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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

TDS Reviews CNN's Navy Shipyard Coverage

Jon Stewart talking about CNN on last night's The Daily Show, "All of yesterday's (Monday's) confusion in the reporting is not a mistake. Because sadly, the one thing in this country they (CNN) should have great practice in covering are these horrific shooting tragedies.  And there are a ton of really smart people and good journalists who work over at CNN.  And this is only 5 months after all the criticism over CNN's chaotic Boston terrorism coverage including when they announced on air an arrest that had not happened.  So my final, not initial, conclusion is this is deliberate. The chaos, the vomit onto the screen, the very thing we thought news organizations were created to clarify is a feature, not a bug.......The lesson they take from this is it doesn't matter how much they betray our trust we'll keep coming back. We're in an abusive relationship with CNN, and it's time we kicked those bastards to the curb because we have to remember this network was created by Ted Turner, not Ike Turner."

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Anonymous said...

There are very strong signs that CNN is falling apart. CNN used to be smart and have outstanding coverage of events. Now it's just bad as JS says. CNN is making itself unwatchable and a national joke.

Anonymous said...

The real battle is between FNC & MSNBC.
CNN has become a non-factor thanks to
bad decisions like Crossfire. FNC & NSNBC
get it and are moving forward. CNN still is
stuck in pundit vs pundit mode. That's so
last century. Just looking at the ratings on
TVN shows how Crossfire is a misfire for
CNN. Out Front is starting to tank as well.
THe critical hours of 4,5,6 & 7 are hurting
CNN. People agree with the Daily Show.

Anonymous said...

CNN is one big joke which was just confirmed by Jon Stewart.

Anonymous said...

I'm not in an abusive relationship with CNN, because I dropped out a very long time ago when they were showing mere signs of decay.
This 24 hour news cycle is the main culprit because even if there is nothing to report, good reporters or all those not at CNN, have to fill air time with a bunch of nonsense, like "how big was the building," and can we draw any conclusions, which are sometimes very wrong."
The only way to correct blatant inaccuracies, such as these, is to not have lengthy broadcasts when there is NOTHING NEW TO REPORT.
Which means at some point, cable news may become a thing of the past.
Broadcast doesn't seem to have this problem because they have a limited amount of time for news.
Maybe it's time to cut the cord and go retro.

Anonymous said...

Although Stephen Colbert won an Emmy or was it two, for best writing and hosting variety series, Jon Stewart can be proud. He owns both TDS and The Colbert Report. So either way, he wins....big.
He has bested Bill Maher at least 14 times, and that's a good thing,
as Martha Stewart would say.
Having a smart talk show that has a theme takes experience and good writers who are willing to edit and check sources. It's called work, and some CNN anchor learned the hard way, that it isn't just coming in because you're YOU, and reading a teleprompter, and delegating the HARD PART, to others. Most good shows don't get canceled and go on to win Emmys.

Anonymous said...

Andy Cohen told Kelly Ripa, on WWHL, that she and her new co host, have the highest rated talker during the day.
So I guess Kelly is doing quite well without Anderson and Regis.
Cohen also gave a preview of the questions he will ask the fellow felons of HWONJ, next week and he wasn't kind.
Teresa and Joe probably are not at liberty to discuss the legal implications of these indictments, BUT, Cohen asked some really tough questions. Good for him.