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Monday, April 23, 2007

2007 White House Correspondent's Dinner 4/21/07

Here are a few pictures of the CNN crowd from Saturday's White House Correspondent's Dinner. From all reports this year's entertainment was a disappointment. Looking at the photo's the event kind of reminds me of a prom for Washington's movers and shakers.

John Roberts and Kiran Chetry

Sanjaya and Kiran Chetry

Soledad O'Brien and Larry David (courtesy of Yahoo Photos)

John Roberts (courtesy of Inside Cable News)

Larry King and wife (Inside Cable News)

Larry and wife (courtesy of Raw Story)

Thanks to Sheryn for helping hunt down the pictures.


sydney said...

Um, WHY was Sanjaya there? [brow furrowed in confusion]

Purple Tie said...

Great photos Phebs. The first picture of Kiran and John does look like they are at the prom. lol

megan said...

awesome pics, good job Phebe - John and Larry look very distinguished and I love Soledad's and Larry's wife Shawn dresses. Shawn's blue dress is awesome. I wish I could see Kiran's dress but her hair and makeup look nice LOL

@Sydney - People magazine invited Sanjaya. Why, who knows hopefully he is at 14 minutes and counting :P

copperfish.jungle said...

What in the hell is Sanjaya Malakar doing in that occassion? Don't tell me that these news people are avid fans of this ousted AI contestant!

Annie Kate said...

I saw some videos on CNN pipeline of the dinner. There was one that David Letterman did of Bush's Top 10 things he has done - it was so funny. Also, Rich Little did impersonations of GW Bush, GH Bush, and Carter. That was funny also.. And they had Bush's comments. Not funny but a good intro.

Soledad looks really pretty in her picture. I watched her Special Investigation segment over the weekend and was very impressed. She ought to be a really positive addition to that series.

JRHot said...

Great picture of John!

Phebe said...

JRHot your screen name always makes me smile. Good to see you at ATC!

JRHot said...

Thanks phebe. I am ready to put a sign on my desk to leave me alone between the hours of 6-9. It seems like everyone wants to come by my desk and interrupt my viewing. I don't mind if Kiran is talking but when John is on......leave me alone! I love this website. I read it everyday but I don't always check the comments part.