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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

What Did You Think of Smerconish?

If you missed it, and with very little promotion we understand if you did, here's the opening of Michael Smerconish's try out program in Piers Morgan's time slot on Monday night. Opinions?

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Gary Larsen said...

Not the best. Came off as another daily news anchor giving us the same info we heard an hour ago.

Anonymous said...

Have not ween the show just yet, CNN needs to be sticking to the facts with Obamacare and GM. Not too long ago CNN was saying Obamacare would not reach 7 M and promoted so many lies. Finally, the Obama administration wised up and used alternative media. Cable news needs a wake up, people really don't need them to reach the masses anymore. The CNN narrative was wrong. When it comes to GM, the current CEO was not in charge when this happened. SHe is cleaning up someone else's mess dating back to the Bush years. It has zero to do with the bailout, We all know what happened with the banks so nobody believes other oversight agencies were strongly enforcing safety. Look at what happened with Toyota.

Anonymous said...

Why does CNN go out and hire a radio guy ?
Gary you are so right, content is king. There
are so many stories that are being ignored.
Where is the freshness ?

Anonymous said...

He seems like a very nice man, but the show was very ordinary. I don't think he will attract many more viewers. I feel the same way about Don Lemon. Why does CNN keep promoting him. I would like to see someone else do the missing plane specials.

Anonymous said...

Get ready for some ratings PR boys & girls. TVN says
CNN won the weekend demo. You can bet that CNN will be touting it's demo ratings.CNN likely got a boost in viewership from the Malaysia jet story.

At the same time you have to ask did MSNBC dayside changes hurt them. It will be interesting to see how hard of a hit they took in the ratings. Not sure if FNC will be up or down but the demo between them and CNN is closer than it has been in a while. AJAM remains to b seen. Slow steady growth is their game.

Not only will the ratings be out for March 2014 but for Q1 2014. Mixed bag for CNN. The 1st 2 months of 2014 were not good for CNN.

Anonymous said...

I think Smerconish has potential but I dont see him as a strong enough brand to go head to head with Kelly and Maddow. He woukd be a good replacement at 6 or 7 (dump crossfire and burnett)

eg said...

Quarterly ratings are out and CNN still took third. I love how CNN only focused on March numbers and TOTALLY IGNORED their horrible 1Q2014 ratings. Lol. Losers.

Anonymous said...

I liked the Smerconish show. Michael comes across as a genuine individual and not just another talking head. I hope to see more of him on CNN.

eg said...

Smerconish is decent. I would give him a chance. I've seen his show on the weekend too. I love the graphics! Perfect colors.

Anonymous said...

Honestly if you ask for feedback you should be willing to hear all kinds and not just the sugar coated ones. I thought he was rude by interrupting the guests before they could finish and he was also loud. I had to turn the volume down. He came across as being a drama queen and was instigating the guests to lean towards his views. Fortunately they were more professional. I was so fed up I switched channels.

Anonymous said...

All these comments are right to an extent.
Cable news has had its day.
The writing is on the wall and most savvy viewers have gone back to, hello, broadcast news.
This is why Brian Williams is doing so well.
CNN deserved to come in third.
Once they get hold of something good as far as news content, like the missing jet, they beat the story to death until viewers are so turned off, they just reach for their remotes.
CNN has to learn 'WHEN TO LET IT GO!'

Anonymous said...

OMG. Business Insider has an article on Jeff Zucker. They think he is exactly what CNN needs. At the beginning of the year, CNN started out poorly, fortunately March made the numbers a little less harsher for CNN but Q1 is still brutal.

The problem with cable news is that you can watch for hours and find out nothing. That explains the increased ratings for broadcast. The business networks are going to be taking some hits because of Micheal Lewis' book Flash Boys. THe market is rigged. Business networks are useless,

Even Mark Cuban admits that TV is hear to stay. CNN just needs to figure out how to be relevant. The problem with cable news is staleness. Talking heads need to lose time to real news content. TV is a visual medium. That recent study you mentioned also found out that radio is the least used medium for news at 12 %. Newspapers and magazines fared better.

Anonymous said...

First Parts Unknown won an Emmy , now it is up
for a Peabody. I baffles me as to why cable news
is not moving on to people who provide wonderful
content like Business Insider, Quartz, Buzzfeed,
OZY, Mashable, Monocle, New Republic, etc. Cable
news needs some fresh faces and new approaches
to the news. Ideology makes things limited. Viewers
just get the same tired old talking points.

Anonymous said...

Smerconish failed in Philly because he's smug and a know it all. Don't be fooled by his man of the people act.

Anonymous said...

Smerconish is sure a heck of a lot better than Piers Morgan. Thank goodness Morgan is history. Let's give Smerconish a chance to show what he can do. He is facing huge competition now that Fox has put Megyn Kelly on at 9pm Eastern. I like what I have seen so far. CNN needed to get rid of Piers Morgan the day after they hired him.

Jane Yavis said...

As a Philadelphian subject to what's left of a Stepord style Conservative talk Radio, I long or the return of Michael. We don't always agree, but he has the courage to speak his, not the Station Manager's Mind. To say that local talk Radio Hosts envy Michael's success is an understatement, and I can almost pick the names of some of them in the comments section.

I will be honest,,,,His old Philly Show was a little like Scarborough with back and forth dialogue. It was more informative and broader in content than Scarborough, but the good natured banter speckled with serious issues made learning something new "Fun". - Smerconish is not afraid to tackle opposite opinions, listen to them, and that's somethig rare on both sides.

Anonymous said...

YUCK! get rid of him before he spreads! he's horrible

Rob Larson said...

I must say that I did not care for this program at all. A mixture of several network news personalities, and not the best parts of them either. Kind of sad, seemed like he tried very hard, but bring back Piers if this is all you've got!