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Monday, December 16, 2013

Your Views on the News 12/16/13

Take a second out of your busy holiday preparations to give us your views or just kvetch about CNN or whatever else is on your mind.

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Anonymous said...


The ONLY way CNN will be able to save its brand is to replace CNN America with CNN International. CNN America has unfortunately tanked. Jeff Zucker needs to GO. I wish Ted Turner would speak up. CNN International definitely needs to take over. It is the #1 international english language news channel.

Move all the great American anchors and reporters along to it. Most of them (like Anderson Cooper or Wolf Blitzer) already have their shows simulcasted anyway, not to mention there are always simulcasts of American major breaking news reports or political events.

So why not? CNN is known all over the world and I do believe that American viewers will tune back in if this ever did happen. I don't see CNN America going uphill. 2014 will not be a better year.

I love CNN and want it to succeed but unfortunately I don't see that happening with Jeff Zucker…unless he saves the brand now.

Anonymous said...

I think that Robin Meade, Dr. Drew, Jane Velez Mitchell and Showbiz Tonight should all move to CNN. I don't think Don Lemon can carry a show on his own, but he might work well with Jane Velez Mitchell. Dr. Drew should be on after AC360. I also would keep AC360 Later.

Anonymous said...

Since I am of the Jewish faith, I love to hear a good 'Kvetch' every now and again.
And I just happen to be one of the best kevetchers I know.
The Colorado shooting was not a surprise. It will happen again because nothing was done about Newtown. Nothing was done about Columbine...not really.
Colorado's gun laws are lax, and people with a gripe and a gun, will take advantage of it.
And the response, no matter how many are killed, will be the same, shock, and horror, and total ambivalence to gun control.
We will have the necessary vigils and dispair, and say wonderful things about the departed, but we'll do nothing to stop guns from getting into the wrong hands.
Oh, this one was gotten "legally"
will be the response.
The second Amendment needs to be amended. Period. It is out dated and letting the NRA get away with yes, murder, because they yell louder, and seem to be more passionate about their purpose, is getting us no where.
And this was not a was meant to be a thought provoking comment that NEEDS to be dealt with.....asap.

Anonymous said...

Anyone know what happened to AC360 Later? They seemed to have dropped it without any explanation. The ratings probably weren't great but when it was announced that AC renewed his contract, AC360 Later was a part of it, now it's never on. I wish CNN would just say one way or another what's happened to the show.

Anonymous said...

Piers Morgan had Barbara Walters on to promote her upcoming List of the Twenty most interesting people, or is it ten, I wasn't exactly concentrating.
I was too busy looking at Barbara who is now in her mid eighties and never looked better.
I suppose she too has had "some work" done, as they say.
But other people look as though they've had too much work done at that age.
Barbara knows when to stop, and that order.

Anonymous said...

According to TVN, Jeff Zucker's next brilliant idea is in the works.
He's actually considering hiring that renowned journalist....Jay Leno, when Jay's contract expires.
Yes, I too thought Leno was a comic, but I guess his stage expertise has convinced Zucker that he is well qualified to be the next, what Piers Morgan??
Or maybe on a really slow news day, with CNN they're all slow, he'll tell lame political satire, only this time no one is laughing.

Anonymous said...

According to TVN, "The View" is still stuck on Megyn Kelly's Santa is white controversy.
Bill O'Reilly and the rest of his gang needs to be told one truth.
"Santa is the same ethnicity as the child who believes in him."
And if that's the only controversy Megyn Kelly is involved in, than she's at the right network. Next stop is the Disney Channel where she can talk all she wants about mythical characters and their ethnicity.
(Black or White, Santa hasn't gotten this much publicity in years!)

Anonymous said...

Huffpost is reporting that the teen at Arapahoe High School in Colorado, who was shot in the head, randomly by Karl Pierson, died today from severe head injuries.
If we'eve learned nothing else its Colorado has no intention of learning any lessons from that of the Columbine massacre or the most recent shooting, both in Littleton.
And after Newtown, on the East Coast, this is a triple play tragedy.
No one is speaking about this past death because after all, ONLY, one person died. Well two, the shooter and his victim, but no one is counting, because no one really cares all that much.
We shake our heads in sympathy and then say, "But what can be done?"
We have to abide by the Second Amendment and the shooter got his weapon legally. (And HOW, did HE get into the school?) just asking.
The shooter was after the person who taught library science because she dared to discipline him. Teachers used to be afraid of the parents calling the principal if they dared to discipline a student's bad behavior. Now teachers have to worry that "the student will come back and retaliate by shooting them as well.
Folks, teachers AREN'T PAID ENOUGH, for all this harrassment.
Here's a multiple choice question:
Which of the two is most important?
a) A good education or b) the right to carry an automatic weapon into a school?
Because in the end, you will never have both.
And this is not a rant. It is an observation.

Anonymous said...

Hannity has some nerve placing the POTUS on his "Biggest Losers List." (List clip appears on TVN)
Yes, the President made a gigantic error in misjudging the readiness of his healthcare website, and he should have been more involved from the very beginning instead of leaving this huge responsibility to his underlings.
However, where was Hannity's 'Losers List' back in say 07 when the Bush Administration almost lost financial control of the government and the private sector?
How quickly the opposition forgets
or wants the populace to forget, and we still haven't straightened out unemployment....the same MESS
BUSHY BOY left us with.
If Obama is on the Losers List, so goes Cheney and Bush...both should be at the top of the blame chain game.
I say place Hannity himself on the Boob Tube List.

Anonymous said...

On Sixty Minutes tonite, Steve Kroft introduced an Anderson Cooper segment on crocodiles.
I find this a bit strange, because usually the person who did the piece, which first aired in March, introduces the segment,
not another correspondent.
Maybe it was because this story was a repeat of the original, but Cooper could have taped an updated introduction for the piece. No one would have been any the wiser,
but then 013 has not been a very good year content wise, for "60 Minutes." Just another example of 'slap happy' journalism on this program.

Anonymous said...

Do we really have to know Robin Roberts sexuality? I haven't missed one nights sleep thinking about it, and neither has anyone else.
I too was caught up in her devastating illness and her recovery.
She is a wonderful, energetic, talented GMA morning host and her sexuality is no one elses business one way or the other. Whether she's a Lesbian or she's isn't has nothing to do with what she does for a living and if we didn't feel the need to post everything on the "social network," it would be a better world.
And now that I do know, what...?