you fired in the workplace. This means they do not want CNN in the building. It's just not a good work environment ,offensive comments gets you fired and violates company policy.CNN is being replaced by the Weather Channel ,Food,Cooking, ESPN , Travel but no CNN period.

Anonymous said...

It was a huge mistake for CNN to hire Jeff Zucker. He does not have a strong news background. He was more of the entertainment executive. Now there is no one in CNN management with a strong commitment to the news. Zucker is not the person you want for news.

Amazingly, NYT mention words that is often mention on this blog. Television is a visual medium without video it does not work. There's no point in watching. The talking head obsession is destroying 360. Last night's show was horrible and impossible to watch.CNN manages to find some of the worst people on the planet. AlJazeera will easily beat CNN.AJAM opened 12 bureaus and will be covering America. On CNN, the news is getting lost. It's no longer the DNA of CNN. CNN = Certainly Not News.CNN is a manmade disaster. If Anderson Cooper is going to have a discussion about issues in the black community, where are the journalists from Ebony,Jet,The Root, The Grio News One or BET.CNN is going out of it's way to bring on black conservatives knowing full well that does not reflect the sentiments in the black community. They see voting dataCNN wants perpetuate stereotypes. Anderson Cooper is better than that. Well, at least I used to think so. There is a reason why there is black and Latino media. The pundits are why viewers don't like CNN these days. When you do what CNN is doing you deserve everything you have coming. CNN won't get sympathy because they made choices. CNN knows conservative media is not who you go to for minority communities. CNN is coming across as bigoted haters.

Anonymous said...

The ratings show that breaking news and nationwide interest in Trayvon Martin garnered ratings for CNN. Viewers cared more about what Holder had to say. Same thing for the judge in the stop & frisk ruling. CNN is not reporting or giving us the story. Nobody cares what the lousy pundits or show hosts on CNN think about anything, The news is the star. Right now CNN is too egocentric. Apparently they think viewers are not entitled to get news just faux ideologue debates that make CNN look stupid. The programming on CNN is what you do when you lack journalism skills. Basic journalism 101 is not on CNN. Phil Kent is bolting because he knows CNN is about to collapse. You don't have to be a rocket scientist to see the writing on the walls. CNN has very little room for error. This time they may not survive. By the end of the year there we be dozens of articles written about the downfall of CNN for becoming a 24/7 Jerry Springer channel.

Anonymous said...

Congrats to Dr Sanjay Gupta. He killed it in the
ratings with WEED according to TV by the Numbers.

AC do some news dude. What happened to 360 ?

Anonymous said...

Wow, did Burnett really compare Oprah's handbag story to Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman? OMG, what an idiot. First of all, Pretty Woman is FICTION!!! Secondly, Oprah is not a hooker and I am sure she didn't even look like one. Erin, is one to talk about prostitutes given her relationship with wall street. I never watch OutFront cuz I can't stand Erin and this little anecdote reminds me why.

Anonymous said...

Crystal Wright should have never been allowed into the AC360 studio. Do they ever do research on their guests or check their backgrounds?

Anonymous said...

I was servicing my car today and they had their flatscreen tuned to Fox News.
I find that most frequently when I happen to enter a business and they have their screens on as a distraction with captions, it is Always, either Fox News or the Weather Channel.
That in itself tells us a whole lot about HOW CNN IS DOING.
The question remains: Why?

Anonymous said...

CNN please stop using the phrase who is to blame. That is negative and makes the network look like people who like to find fault in anything. Also, limit the pundits to political shows. Pundits should never be involved in news because they are not qualified to talk Egypt, airline mergers, prison sentences. Quit being lazy. I'm hoping CNN realizes that the NYC judge's ruling stems from a lawsuit. 360 is right there in NYC and could not find the people involved. Instead of pundits how about the people at the center of the story. They are directly involved. CNN had better start thinking content,video, sound, data journalism, infographics, mini movies and trailers. I'm assuming they are professionals so somebody knows how to use words,sound ,video, words that display info,still photos without saying a word just add the appropriate music. You know when you need piano,guitar and beats. Please get with the times and have a media bar that looks like an Ipod. If you are going to use the crawl update it every 15 minutes. Use it to ask news questions. For example, questions about Egypt with the answer coming up 3 minutes later. Engage viewers with the news. Use the big screen to show newspaper front pages. Morning comics. Music playlist. After each show post the playlist of the music featured on each show. Someone can take to Facebook or Twitter to ask, hey does anyone know the name of the song just played on CNN. Become the world's largest source for news content and news oriented shows.

If CNN can't get rid of the pundits, limit their roles to nothing but political shows. Hire contributors who can add to news resources and give you original content. Content rules. Digital journalism is not going away and it is getting better. We live in a world now where people can tell their own stories their own way. The world is a really small place. Easy to connect with others. That's why Hannah Anderson did things her way. The media will mess things up and we invite clueless panels who don't know what they are talking about. These kids know how to get their own brand of story-telling to the masses. Stop assuming that we are seeing or hearing about something for the 1st time on CNN. Ever hear of an invention called the smartphone that helps we stay connected 24/7. I'm not using my wireless plan to see pundits but I will look at news trailers headlines,must see video,real time news. Live in the moment of what is happening now.2016 speculations. Enough already. Don't let the pundits become the face of your political reporters. 360 use the CNN reporters or reporters from legit news orgs that are not ideological media. Unless you work in politics, it's highly unlikely that I ever run or converse with political strategists. When I engage in conversation with people. Do you really think I care about whether I hear from the left and right. I am more interested in conversation not interested in a circus. Avoid people like that. They've got issues. It turns people off and ruins the atmosphere. Pundits are not likable or interesting.We already know what they are going to say.CNN should never being relying so heavily on pundits. They are not relatable because you don't represent viewers. They represent ideology. It's like we are divided into camps. Somebody needs to get out in the real world more often. Pundits will never help you connect with viewers. They just make us turn and sometimes never come back.CNN has to decide which is more important, viewers or pundits. Let's see, viewers are critical to your very existence. Pundits only can hit you with words. Talk is cheap. Viewers give you wealth by consuming your news content.

Finally, quit being so Washington & politically centered. Washington is not the center of the universe. In the 21st century that model will not work. Constructive conversation and guests who act like they have some sense . Grownups.

Anonymous said...

There is a great story circulating on social media about some American students who won gold,silver & bronze medals in the International Mathematical Olympiad competition. The kids are from Phillips Exeter Academy in NH. If you go to the IMO website you see the problems the kids had to solve. Here's how you would pull this off. Invite the kids who finished 1,2 & 3.
Show viewers the problems they had to solve. Ask viewers could you solve this ? Also have the problems available on CNN dot com and social media. Don't let on to what this is leading to until you are ready to go to these kids in the studio. Say something like meet Alex Song, Ray Li & Kevin Sun. Recently the swept the competition in the IMO taking the gold,sliver & bronze. When they first arrive take photos of them with the medals Burn their names in the photos so we will know who is who. Let them solve a couple of problems. Then for something unpredictable , bring in a professor to give them a mystery math problem to see what happens. Viewers will be hooked and stay tuned to see what happens
You engage viewers and hold their attention. Don't tell me that 360 or New Day can't pull this off. The presentation and delivery on CNN stinks. It's not visual or finds ways for you to participate if you are watching on TV,the internet, social media or mobile devices. Make it available on all platforms

If you are hiring pundits, it's a waste of money. Wonder if CNN has someone with the skills to find Ask.FM & Instagram. Hopefully, CNN has teams that search for news content online. New Republic, Business Insider, Mashable, Buzzfeed, Quartz News,etc. Their content makes CNN look like a dinosaur. What happened with Hannah Anderson shows that if CNN does not adapt they are making themselves irrelevant. You hire photojournalists,editors, writers,freelancers who shoot, write and edit their own material. Find people who recently graduated from journalism school in the last 3 years. Photojournalists & editors are essential to keeping TV a visual medium. Their brand of story-telling is not like a producer, writer or reporter. Just like News Room on HBO show me the news room. The control room, the places where the newsgathering happens. Have your anchors,reporters, staff do :15 gifs that can be aired during commercial breaks. Helps keep the eyeballs during commercials. I'm getting news on all fronts.

Anonymous said...

Is 360 already changing things up at 10. On
Monday, Anderson had 548,000/266,000 according
to TVN. That's a high demo. Nearly 50 % .