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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

TDS Mocks CNN....Again

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Anonymous said...

CNN is fading fast. JS is right. The segments that
CNN airs make the network unwatchable. Story
selection is just as pathetic. Tied old political
antics,crime, celebrities and people saying dumb
things are not news. No one is building a 21st
century cable news network for TV, web & mobile.
Content has to be unique for all platforms. For
goodness sake CNN still has Crossfire and the
outdated totally useless crawl. Advertisers are
no likely the atmosphere of many cable news
shows. Too polarizing.

Anonymous said...

AD AGE has a very interesting article on AJAM. It says
buyers think AJAM is on the right track but needs to grow it's viewership. Their audience is small but upscale and highly educated. 15,000 viewers with 5,000 in the 25-54 demo. It does not mention the full breakdown like 18-29,18-34 or 18-49. Recently AJAM has been running more ads. Perhaps ad buyers are looking beyond CNN, FOX & MSNBC. They seem to like the quality product but want to see audience growth. AJAM has been around for 6 months, It's bogus to compare AJAM ratings to Current since Al Gore' channel did have more viewers at the time AJAM took it over but Current's 6 month numbers were not the same as year 8 ratings.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Jon Stewart is right as rain, which makes you wonder why in the world Anderson Cooper would resign with them.
Has he no shame or is he afraid that another network might not cater to his whims??
Just asking.
Yes, he is doing a good job in the UKraine, but he is the only one IN the UKraine.

Anonymous said...

News should not be about ratings because real
journalism and reporting will disappear in the
United States. Americans should have access to
legit news networks. I think people forget that
Al Jazeera has deep pockets so they are not
under pressure as much as CNN. That means
the ratings are not going to make Al Jazeera go
away. I have been watching Al Jazeera for the
crisis in the Ukraine. Fascinating on scene reports,
informative conversation, letting the news be the
star and not insulting viewers intelligence. It's
like Rachel Maddow said the other night : CNN
is not what it used to be so Al Jazeera is very
essential to find out what is going on in the
world and the Untied States. Al Jazeera is a
learning experience. Right now I don't think
viewers really know about Al Jazeera.

Anonymous said...

Wow. Anderson Cooper was just on with Brian Stelter talking about RT. Russia Today America like AJAM,
CCTV and others are now available and not going away and more are coming. Larry King is on RT. Link TV alone makes it possible to see news from France,Germany and NHK from Japan. Most people discover these networks on the web so naturally their television audiences are small. Anyone thinking television is the only game in town is wrong. These are global networks. They don't need ratings they just need to be available.

Anonymous said...

There are network news executives who will tell you privately that they admire the journalism on AJAM. In fact, they will tell you a show called America Tonight
is the best daily news program be it cable or network.
America Tonight is going to earn lots of awards.

Anonymous said...

It's true that global news channels are becoming essential to track world developments. We live in the global village and knowledge is power. It's sad that Jeff Zucker destroyed CNN and CNN International. Rachel is right about CNN.

Anonymous said...

Al Jazeera reportedly dropped 500 million for
Current TV. Al Jazeera does not need ad money
like CNN,FOX or MSNBC, which are ad supported
networks. When you drop that kind of money, you
are not going anyone. Al Jazeera could learn from
Current. When people go to the website, have the
channels for all of the cable/satellite providers.
You should not have to enter a zip code. Where
is the ad push ? Do they want to be below radar ?