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Saturday, March 22, 2014

Sunday Morning Programs (updated) 3/23/14

SUNDAY, March 23, 2014

INSIDE POLITICS – Sunday 8:30AM – 9:00AM

Topic:   Hillary’s Evolution and Potential “Cracks” in the Clinton Coalition; Rand & the GOP “Bad Crust”; Obama Going After Scott Brown; Is There Any Way the 4-Year-Old Obamacare Could Be a “Winner” in November?
Guest:  Robert Costa, national political reporter, The Washington Post
Guest:  Maeve Reston, reporter, The Los Angeles Times
Guest:  David Maraniss, associate editor, The Washington Post
Guest:  Julie Pace, white house correspondent, The Associated Press

Anchor:  John King


Topic:   Upgrading Technology for Planes in Distress
Guest:  Rep. Patrick Meehan (R-PA), member of the Transportation Committee
Guest:  Stephen Trimble, aviation journalist, Flight Global
Guest:  Capt. Sean Cassidy, Vice President, Airlines Pilots Association

Topic:   Searching and Mapping the Ocean for Malaysia Airlines Flight 370
Guest:  Maxim van Norden, Hydrographic Science Expert
Guest:  Bobbie Scholley, Retired U.S. Navy Captain and Diver

Topic:   Russia- Ukraine Relations
Guest:  Tony Blinken, deputy national security advisor (Obama Administration)  

Topic:   Topic:   Political Panel: Obamacare; Hillary; Rand & GOP
Guest:  Newt Gingrich, co-anchor, CNN’s “Crossfire”; CNN political commentator
Guest:  Susan Page, Washington bureau chief, USA Today
Guest:  Neera Tanden, president and CEO, Center for American Progress

*** 12:00 PM SHOW ***

Topic:   Upgrading Technology for Planes in Distress
Guest:  Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA), member of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence
Guest:  Stephen Trimble, aviation journalist, Flight Global

Topic:   Malaysia Flight 370: The Search
Guest:  Luca Centurioni, associate researcher, Scripps Institution of Oceanography
Guest:  Curt Newport, recovery mission head, Phoenix International

Topic:   Russia- Ukraine Relations
Guest:  Madeleine Albright, PhD, former U.S. Secretary of State (Clinton Administration); professor, international relations, Georgetown University Walsh School of Foreign Service

Topic:  Counseling Grief over Malaysia Airlines Flight 370
Guest:  Rev. Earl Johnson, former national disaster spiritual care manager, American Red Cross

Anchor: Candy Crowley

FAREED ZAKARIA GPS – Airs  10:00AM – 11:00AM and 1:00PM – 2:00PM     

Topic:      How Athletes Are Breaking the Speed and Strength Records of Yesterday By Using Their Minds
Guest:     Steven Kotler, author, “The Rise of Superman: Decoding the Science of Ultimate Human Performance”

Topic:      Babysitting and the Federal Reserve, Prisons and the Wider Economy
Guest:     Tim Harford, economist; “Undercover Economist” columnist, The                 Financial Times; author, “The Undercover Economist Strikes Back: How to Run—or                 ​Ruin—An Economy”

Anchor:    Fareed Zakaria

Topic:      Malaysia Flight 370: Examining the Week’s Wall-to-Wall Coverage on Cable 
Guest:     Erik Wemple, media reporter, The Washington Post

Topic:      Malaysia Flight 370: Challenges Faced by Malaysian Journalists
Guest:     Jahabar Sidiq, CEO and editor, The Malaysian Insider

Topic:      Malaysia Flight 370: Two Aviation Reporters Talk About the Role of the Press
Guest:     Miles O’Brien, “PBS NewsHour” science correspondent; former CNN correspondent and anchor
Guest:     Jon Ostrower, aerospace and Boeing beat reporter, The Wall Street Journal

Topic:      New Developments at RT, the Cable News Channel Bankrolled by the Russian Government
Guest:     Liz Wahl, former RT anchor

Anchor:    Brian Stelter

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Anonymous said...

We are entering the final week of March 2014 ratings for cable news. Ironically, this also marks Q1 2014 for cable news. Not sure if this month actually lifted CNN ahead of MSNBC for the entire 3 month period but not doubt the breaking news on the Malaysian jet helped CNN top MSNBC for this month.

Anonymous said...

There might be a break in the search for the missing
jet. Given the time difference, it is very possible for
the searchers to be successful in the middle of the
night or the wee hours of the morning. CNN needs
a plan in place like now.

Anonymous said...

It's going to be close between CNN & MSNBC. Keep in mind that CNN was heading south before the missing jet story. My guess would be that CNN rose in the ratings temporarily

Anonymous said...

It will be interesting to see if CNN will be live all night long. We now know that the Malaysian jet crashed in the Indian Ocean. The main area is now more accurate so it is only a matter of time before some of the wreckage is located. I was surprised to see Anderson Cooper on CNN right now. During the prime time hours the search will intensify because of the time difference.

Anonymous said...

I'm guessing when the Malaysian PM says there
will be a press conference tomorrow morning he
means later today for us. CNN needs to spare us
Don Lemon and the conspiracies. Let's hear from people with the knowledge about technology,
science and math calculations that help locate
the wreckage. 239 lives were lost. Hundreds of
lives have been affected for real.

This is exactly why CNN needs a team of reporters
who know science and technology instead of the
talking heads. Even people who know about Perth
and the Indian Ocean. Does CNN still have a
London bureau. Would love to know more about

Also, there is the mudslide in Washington state.
Authorities say more than some 100 people are
unaccounted for, so far 8 people are dead. Both
stories deserve lots of coverage.

Anonymous said...

I am annoyed with Wolf Blitzer. I felt like he had a very personal beef with the people at Inmarsat, This
is the same man who has gone into all sorts of
theories about what might have happened to the
plane but the smart guys who studied the data and
used careful mathematical analysis get disrespect.
There are reasons why they can't say with a 100 %
certainty. Inmarsat owes CNN nothing. WIthout a
doubt CNN needs people who understand science
to explain what was done. If you have a loaded
panel that does not get it , you won't get it.

Anonymous said...

I agree about Wolf, who seems pissed that the Intell points to a logical conclusion on what happened to flight 370. Maybe he's just angry that the cash cow in ratings is coming to a conclusion? On a more positive note it's been great having Miles O'brien back on CNN.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I agree about Miles O'Brien.
He never should have been let go in the first place by Klein who said he wasn't needed because CNN had Planet in Peril!
Well the planet is still in peril and so is CNN.
It's a shame what happened with Miles' arm in that freaky accident.

Anonymous said...

Pew Research is out with it's state of the media report. Audiences and revenues are both down when it comes to cable news. In fact, Pew says the viewing audience is at it's lowest since 2007. Cable news has to modernize and deal with the changing demos of America. Also, content and story-telling and engaging viewers interested in the news is the best way to gain viewers. Drop the ideology and politics. The new game is fresh ways of delivering the news, content and more content, developing shows that will engage newsies, take viewers on adventures and get them to feel the news stories you are covering, invest more in real- time, what is happening right now. Constantly upgrade the news with fresh content every 30 minutes.

AJAM has a huge opportunity . The network has a show called the Stream. Devote and hour or 2 daily for viewers to interact with the news. The show only covers a solo topic for 30 minutes. However, the website is much better and covers more and is just simply remarkable. C'mon you have the only 21st century type news program but it is being used badly on television.

AJAM does an amazing job with international reporting . However, use the Christof Putzel model for telling us about global news. The man has a very unique style of in depth reporting that is unseen on other news channels. Hire more jurnos like this guy to make you stand out.

AJAM has to establish itself as the rebel of cable news. I'm sorry but Inside Story, Real Money and Consider this are weekend shows. They just are not working daily. Television is a visual medium. AJAM is never mentioned in the Pew study, likely because it is too new. Develop a brand new 10 PM show featuring Putzel and several jurnos that could have VIce like vibe. Call it Vanguard. The show was how we discovered Putzel. A live show like this Monday- Friday would be so awesome.

America Tonight, keep doing what you are doing. You are the best. Develop news,sports,cutural,tech,etc trailers that can run during commercials and available for downloads or streamed on mobile devices. Once AJ+ is up and running work it into AJAM on television. Even mix weather updates into commercial breaks. I can get weather on my cell phone. I would understand doing weather tied to the mudslides in Washington state but in this day and time are weather updates necessary during newscasts. Mix it in with the ads.
This trailers can be news that is international,national, sports scores, sports schedules, music, art, whatever.

If you are going to use the giant monitor, give it the tablet look with sliding pics and video. Sometimes a grid would be nice. Photos and maps should be full screen with nothing else on the screen. Same thing goes for info graphics, give the data the tablet look too. AJAM I know you can do this because you have a commercial about your network being the total news experience. When you mention an article in a news magazine, newspaper or website, can viewers get a visual. The story is always on their websites. Newseum ha the front pages daily and can be easily printed. Poster size would be cool. it boils down to innovation. It's clear form Pew that the innovation is more tied to digital news not television. When reading the study, it became apparent to me that this could be possible for AJAM.

AJAM is the new kid on the block You don't have to be like the rest of cable news. The industry is in dire need of innovation, creativity and modernization. AJAM has all of the right components but they are not very good at working it to attract more viewers.

Mad props for smart intelligent conversation. You do learn something watching AJAM. Keep up the outstanding journalism and reporting that only AJAM provides these days.

Anonymous said...

Rare good news for CNN last week. They won the
demo. It's looking like possible wreckage from the
missing Malaysia jet has been spotted. I agree CNN
needs to stop getting in the way of the story with
the speculation. Please focus on what we know. I'm
not watching Piers Morgan or Don Lemon for this
big news story. These 2 make CNN lose credibility.
This is likely the final week for Morgan.

Anonymous said...

Personally, I would like to see use of Go Pro, Google
Glass and drones by news organizations. Drones would be handy for the mudslides story. I agree that The Stream should be longer and cover more topics. Al Jazeera should bring back Vanguard and Conor Knighton for a different type of news show. He is currently working at CBS. Ali Velshi & The Stream are not compatible shows. Knighton once hosted Google Current, linking top searches to news stories. Personally, I would like to see Richelle Carey anchoring Prime News at 8. Ironically, AJ+ is in the same building that once housed Current. They are currently hiring.

Anonymous said...

Inspite of Anderson's healthy lead over Bill O'Reilly in the demos, CNN is STILL SPECULATING as to what actually happened to the missing jet.
Now it could be a "suicide mission" from one of the pilots.
It could be anything folks, so why watch????
Let's all stop making stuff up!
Until a black box is actually found, no one will know for sure, EVER.

Anonymous said...

AC is topping BOR with less than 1 million viewers. Earlier this year it was published that BOR's viewers
are mostly 65 +. That is a huge problem for FOX. BOR gains viewers but not a whole lot of demo viewers. Demos is what is keeping CNN in the game with advertisers. The 65 + viewers are written off by them.

Anonymous said...

Drop the traditional since most of the time it's old news. To make the news a seamless flow between your television and multiple devices that is used daily to follow the news.

1. Replace it with real time news. If reporters are out
covering events. Show their twitter posts. words,
pics, At times do news capsules with a sentence or
2 summing up the story briefly. Bloomberg HD does this well.

2. Use what your reporters also do on tumblr,
instagram, Face Book too. Include items from
other properties like websites.

3. Sometime a pic with words burned in on the
image says a lot with out the anchor saying
anything but it is on the screen . Decide which
looks best either with x or y axis.

Anonymous said...

"The 65 plus viewers are written off by them," referring to Fox News and their consistent lead.
OK...Here are some facts.
Seniors have money. Some of us were lucky enough to have pensions and earned status the hard way, WORKING in one job for many years.
Many Boomers have money to Spend.
And we are CONSUMERS and advertisers are slowly learning this.
Not only do we have pensions, we collect Social Security which is earnings from a share of our OWN money when we worked. It is NOT, an entitlement, though it is called that by the Republicans AND SOME lazy ignorant Democrats.
We also have Medicare which pays for a large portion of our medical expenses...also not an entitlement.
In fact, we possibly are the richest retired generation of people ever before.
I do not speak for all Seniors, however, but a good many of them.
And here's something everyone is afraid of: We will live longer than former generations and WE VOTE....with our pocketbooks.
So good for FOX NEWS. We consume more products than any generation before us and have the LARGEST INHERENT BUYING POWER....AND IF WE DON'T, WE WILL.