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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Anderson Cooper's Interview with Senator Lindsey Graham 10/16/13

"We overplayed our hand so badly.  By the end we had just a pair of 2's." - Lindsey Graham

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Anonymous said...

OK...So Lindsey Graham had a sane moment too. We'll give him that, he's old.

Anonymous said...

Fix 360 Later. The show could be so much better.
Where's the content and please diversify the news.
There is too little news and interesting topics. Take
Part LIve is way better. If a network like Pivot can
find a way to make the news interesting, why can't
CNN ? Pivot is not even a news channel but has
found a unique approach to news delivery. Heck
TPL does not even bleep the f-bomb. Of course,
it comes on at midnight.

Anonymous said...

According to TVN, 360 Later lost to Last Word during the shutdown/debt ceiling/possible default week. CNN actually underperformed. TPL is too edgy for CNN. It's more of an MSNBC show. Ironically, the do assemble better panels and topics than CNN. In many ways CNN is looking stale rather than fresh. There is nothing news about CNN. Consider This on AJAM is better than 360 Later. I discovered the show while channel scanning when I was annoyed by the pundits on 360 Later. The content and guests should be better for 360. Right now the show makes Anderson look like he is the moderator for Crossfire.

Anonymous said...

CNN 's biggest issues is sloppy reporting. The RNC was able to make a fool out of CNN. They are the ones behind the fire Sebilius stories that CNN has been doing lately. At the same time Bloomberg did real journalism about what are the real issues and why there are problems with glitches. The SCOTUS delayed the code programers getting the info for the codes. Bloomberg showed how difficult and complex this is. It is not just building a website. Also, Aljazeera did something interesting. They went to Georgia, a state that set up obstacles for the ACA. They went to California and a man got insurance that will only cost him 1 dollar a month. You can bet that the states where GOP governors tried to make it difficult is where there is the most problems. Yes, it is fair to ask hard questions but don't just read a script handed to you by the GOP.

Anonymous said...

CNN lost me a long time ago. I switched to AJE. Looking at the posts on this blog, I don't think
CNN will get me back as a viewer. Yikes.

Anonymous said...

Don't know what CNN did yesterday but when looking at the ratings on TV NEWSER viewers were not feeling CNN. The network is a distant 3rd. What happened with both editions of 360 last night ?

Anonymous said...

Maybe it's time for a Your Views on the News segment.