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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Anderson Cooper Pays Tribute to Departing John Zarrella

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Anonymous said...

Gonna miss John a lot. The Ramada Inn clip is my fave.

Anonymous said...

Well Kathy Griffin and her sidekick Anderson, have to be more
entertaining on NYE.
Fox News won the nite according to TVN on cable, and who won in the broadcast channels?
Do we know? Do we care?
It must have been Ryan Seacrest, although I've not seen any of the ratings data.
So Kathy and Andy, we are expecting more than just Andy holding up a sign: Thou shall not be beaten on NYE!

Anonymous said...

Who is the overpaid person at CNN who always has Kathy Griffin on NYE with Anderson Cooper. Granted the reportedly are great friends but does he really need her to boost his ratings.Its very obvious what she wants to do with/to him &she doesnt care what he thinks.Surely to goodness CNN can come upcwith better at least if you want better ratings.or maybe you dont pay attention to what is being saidJust another year we watched elsewhere.