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Friday, November 1, 2013

From TDS: Good Thing or Bad Thing

Is it a good thing or a bad thing?

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Anonymous said...

He's right, CNN is getting dumber and has been for a while. In fact, its gotten so dumb, many of the anchors know it and that is why they come across so condescending. Zucker has made CNN worse. I thought Piers Morgan was the nail in the coffin and then I was sure Burnett was the final nail - I couldn't get worse AND THEN Zucker gets NEWT GINGRICH!! Oh, that's it - no more, it can't get worse. Dumb, dumber, and dumbest.

Anonymous said...

Jon Stewart is right on point about CNN. Those demos are getting dangerously low for CNN according to TVN.

Anonymous said...

Agreed. Zucker certainly hasn't improved the network.

Anonymous said...

I saw TDS show and every other anchor is saying "Good thing or bad thing."
Must have had a host meeting and this was the new catch phrase that Zucker told them to use to stress neutrality.
We say this to school age children, "an apple with a worm in it," good thing or bad thing?
A network with a nut job as President...good thing or bad thing?

Anonymous said...

Everything Jeff Zucker has done at CNN has been a failure for the network. You don't have to be a rocket scientist to see that CNN is struggling. Zucker had nothing to do with Anthony Bourdain or CNN Films, Jan 2014 will mark 1 year of Jeff Zucker at CNN. Zucker destroyed NBC and now you can add CNN to his list. Everyone agrees with JS. CNN is terrible. The goal of CNN management seems to be to lose viewers. Viewers are not feeling CNN for good reason. Jeff Zucker has done so much damage that any successor will have a very difficult time convincing viewers to come back to watching CNN.

I agree that the cliches are standards and practices at CNN along with making your anchors and reporters look dumb and clueless. Come 2014 CNN will be looking for a new news president. The Jeff Zucker experiment has to end but it's to late. Let's see if CNN is 3rd with the breaking news out of LAX. If MSNBC tops CNN on this story, CNN is toast. For years breaking news got CNN a bump in breaking news but with the circus atmosphere it's hard to take CNN seriously. Bloomberg is a business network and they do a better job at handling the news than CNN. Who want to watch the circus that is CNN. Don't waste viewers time.

Anonymous said...

I've spoken about this before and will again because I'm passionate about CNN.

CNN America has failed and will not get any better. CNN International is the #1 english language news channel all over the world. Replace CNN America with CNN International, renaming it all simply to CNN.

Whenever there is major breaking news or any major US political event such as elections, primaries, or debates going on, there has always been a simulcast. Even an event such as the LAX shooting the other day was simulcasted around the world for hours. My point is that CNN America simulcasts around the world for pretty much any event going on in the United States, so why not just go ahead and replace it with CNN International.

More Americans want international news and CNN International has plenty of great, informative programs. Keep all of the good American anchors and reporters. Anderson Cooper, Wolf Blitzer, Chris Cuomo, Candy Crowley, Jake Tapper, etc.

Have Chris Cuomo paired up with someone new to do a news show airing during US morning hours. Have Wolf Blitzer and Anderson Cooper host programs during US primetime hours. (Their current programs are already simulcasted anyway).

Finally, CNN needs to also completely eliminate the term "Breaking News". The damage is completely done. Begin using something like "Major News Bulletin" when something major happens so to speak.

Anonymous said...

"More Americans want international news and CNN International has great informative programs."
Wish this sentence was true, but it is not.
Americans are virtually illiterate when it comes to international anything and they don't want more, most would rather have less.
This is one reason and a major factor about our educational system that is weak.
We speak one language and some don't even speak it well, while foreign countries speak their native language and mandatory English. Foreigners are far more interested in news from the US than we are, and we could care less what is happening worldwide, unless it directly effects our way of life.
Sorry but this is the sad truth.
Ask anyone connected with the news industry and they will tell you, Americans are uninterested in foreign affairs.

Anonymous said...

Jeff Zucker = bad thing.

Anonymous said...


I agree that MOST American's aren't in international news.

However, in today's world of a million cable channels (+ Youtube, Twitter etc) you don't need to go after the mainstream crowd.

Better get a loyal niche audience - which certain advertisers can target.

Bloomberg has a small audience - but an audience that is attractive to advertisers.

If, say, 5% of Americans are interested in international news --- and CNN offers them quality programmes which that specific audience demographic tunes in regularly --- that equals a win in today's multi-channel world.

Marketing guru Seth Godin is correct - focus on the niche.

CNN tries to do too much (sports, celebrity, political pundits etc etc) and ends up do nothing well.

Anonymous said...

You heard it here first : will Aljazeera Ameirca try to lure Anderson Cooper from CNN ? Hollywood Deadline says they just hired Ray Suarez to anchor 1 of their primary shows Inside Story. There has never been a better fit for Anderson. It's no secret that AJAM needs a big name in prime time and that Anderson's contract is about to end at CNN . Have him anchor an 8 PM show. America Tonight is their signature show and is currently anchored by Joie Chen. Hollywood Deadline has been reporting news on all of the moves by AJAM lately. Be very afraid CNN. Looks like AJAM is setting itself up to fill the news void. Can't help but think that AJAM is gearing up for something big in 2014.

Anonymous said...

Variety has a fascinating article on cable news and how 2014 is shaping up to be interesting. AJA is intriguing to watch because according to Variety the network says young global minded viewers who want serious journalism are their target audience. CNN, MSNBC & FNC have demo issues. It's possible that AJA is positioning itself to become the news version of ESPN. A network with demos that competitors can only dream about. CNN ;has to combat this and fast. During LAX CNN could not attract 1 million viewers. That's sad.