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Friday, February 7, 2014

More News......

TVNewser is reporting that AC360 Later has been cancelled.  Funny that they mention the news in the same sentence with reporting that Jay Leno ended his late night run at NBC.  Coincidence?  Only time will tell since the 10 PM hour at CNN now is a television wasteland again.

Former CNN'er James Carville has signed with Fox News according to The Hollywood Reporter.  Talk about oil and water.....

According to an anonymous tipster CNN's new 11AM program hosted by John Berman and Michaela Periera will be called "This Hour" and debut on Monday and Wolf Blitzer's 1PM Newsroom hour will be retitled to "Wolf",

And from CNN:

Michelle Kosinski Joins CNN as White House Correspondent

Bash and Brown Take on New Roles as the 2014 and 2016 Campaigns Approach

Michelle Kosinski has been named CNN White House correspondent, it was announced today by Sam Feist, CNN senior vice president and Washington bureau chief.  Kosinski will join senior White House correspondent Jim Acosta as CNN’s on-air team at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.  In addition, Dana Bash and Pamela Brown have been given new responsibilities in WashingtonAs previously announced, Brianna Keilar has been named senior political correspondent and Suzanne Malveaux returns to the nation’s capital as national correspondent.
“We have put together a powerhouse team of outstanding journalists whose reporting is second to none,” said Feist. “With Michelle, Dana, Pamela, Brianna and Suzanne, as well as our large roster of accomplished journalists, CNN is positioned to deliver the most in-depth, high caliber and informative political coverage anywhere.”
Michelle Kosinski joins CNN from NBC News as White House correspondent this month.  Kosinski’s vast experience covering both domestic and international affairs will be particularly valuable as she covers the administration. While at NBC, she covered a range of international and national stories for the network, including the unrest in Afghanistan, Russian politics and issues, the death of Nelson Mandela, the assassination of Benazir Bhutto, terrorist threats and attacks in London, Glasgow and Germany, and the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. Kosinski was also instrumental to NBC’s Emmy-Award winning election night coverage in 2008. Prior to her work at NBC News, Kosinski received an Emmy award for her reporting on immigration issues for WTVJ-NBC 6 in Miami. Kosinski earned Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees from the Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University in Chicago.
            Dana Bash, chief congressional correspondent, who continues to break numerous stories while covering Congress, will also serve as the network’s lead reporter covering the Republican field of 2016 presidential hopefuls. Bash has covered Congress and presidential campaigns for more than a decade, and is a three-time honoree of the prestigious Dirksen Award, as well as the Joan S. Barone Award for excellence in congressional reporting.  In 2004, Bash extensively covered the George W. Bush re-election campaign from start to finish.  In 2008, she covered and interviewed the field of Republican contenders on the campaign trail and was CNN’s primary reporter on John McCain’s presidential campaign after he clinched the GOP nomination, contributing to the network’s 2008 Peabody Award.  She was a key player in CNN’ America’s Choice 2012 election coverage, reporting from the field and inside vote counting centers across the country on primary and caucus nights. Bash was also pivotal to CNN’s Emmy-Award winning election night coverage in 2012.
Pamela Brown, who has reported extensively for “New Day” and has also covered important stories across the network, has been named CNN’s new Justice correspondent. Since joining CNN in 2013, she has covered major breaking news stories, including the Boston marathon attacks, the Cleveland kidnappings, and the Oklahoma tornadoes. In Brown’s new role, she’ll cover crime and justice issues, including law enforcement stories and Supreme Court cases. She began her career at ABC7/WJLA-TV and NewsChannel8 in Washington, D.C., where she became a Sunday evening anchor and an Emmy-nominated special projects reporter covering several national and international stories.  Brown has generated several reports on the widespread problem of human sex trafficking in the U.S. and abroad, and local police are now presenting her exclusive investigative reports at human trafficking conferences and schools to help educate students, teachers and the community on the crisis. Her reporting also helped lead to the arrest and conviction of a suspected child pornographer.  Brown succeeds Joe Johns, who was recently promoted to senior Washington correspondent. She begins her new assignment next month.

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Anonymous said...

Very upset to hear about AC360Later's cancellation. CNN didn't do a single thing to promote AC360Later and it's a shame because it was a good show, not perfect, but there were many nights when it was the best show on CNN. I will miss it and am annoyed with CNN's current management and direction.

Anonymous said...

I certainly agree with above. CNN has ond of the best journalists in the business but current management seems like it could care less. There is little if any direction at CNN no wonder ratings are down. Lets get some decent direction and get this organization at top of ratings where it belongs.

Anonymous said...

Seriously, I agree with the previous comments. What the hell is up with CNN management? We obviously have a group of people who are not passionate about what they are supposed to be doing. It is now become obvious that they are only happy with their paychecks. C'mon CNN! Jeff Zucker has been with you for over a year and prime time has barely flinched. GET TO IT! I don't know why it's taking too long. Have a group of people sit together and brainstorm the ideal CNN schedule and make it happen! Why has this taken forever?

Anonymous said...

"but it was the best show on CNN."
Now that statement alone is the kiss of death.
How low do you have to go to be the best when your network is so low that it is now 43'rd in cable according to TVN.
Yes, Zucker didn't promote it.
Maybe he thought it didn't need promotion because Anderson has/had a following but most nights that I watched, the discussion was lame and there was zero chemistry between AC and the his guests.
The question you need to ask yourselves is: How much IMPUT did AC WANT to have in this show?
A blogger for ATA asked the question: Why did AC ever resign with CNN?
The ONLY answer any reasonable person can come up with is, hello, MONEY.
And to be quite honest, does Fox need Anderson?
Does MSNBC really need Anderson?
The answer is NO, Nada to both.
But CNN does need now he can sit and read the teleprompter and visit with Kelly
for mucho dineros.
End of story.

Anonymous said...

If Jay Leno was brought into CNN to replace Piers Morgan, I actually would be fine with this. Piers HAS to go. However, I would assume Jay wouldn't have any sort of opening monologue. I don't see him doing stand up on CNN. Jay Leno is an excellent interviewer whether it is a celebrity or a politician. He has interviewed presidents and news figures. He is very knowledgable of world events and has at times co-hosted the Today Show alongside Matt Lauer. Yes, the idea of him coming to CNN sounds crazy but I say again, I'd much rather have him instead of Piers Morgan. 9PM may not be best though. Perhaps 11PM would be ideal.

Anonymous said...

Disappointed to see AC360Later started out good AC relaxed smiling casual with tid loose sleeves rolled up obviously enjoying it then bac to formal appearance.Sure program needed a few tweeks most programs do.I was ne ver promoted one has to wonder iff Jeff Zucker was afraid he might hhave a real good program instead of one hecould just push around.Andersonis certainly one of the best if not the best in the business he should be lead news journalist for CNN & have full rein of whst content his program has &goodsupport staff to provide him with top stories in news what is "Breaking "& what is regulad keeping in mind that breaking news is only that when it happens not to be repeated as such ever hour. He should also be out & about inthe country &outside getting those issues he isgood at.Also CNN can do better than all thoseso called specials who wants to watch Anthony Bourdain all night/British Explosion. There is plenty of talent in CNN that can provide good programs to a wide soectrum of people news can always be put on ticker tape at bottom of screen. Ratings need to improve if present management doesnt have vision forit then change is needed. Staff need encouragement &praise never hurts &Jeff zucker needs to lay attention to public imput.

Anonymous said...

If Zucker had no intention of ever promoting AC360 Later properly, it never should've been given the go ahead in the first place, it's not fair to the viewers who enjoyed the show and were hoping it could continue. It MAY have continued with good promotion, but that never happened. I don't understand what Zucker's doing at all but it's not really helping CNN.

Anonymous said...

Pierso Morgan is staying far away from the Christie scandal because he made Chris Christie his friend and met him early in his campaign for Governorship, at a popular NJ Diner.
He then was invited to the Govenors home to meet the Mrs. and the kids. Piers thought early access to the Governor would give an exclusiveness, should Christie become President.
Piers, here's a clue: He's never going to be President now....never.
Chris Christie has become an embarrassment to the state of NJ and the GOP. Personally, I am looking forward to the day he and his staff are indicted.
And YOU, have to learn to play well with others and leave CNN.

Anonymous said...

Bill O'Reilly needs to start reading the Star Ledger: NJ's most prominent news in print edition, with a large circulation....even with the internet.
This past Sunday they chose to unendorse Chris Christie in an Op Ed: which stated that they were WRONG in their endorsement. They knew he was a bully BUT they had to make a choice between the two candidates and unfortunately, for the voting public, it happened to be in Christie's favor.
The Star Ledger apologized for their endorsement.
This is unheard of in media and it is a big deal in NJ and in the scandal.
TVN is reporting that the "scandal continues to simmer"
and Chris Matthews and Rachel Maddow are keeping the camp fires burning.
We have to thank them for being relentless in their pursuit of justice. Not too many anchors today are willing to do investigative journalism. They'd rather sit in front of the teleprompter and say: "So how did that make you feel?" And their ratings show it....CNN.