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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Bourdain & Spurlock Season Premiere Ratings


CNN Original Series’ Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown and Morgan Spurlock Inside Man each won their respective time periods (9-10pm ET and 10-11pm, ET) on Sunday in the key P25-54 demo among cable news networks, outperforming the combined delivery of Fox News Channel and MSNBC, and from their previous season premieres.

Following are the highlights:

Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown (ABPU):

  •  ABPU, which launched its third season on Sunday, April 13 at 9pm ET with an episode featuring “Punjab, India” delivered 325k P25-54, besting Fox News Channel by +108% and MSNBC by +333%

  •  “Punjab” is the highest-rated season premiere episode of the series in the demo, surpassing the 242K for the season two premiere by +34% (Jerusalem, 9/15/13) and season one premiere by +15% (Myanmar, 4/14/13)

  • ABPU delivered 735k P2+, up +8% vs. season 2 premiere

Morgan Spurlock Inside Man (MSIM):

  • MSIM, which began its second season on Sunday, April 13 at 10pm ET with an episode dedicated to "Celebrity," delivered 244K P25-54, leading MSNBC by +83%  and Fox News Channel by +139%.

  • "Celebrity" topped the first season premiere ("Marijuana"  6/23/13) by +11% in the P25-54 demo and ranks as the series' highest rated telecast, also in the demo.

  • MSIM drew 437K P2+, an increase of +4% vs. season 1 premiere

Upcoming season three episodes of Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown will  feature tours of Las Vegas (April 20), Lyon, France (April 27), Mexico City (May 4), Mississippi Delta (May 11), Russia (May 18), Thailand (June 1) and Bahia, Brazil (June 8).

Season two of Morgan Spurlock Inside Man covers Futurism (April 20), Pets in America (April 27), Privacy (May 4), The Book of Morgan (May 11), UFOs (May 18), Income Inequality (June 1) and College athletes (June 8). 

Source: The Nielsen Company, Live+SD data.  Fast National data for 4/13/14 is time period based, while historical data is program based.

All content, unless otherwise cited, is © All Things CNN and may not be used without consent of the blog administrator.


Anonymous said...

Not surprised by the numbers for Parts Unknown. This was on a night with Game of Thrones on HBO and the season premiere of Mad Men. Not likely that they attract the same group of viewers.

CNN needs to be focusing more on Ukraine right now rather than so much airtime being given to the Malaysia jet. It's starting to make CNN take a hit in prime time. There is really nothing big with the Malaysia story Even MSNBC realizes that something big is about to go down in eastern Ukraine.

Thank goodness for BBC & AJA. It's the only way to turn on the television for real news. There are too many big news stories being ignored by CNN in favor of speculation on a missing jet.

Anonymous said...

CNN always overkills a story once it gives them a bump in the ratings. CNNs numbers are already deflating yet they cling to the MH370 plane crash in the desperate hope people will watch a little more. Move on CNN. Obviously report if something actually happens but there is so much going on in the world why waste so much time on nothing! I'm really sick of the story.

Anonymous said...

It was great to see Isha Sesay on CNN this morning. Just did a quick channel flip , AJAM was carrying the Boston Marathon memorial ceremony and CNN was still on the plane. Really CNN ? Maybe AJAM should try to lure Isha Sesay away from CNN and give her a show at 7 PM up against Erin Burnett. By the way, the military operation is already happening.

Anonymous said...

According to TVN, Parts Unknown, did do well for cable this past Sunday. But 'Mad Men' did poorly and
I for one, am not surprised.
I used to be an avid fan and couldn't wait until the next installment.
Now the story is stale and so are the characters.
'Mad Men' and CNN have something in common....they both don't know when to "wrap it up."

Anonymous said...

CNN just can't let go of the plane. They need
therapy before it is too late. There are so many
other stories : the ferry sinking in South Korea,
100 girls kidnapped from a school in Nigeria,
2 guys in Orange County, CA committed murders
with GPS device, Ukraine. Anything but the plane.

Anonymous said...

This is what makes Fox News a winner.
TVN is reporting that Fox News is rolling out an ensemble show with
5 women and one man which includes two rotating anchors, one of which is Harris Faulkner.
I remember watching Harris Faulkner on Fox News years ago on a weekend update, much like 360's news bulletin, but with more substance.
Faulkner was one of the first Afro-Americans hired by Fox News.
She wore a lot of make up and is/was very pretty. But Roger Ailes looked behind the attractive news anchor and saw a smart, well educated, articulate woman who was capable of delivering news and had potential.
He promoted her to her own show on the Weekends and now she has a well deserved spot on a new, and probably well promoted show.
Name one Afro-American woman on
CNN that was promoted in this manner or one that even hung around long enough and was given a pat on the back and promoted?
I know one that was fired after ten years, but NEVER PROMOTED.

Anonymous said...

For more than a year people have been posting about an ethnically diverse women's news show on CNN so it is not like it's original. Since it is on FOX, don't look for it to bring in women or minorities. THe demo for FOX is not that good. FOX is still older and whiter than any other cable channel. They have the oldest audience in all of cable. The FOX brand is not very good with women or mintoriteis.

Anonymous said...

When will CNN and other media outlets call out
Huffington Post and the Pulitzer Prize board for
their giving Edward Snowden and not asking the
tough questions. Snowden asked Putin q question
about surveillance. If you think that was not a plant,
I can build a house on quick sand. Something is not
right hear. So Snowden back Putin on Ukraine. The
Huffington Post deliberately tried to bury Snowden
away from their Putin story That is why Business
Insider is so much better. BI has long being saying
something does not pass the smell test here. Huff
Po loves to hash the media. Well they stink when it comes to be an alternative.

Anonymous said...

So CNN and all of their pundits are so wrong about Obamacare. The pundits were 100 % wrong. Why should they still even be employed by CNN ? That is exactly why the pundits should not be used for the news. They don't know what they are taking about. Morning Joe, Crossfire, CNN's worst political team. Can you say zero credibility ? How can wee trust CNN on the Ukraine and other complex stories ? You can't.
How can they keep saying the words Cold War in 2014. Did I flunk a history lesson ? Europe does exist and there are no soviet satellite countries. This is not an America vs Russia thing.

Anonymous said...

It's way past time for cable news to grow up and modernize. Perhaps there are small signs that a mini news revolution is happening in the news and it is being televised. ABC NEWS is now doing some preproduction that has the effect of experiencing the data as you would on a tablet or smartphone, even using the slide effect when show multiple pages of data. MSNBC has been airing something called 30 Seconds To Know during commercial breaks. This is a no brainer. if you mix exclusive content in addition with sports and weather during commercial breaks, making the breaks the only time viewers can see them, viewers will stay tuned for longer periods of time.

Not only that you can have trailers for the stories your reporters will be covering all day long but you don't give out all of the info , just put the words on the scene that says stay tuned see what news happens. With in 30 minutes show viewers what happens. The idea being to create a massive amount of content that you can only see by watching a particular news channel.

Yes, the crawl needs to retire , right along with the double box and anchors standing in front of giant monitors.. Create full scene animation and slide shows. All video should have a media bar , time elapsed/time remaining. Info bars work too in order to provide additional info.

Finally, we always hear how lousy Americans are at geography and not very good at location places on the map. How about creating aninaps. Yes, maps that animate and give info at the same time. For example take Ukraine, You would start with a wold map, zero in on the continent of Europe, fill in the map with Ukraine and the surrounding countries. Have all of the words on the screen. We know Russia shares a border with Ukraine.

All you have to do is hire people to build apps exclusively for news on television. When you show a news paper headline go full screen. Highlight the headline and photo . Can we get the slide show effect too ? The same thing goes to showing a website for your news channel. Why do they show viewers a screen grab. Shouldn't your website move showing navigation.Explainers are nice too.
Don't they subscribe to Getty Images.

One other thing that can be embedded with in the commercials is the in memorandum segments that is brilliantly used during the Oscars for example , Gabriel Garcia Marquez passed away. Okay lets see a tribute. Television is a visual medium. The internet can't compete with HD or the new 4k technology that is showing up on TV's. Currently there are no computers that can even play 4k videos without breaking up. Yes cable news needs diversity, the demographics of America have changed and will continue to do so.

Anonymous said...

You can already buy 4k televisions at Best Buy.
The resolution will blow you away. I am surprised
that no one has done the Obamacare happy mix
All you need is the song Happy mixed in with
Obama making the announcement about some
of the key elements of how Obamacare is working
and have these video vignettes that can be
available for download. No one is thinking beyond
TV to get potential viewers to go to your network.
Right now CNN and the others are trying to hide
that they got the facts completely wrong when
it comes to Obamacare by trying to make it all
about the 2014 midterms. Trying to not admit
that Obamacare is successful right now. That's
the one thing I really like about President Obama.
He shows us just how useless cable news is. When
you add up the total number of viewers for all of
the channels it's less then 5 million in a nation
of 300 million that is nothing. Ideology, talking
points and speculation can not replace facts
that viewers can really use. At some point someone will realize that what the people in
cable news think about anything is useless. Stop
getting in the way of the real news. Talk radio
does not work for the medium of TV.

Anonymous said...

Bill Weir is awful.
He is worse than Piers Morgan.
He is lame and boring.
Why in the world would CNN hire him?
Well, now that is a dumb question
if ever there was one.
For them he is more than qualified, not that he has big shoes to fill.