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Monday, November 18, 2013

Words Fail Us....

We don't do a weekly ratings post any longer because frankly it was just too depressing.  But even after tracking the numbers for years we are shocked by Friday night's ratings as posted on TV Newser.

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Anonymous said...

Wow, that really is shocking! We are nearing the one year mark of Jeff Zucker and he still has barely touched primetime. It is now being reported that Don Lemon will be filling in for Erin Burnett when she goes on maternity leave, and that CNN will be giving him a prime time run for a new half hour program beginning in December at 11:00PM.

Anonymous said...

From the looks of all the cablers, reporting from the Philippines took a dive.
Maybe we're just tuning out disasters and after you've seen one, you've seen them all.
I know that is a harsh statement, but there is so much you can take and there is so much you can donate.
And as Americans, I've said this before, we are just not all that interested in what doesn't directly effect us.
Yes, we all gave for Haiti and the Jersey shore, but again, everyone has their hand out this time of year and unless you had relatives in the Philippines, most of us would rather be watching clips of an assassination that DID
capture out attention and interrupt an entire generation, that happened fifty years ago than hello, another huge well, storm. duh.
CNN can no longer depend on Anderson Cooper for Breaking News or what else is new??

Anonymous said...

Don Lemon deserves a spot in primetime. He has been on weekend
updates for many years and he is more than capable.
And I personally think 11:00 is too late. He's a pro. By now he should be treated like one.
Why not try him in the 10PM slot?
Cooper isn't doing well in that time period anyway. Why does he still have two time slots?
Fox News would have placed the best person at 10PM and it isn't Anderson anymore.

Anonymous said...

Ouch. That's gotta hurt. Viewers are really
mad at CNN. Jeff Zucker really messed up.

Anonymous said...

Time for CNN International to replace CNN America.

Anonymous said...

I know others have talked about it and now I must concur, the tension between Cuomo and Bolduan is palpable. They cant stand each other and its obvious. Cant blame Bolduan, I would be mad too if my co-host publicly threw me under the bus.

Also, I think Don Lemon filling in is a great idea! I'll be glad when Burnett is gone. Looking forward to seeing the 11:00 show.

Anonymous said...

Run viewers run. I don't feel sorry for CNN at all. Everyone knew this was coming. It's no longer a matter of if but when will CNN hit rock bottom. Obviously, the ratings have not caught the attention of the suits. CNN has no idea what it wants to do or be. Jon Stewart is right they are terrible. The train wreck is live and in progress. Dumbing down the news is not helping. When you have a dramatic drop in viewership like this, you got problems. Those viewers are not coming back. Viewers are hip. They can see that CNN is whacked. Who can bring themselves to watch ? There is clearly a disconnect between CNN and viewers. Come 2014 there will be so many stories on the colossal failure of CNN.

Anonymous said...

Anyone want to take a guess about Zucker's annual salary?

$10 million maybe?

Time Warner CEO Jeff Bewkes can't be that surprised at the low ratings of CNN .... NBC also took a dive under Zucker.

Anonymous said...

Don Lemon found a disgusting way to finally get himself in primetime and I'm not going to forgive him or watch him. He's a disgrace to African-Americans.

Anderson Cooper has renewed his contract through 2016 so apparently CNN isn't worried about his ratings since the entire network is not doing well.

Anonymous said...

@2:30PM: Of course Anderson remained at CNN.
He is the captain of a sinking ship.
On any other network, especially Fox, he'd be just another worker bee.
He loves the limelight. That's why he appears with Kathy Griffin every New Years.
And every New Years, his ratings get lower and lower.
Instead of Lettermen, he should go on Jon Stewart....who would ask him exactly WHY he stayed at CNN.....MONEY HONEY.

Anonymous said...

You have to wonder why CNN renews AC's contracts (I'm not asking as one of the AC haters here, I like him) if he's not bringing in big ratings. If there are others out there who might be bigger draws than AC as some seem to think here, why don't they just let him go? None of the new bosses has ever fooled with AC and tried to dump him. He may not have the ratings but he must have some kind of following that keeps him there. Strombo didn't work out, Piers Morgan didn't turn CNN around the way he predicted he would, but AC manages to stay regardless of his ratings. It may not be evident to some here, but AC does have name-value and respect as a reporter. I guess CNN wants to hang onto that since they don't have much else.

Anonymous said...

(AC does seem to have name value
as a reporter.)
Yes, this is true and that's probably why CNN continues to renew his contract. BUT HE really
doesn't want to be a reporter any
longer. He wasnts to be a "personality," a star, if you will, so he can go to all the 'Holywood' parties and hang with Madonna and well, be young forever.
He'd jump at the chance to co-anchor with Kelly permanently or be Ellen. If he were only funny or even, fun.
This doesn't describe a reporter.
It describes someone with the "Peter Pan" syndrome.