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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Jessica Yellin Leaves CNN

TVNewser is reporting 'correspondent Jessica Yellin is parting ways with the cabler. CNN shuffled its DC correspondent lineup in August sending Yellin from the White House beat to domestic affairs correspondent.
Yellin has been with CNN for 6 years. Previously, she worked at ABC News and at MSNBC.'

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Anonymous said...

She always seemed in over her head reporting from the White House to me.

Anonymous said...

Yes indeed. Jeff Zucker is doing really well in keeping his talent happy....another defector from someone who was a rising star, and Yellin was good at it, eager and enthusiastic.
In Todays USA Today, in the business section, it warned that if Congress doesn't get its act together by Oct.17th, Social Security payments will be effected.
Ok folks...this is it.
If the senior constituency isn't getting what they worked for all these years, there be BE H... to pay.
Republicans are on life support now.
Get ready to delete yourselves politically, Republicans because there will be a REACTION to not receiving Social Security and WE BLAME YOU.
And CNN will only have Dana Bash doing leg work on this, so unfortunately, CNN will start reporting our dissatisfaction with the GOP....last.
Good Job Zucker!

Phebe said...

anonymous 7:48, I couldn't disagree with you more. Jessica Yellin was heads above the current CNN Sr. WH correspondent Brianna Keilar, IMO.

Anonymous said...

CNN's political reporting stinks. CNN is covering the
shutdown like Washington insiders and not the big
story it is, like cause and effect. I saw a report on
AJAM this morning about how GA farmers are hut by
the shutdown because the Agriculture Dept is closed.
They can't get loans or data. Isn't CNN in Georgia. CNN
also missed the veterans death benefits story but some
how Andrea Mitchell found out about it. CNN is not
doing any decent reporting. Knock it all with the both
sides off to blame lie CNN. The Social Security disaster
does not have to happen. Open the government
back up and raise the debt ceiling.

Anonymous said...

Wolf Blitzer is in hot water for comments he made on Wednesday about taking the republicans advice and delaying Obamacare for a year. There is a huge backlash developing and he is trying to walk the comments back saying he was just talking about the website, Unfortunately, the words that came from his mouth are GOP talking points. CNN is a hot mess .

Anonymous said...

While CNN languishes in its 'made up PR,' Fox News and MSNBC are sweeping the floor them, as we speak.
MSNBC, just last nite, according to TVN, was in the millions across the board and Fox News is sweeping the floor with Everyone. In fact, I personally will hand them the broom to clean up the mess Zucker has made of CNN.
And kudos to Megyn Kelly for getting Judge Judy Sheindlin, the highest paid personality on TV, for a guest appearance.
Judge Judy refused to go on Piers Morgan, after Larry King was abruptly fired from CNN....and she stuck to it.
So now, Fox News 'got the get.' I couldn't be happier.

Anonymous said...

Boy CNN is changing it's tune in the wake of the
NBC?WSJ poll. CNN missed it again. The crap CNN
was peddling about both sides are to blame was
erroneous reporting. CNN keeps trying to put all
Americans in a box. They need to wake up and
understand that Americans are not stupid and
will no longer rely on cable news for facts or
accurate reporting. CNN is becoming a distant
3rd and it's their approach to politics. It is the
21st century. Move on CNN. Get over the left
as right mentality. As John Kennedy said : the
world is very different know. IF you pick up a
history book you will learn that no society was
able to survive with out a strong government.
Americans want government to work not to
fall apart and collapse. Maybe now TEAnn will
se that Americans are fed up with the tea party
and what they have don to our political system,

Anonymous said...

CNN is becoming a distant third because they "lie."
They say that they don't take sides
but everything they do is slanted towards the right.
Every panel discussion, every pundit, every anchor, slants his reporting to make it appear it is all Obama's doing and poor Boehner had not one thing to do with this disaster called a government shutdown that is costing the tax payer, billions.
The GOP decided long ago, if Obama got a second term, they would ultimately "tie his hands," and make him appear nothing would get done, and the electorate be damned for giving "him" a second term.
CNN should be ashamed of itself, for doing such a poor job of investigative journalism, which is no investigation at all.
CNN needs to clean house, top to bottom starting with Zucker and everyone in management for total incompetence.

Anonymous said...

There are just so many things you can blame on Republicans.
Certainly the Government shutdown goes right to the heart of the right wing establishment and they should own it.
But when it comes to Obamacare and the troubled website, according to the NYTimes, there were numerous indications of problems that could occur, way before the gov't shutdown.
The President had been warned that there were multiple glitches in the insurance software and that it could take months before things were ironed out so that the public could actually access the website.
We all know that hindsight is 20/20
but the question remains, why didn't this Administration be more forthcoming about the problems of just "logging on?"
Were they too hasty in their decision to jump start a program that they knew wouldn't go smoothly, or was the POTUS just obstinate because of the political wrangling in Congress?
In any event, it is the public once again, that is getting the raw end of this deal.

Anonymous said...

I hope she moves to FOX (to bring some left into FOX) that seems are all of Former CNN TV anchors have gone to =P