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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Jay Leno and Jeff Zucker Together Again at CNN?

Rumors have been popping up all over the place that CNN could be Jay Leno's new home once his contract expires at NBC.  Here's a little reading if you're interested:

The Wire
Hollywood Reporter
Huffington Post

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Anonymous said...

I don't feel this could happen but if it does, I do see Jeff Zucker putting him against Jon Stewart perhaps. Not even for an hour, but for 30 minutes. If not weekdays, perhaps weekends. However it didn't work with DL Hughley. Jay Leno however has filled in for the Today Show before and wasn't bad at all. So if his program is LIVE and there ever is Breaking News, I'm sure he could handle it.

All together though, I'm not too optimistic about the future of the new CNN under Jeff Zucker.

Anonymous said...

@1:30PM: How could you put Jay Leno and Jon Stewart in the same sentence, and then compare them??
Jon Stewart is far superior intellectually than Jay Leno.
His writers are far superior than even Bill Maher's writers and Stewart has won more Emmys than anyone can count.
Jay Leno is a dull late nite comic, period.
Jon Stewart is beyond a comic. He has established himself as a genius of political satire.
Maybe you should start "thinking clearly" about what you write, or better yet, apply for a job at CNN. You're more than qualified!

Anonymous said...

Now here, are two people who are
twins, separated at birth.
Intellectually, exactly the same.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps it is you that needs to start "thinking clearly" about what YOU write. This is All Things CNN and if you at all keep up with this blog or read any of the 4 news articles attached TO THIS post, you would have read that Jeff Zucker is looking to put someone on CNN that would have a Daily Show-type program. You were looking too hard into the comment without knowing any of the rumors floating around. Not once was there a "superior" comparison with Jon Stewart, so calm your horses. If you've been hearing the Jeff Zucker rumors, it's a KNOWN fact that HE wants someone to compete with Jon Stewart. That could even be Bill Weir. By the way, even though Jay Leno is leaving the Tonight Show, he is still crowned the king of Late Night. More people watch him than Letterman or Kimmel. And if you continued reading the comment, it says "All together thought, I'm NOT too optimistic about the future of the new CNN under Jeff Zucker". The comment even says "it didn't work with D.L. Hughley" Never was it mentioned in that comment it would be a good idea. It is all just observations...

Anonymous said...

10.37 pm needs to read the Mediaite article. In it it says:

There have also been rumors that Zucker wants to create a program modeled on Comedy Central’s The Daily Show for CNN.

If you click on the link in that article provided, it will show you another article talking about how cnn is looking for a daily show type host. It wasn't the idea of 1.30 pm's comment. You may personally not like Leno, but he is quite popular. No comparison to Jon Stewart though.

Anonymous said...

CNN has been shopping for an 11 PM show. This is
going to happen.CNN has been dropping hints that come 2014 there will be fewer newscast.

Anonymous said...

"YOU, were looking too hard into the comment without knowing any of the "rumors" flying around.'
Yes, they are 'rumors' and I don't spend my time reading about Jeff Zucker's next stupid move, whether there are four articles about him or none.
There cannot be another, "Jon Stewart type of program."
Anderson found that out the hard way. You'd think CNN would have learned something from this failure.
It is very hard to "reproduce political satire." Jon Stewart has an inate dynamic wit that everyone else lacks.
I will restate my claim: Jon Stewart is a politcal genius who happens to entertain us with smart satire.
And Jay Leno is a third rate comic and always will be.