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Friday, February 14, 2014

Sunday Morning Programs 2/16/14

SUNDAY, February 16, 2014

INSIDE POLITICS – Sunday 8:30AM – 9:00AM

Topic:   GOP Debt Ceiling Battle; the Impact of the Economy; Obamacare in 2014 Elections; Whether Hillary Clinton’s Past Holds the Key to her 2016 Future
Guest: Robert Costa, national political reporter, The Washington Post
Guest: Annie Lowrey, economic policy reporter, The New York Times
Guest:  Maeve Reston, reporter, Los Angeles Times
Guest: Peter Hamby, political reporter, CNN

Anchor: John King

STATE OF THE UNION WITH CANDY CROWLEY -  Airs LIVE Sunday 9:00AM – 10:00AM and 12:00PM – 1:00PM

Topic:   Senate Agenda; Iran Talks; Syria
Guest: Sen. John McCain (R-AZ)

Topic:   Economic Outlook
Guest: Steve Forbes, Chairman and Editor-in-Chief, Forbes Media
Guest: Austan Goolsbee, Robert P. Gwinn Professor of Economics, University of Chicago

Topic:   Politics
Guest: Kevin Madden, CNN political commentator; republican strategist
Guest: Corey Dade, contributing editor, The Root
Guest: Margie Omero, managing director, Purple Insights

Anchor:  Candy Crowley

FAREED ZAKARIA GPS – Airs 10:00AM – 11:00AM and 1:00PM – 2:00PM     

Topic:   Is China at War With the Rest of the World?
Guest: Elizabeth Economy, PhD, Starr Senior Fellow and Director for Asia Studies, Council on Foreign Relations
Guest: Evan Osnos, staff writer, New Yorker; author, Age of Ambition Chasing Fortune, Truth and Faith in the New China (May 2014)

Topic:   The Economy; Janet Yellen; the Federal Reserve
Guest: Larry Summers, PhD, former U.S. Treasury Secretary (Clinton Administration); former Director of the Economic Council (Obama Administration)

Topic:   Cyber Threats: Real Dangers Coming Soon
Guest: Peter Singer, PhD, director, Center for 21 Century Security and Intelligence; senior foreign policy fellow, Brookings Institution
Topic:   How to be an Olympian
Guest: Charles Duhigg, investigative business reporter, The New York Times; author, The Power of Habit (2012)

Anchor:  Fareed Zakaria


Topic:   NFL prospect Michael Sam Announced that He’s Gay in a Well-Orchestrated Press Roll-Out. But In some of the Coverage Distorting the True Nature of the Football Culture into Which Sam is About to Enter?
Guest: Howard Bragman, founder,; representative, Michael Sam
Guest: Dan Flynn, editor, Breitbart Sports

Topic:   The Comcast Takeover of Time Warner Cable; Why it’s a Big Deal and Why Many are Looking at it With Great Caution
Guest: Craig Aaron, CEO, Free Press

Topic:   Newly Discovered Documents Provide Never before Seen Insight into Hillary Clinton and Her Views of the Press and Her Husband’s Relationship with Monica Lewinsky
Guest: Carl Bernstein, investigative journalist

Topic:   While Chris Christie Continues to be Dogged by the Lane Closure Scandal, Reporters Continue to Dig Up New Stories and to Reevaluate Old Ones for Signs of How the Governor Runs the State. Plus Does Christie‘s Fall Make New Room for a Rand Paul Candidacy?
Guest: Michael Smerconish, CNN commentator; radio host, “The Michael Smerconish Program” for SiriusXM radio

Topic:   West Virginia Continues to Suffer from the Aftermath of a Chemical Spill that Contaminated Drinking Water for Thousands, but You Might Not Know it from the Small Amount of News Coverage the Story has been Getting
Guest: Kallie Cart, anchor, WCHS-WVAH TV

Anchor: Brian Stelter

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Anonymous said...

I am enjoying Inside Politics with John King. Hopefully they can make it the permanent Sunday morning political program, or even bring back Late Edition.

Anonymous said...

Why is Don Lemon giving his opinion on the the Loud-Music verdict? Why can't the viewer make up their own mind? What happened to CNN and straight forward reporting?

Anonymous said...

Huffpost has a clip from Bill Maher's HBO Real Time, where he goes after politicians who want to run for the Presidency, but have too much Hillary, and now Chris Christie.
Bill says Christie is toast from the bridge scandal.
Let's hope he remains toast, in NJ when voters go to the polls in droves, to throw him out of office
as Governor.

Anonymous said...

The NYTimes took on the Loud Music verdict and said it proved to be a mistrial.
Again this alleged shooting took place in Florida and the jury was stuck on the same issue....the stand your ground ruling.
If justice is not being served time again on "stand your ground,"
why have it?"

Anonymous said...

I don't quite understand the Jordan Davis/Michael Dunn murder trial.
If Dunn found the music too loud, and many times this is disturbing the peace, why couldn't he just call the police and have them respond to the disturbance?
If this took place outside, why didn't he just move away from the loud music.
It's one thing if you're an apt. dweller, and the music is coming through the walls....there you are the victim of another person's noise and he's noncompliant to tenant rules and regulations.
Outside, in a public arena, someone should just move on along.
In any event, how could this possibly be, premeditated murder?
Dunn never planned to kill another person on that particular day, for playing music loud enough to disturb the peace.
So the jury came to the right decision.

Anonymous said...

Premeditated murder doesn't require the perpetrator to have considered murder for a certain amount of time. It is premeditated from the moment he chose to confront the kids with a gun and chose to fire the gun without duress. It does not matter what he was thinking when he woke up that day.

Anonymous said...

I am very much impressed with John Berman. I don't know anyone who has bad mouthed him. Can't believe he did 5AM, 11AM, 8PM, and 10PM. It's as if CNN is gearing him up for something bigger. I think he could be a winner in prime time.

Anonymous said...

10:13... the shooting is not alleged. The shooter, given the presumption of innocence is alleged to have shot someone but the fact the shooting happened is not disputed.

Anonymous said...

The fact remains that as long as Florida implements "stand your ground," you will most assuredly have cases of mistrial, hung juries, and perpetrators who are set free.
And here again, the NRA is running the show.

Anonymous said...

11:15pm - Berman is really good. I would love to see more of him in primetime. CNN has some talented dayside people but 7 - 11pm is frequently terrible.

Anonymous said...

CNN is having a rough 2014 so far. Next week the
ratings will come out for this month and it will be
very visible that CNN is in big trouble. I find myself
watching AMA and Pivot these days. Better content
than CNN. Just wish AJA would abandon the anchor
desk and crawl. News sets need to modernize and
so does the presentation. Also AJA needs to move
Real Money to 4 PM. Those of us who once watched
Current really don't need a prime time biz show.
Make the Stream an hour and cover more topics.

Anonymous said...

CNN needs to cancel PMT and Out Front now.

Anonymous said...

Since Wolf Blitzer and Rick Perry are such good buddies and they both think CNN is both "fair and balanced," and Bill Maher, according to, "has said some "really disgusting things about CNN, (all true), perhaps Bill should try to unseat
Rick Perry. Maher's 'Real Time' is trying to flip a district, maybe he can flip a whole state!
We all know that CNN is trying very hard to be Fox News and it's nearly costing them their entire reputation, because CNN, unlike MSNBC, which honorably leans left,
stands for NOTHING.
And Nothing networks which consistently come in last, according to TVN's 44th ranking, deserve to go DOWN, along with say, Rick Perry. And while you're at it, take Blitzer with you. Time for him to retire anyway.

Anonymous said...

CNN needs to understand that people like George
Zimmerman, Ted Nuggent and Donald Trump are
no longer relevant. Someone at CNN needs brains.
CNN has mastered turing off viewers.

I give AJAM credit for being unpredictable. Right
now networks like AJAM and PIVOt are too new.
America Tonight, The Stream, Take Part Live and
HitRecord are better than any shows on CNN, FNC
or MSNBC. I have yet to seen one media blog write
honestly about the new kids on the block.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, forgot about TechKnow. The main thing being
CNN, FNC & MSNBC are your parents cable news
channels. Grandparents too. The future of cable news
has yet to be decided. Somebody needs to try to do
real time news and interesting live events. SXSW
concert would be nice. Surfing competition,etc.

Anonymous said...

CNN had interviews with Rick Perry and Ted Cruz yesterday. Do they ever interview Democrats? It seems they are intent on pushing the GOP/Tea Party agenda. Time Warner did give a lot of money to the GOP during the 2012 election, that must have a lot to do with it. Time for CNN to dump Sam Feist, their Washington DC Bureau Chief.

Anonymous said...

Does Anderson ever not do celebs for 60 Minutes?

Anonymous said...

When Bill Maher is right, he's right, and when he's wrong he should be called out for it as well.
Tonite he had Rachel Maddow as a panelist and he denounced her, and MSNBC, for covering the Christie scandal in excess.
He said that Christie was not the President and too much time was being spent on someone who wasn't a declared candidate.
Well Bill, let me tell you as someone who watches Rachel Maddow every nite SINCE her on going investigation into the GWB scandal, Christie may not be President BUT, he had his sights well set on the Presidency and SO DID HIS PARTY.....and because of the scandal, which in the tri-state IS A VERY BIG DEAL, he almost was a CANDIDATE and now, because of MSNBC's non stop coverage, he will NEVER BE PRESIDENT.....many NJ citizens are very hopeful that over time, he may lose his Govenorship.
After all, Bill, it wasn't so long ago that Jim McGreevy had to step down in 05 because he was gay.
And that only took one small slip,
a day in fact and there he was, standing with his wife, at the time, looking sorrowful, and his Govenorship was over.
And it took Nixon almost a full year, and then he too, had to confess for his cover-up and Christie is covering up "something" very, very, big, (other than himself of course.)
And Rachel admitted she was "obsessed" with Christie, and as long as someone is doing their job and IS investigating, and digging and digging, than eventually, whatever it is, he will be gone, and you will have "egg on your face."
And that will not be the first time Bill Maher.

Anonymous said...

anon 9:53, Anderson's last report for 60 Minutes was on building homes for the homeless. He's done plenty of non-celebrity reports during his time at 60 Minutes.

Couldn't agree with anon 11:49 more. Bill Maher is absolutely wrong about MSNBC's Chris Christie reporting. How can he say what's happening in New Jersey is only a concern to those in the state? Chrisitie was the GOP's great hope for taking back the White House, how does that not have nationwide significance? I like Bill Maher and Real Time, but sometimes he really goes off the rails.

Anonymous said...

Can Joseph Gordon-Levitt replace PMT ?
HitRECord on TV has already been approved
for season 2 on Pivot. In the Other Side
episode, JGL talked about how the old media
actually is on the other side away from viewers.
In another episode, he did a segment about
money and politics like a video game. CNN
would never be that creative.

Anonymous said...

Anderson Cooper is interviewing Liam Neeson because he was formerly married to Natasha Richardson who died accidently in a skiing accident some years ago.
Why is this important to Cooper?
Because then, Richardson supported a gay agenda....her late father had been gay and gave a substantial amount of money to gay charities.
While I do not know if this interview touches on "Cooper's hidden agenda" Liam Neeson is not up for an Oscar and has not had a flim that was recently nominated for an award.
Personal hidden agendas should not be a focus of 60 Minutes, unless of course something really newsworthy comes of this interview.
I will be watching the Nancy Kerrigan and Tonya Harding ordeal, which is a rehash of an Olympics tragedy, in view of the games now taking place in Sochi.

Anonymous said...

If you aren't going to even watch the report, why make assumptions about it based on why you think AC chose to do the story?

Anonymous said...

I will indeed watch for the segment on the Collie that has a
very large vocabulary, that AC did for 60 Minutes.
It is a known fact that all animals learn from repetition.
Cats, from the book, "Cat Sense,"
also have some vocabulary but they're not as easily trainable as dogs.
Finally, a non-celeb story from AC.
Yes, I know he did the one on the homeless man....a truly relateable tale.

Anonymous said...

MSNBC ranked 2nd in TVN's ratings,
but was very distant from Fox News which ranked, wait for it, #3!
But the biggest news is that CNN has sunk really low, in the thirties, and Anderson Cooper had
a minus 46%!!!
Yes, and I know why but no one at ATA wants to listen, they prefer to rationalize.
So I'll do it for them....not the right lead in, his producers don't give him the right content, and Jeff Zucker never promoted 360
Later. Well that's true....I don't blame him.
Can't wait for Zucker's next press release.