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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Ari Fleisher Leaves CNN for Fox News

Ari Fleisher is no longer a political pundit CNN.  Fleischer’s sent out tweets yesterday and today saying he would be appearing on Fox News’ “Hannity” and Fox Business’ “Cavuto.”

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Anonymous said...

Hopefully CNN will get rid of all of their political pundits. Political commentators are much better, allowing the viewers to make up their own opinions.

Anonymous said...

A "pity party" is not justified in Ari's case....good riddens to 'bad garb...' He was obnoxious.
And he will do well on Fox News which excels at being obnoxious.

Anonymous said...

CNN still has not caught on that the pundits and the constant left vs right is going nowhere. CNN is not even in the game and is falling behind. FNC has viewers but a big demo issue and MSNBC is challenging FNC in the demo. According to TVN TRMS beat Kelly File. Also, Last Word tied Hannity. Even All In is getting creative with video montages that are very informative. CNN is just plain annoying with all of the bickering. Pundit fatigue is real and CNN can't deal with it.

Anonymous said...

I like the idea of having Jake Tapper hosting a second program at 11:00PM for half an hour. I remember a while ago, tv listings had the 11:00PM-11:30PM time slot as "Wrap-Up with Jake Tapper". Hopefully this will happen.

Unguarded with Rachel Nichols premieres Friday October 25th at 10:30PM. I wonder what will air at the 10:00PM time slot on Fridays if they are already airing the Crossfire repeat at 11:30PM.

Anonymous said...

The pundits is why CNN's shutdown and potential
default is not working for the network. CNN makes
no sense at all and there are too many lies, It just
does not pass the smell test. CNN sounds dumb
and coming across as clueless. Luke Russert makes
Jake Tapper look like he is in daycare when it comes
to real reporting on the situation. Tapper seems to
have forgotten that we are here because of the effort
by the GOP to defund Obamacare. CNN thinks the
talking points are facts. CNN sounds as crazy as the
people who caused this stiuation. MSNBC is killing
CNN from 5-11 PM.

Anonymous said...

Here's why Fox News will keep on winning big time.
I predicted Megyn Kelly would be a winner in primetime and she even beat Bill O'Reilly in his own demo.
Jeff Zucker is asleep at the switch.
Instead of using the talent he had, and focusing on their strong points, he let talent go for unknowns or knowns on different networks.
He had enough talent, like Soledad O'Brien, to use her effectively, but no, he let her go for what reason, so he could hire a person who is director of diversity.
Does that make sense?
Roger Ailes is smart. He analyzes everyones strong points and places them in key positions and doesn't cater to one person. He creates talent and keeps them happy.
Maybe Jeff Zucker should DO LUNCH WITH AIELS instead of Katie Couric.

Anonymous said...

So happy to see the smug and irritating Ari Fleischer out of CNN. Maybe they'll lose the awful Ana Navarro next.